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- Hua Hin sleepy tourist resort, nothing happens there. Don't you believe it! In book one, we have a lesbian reporter having her uncle's child. Not in the normal way! Crime throughout, usually drug related. Book two, read about gambling and cannibal twins - they are Thai, that means Siamese twins? Find out how they were joined! A mother and son team enjoy burning people! A movie remade in Bangkok with a freaky ending! 'Not Far Enough From Worries', 'Worry No More' both on 'Children With No Worries' to be published in 2019.

Mystery – Thriller! Great FREE READS. Fill your boots, click on the code above, and make your choice. Maliha knew she should just walk away. She glanced along the Pondicherry beach. The waves rolled in on the ebbing tide without the slightest concern for the naked body they had deposited on the sand. A cluster of fishing … Continue reading Mystery – Thriller!


Badasses, Vigilantes & Antiheroes

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From 22nd Feb - March 4th you can claim the book of your choice from those listed below: Click here No More Shadows (James Stone Book 1) Robert Clark Run. Now. And never look back. They are coming… After narrowly escaping a brutal and terrifying death at the hands of an unknown enemy, James … Continue reading Free Books!

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