Are You There?

FREE short story by Colin Devonshire Are You There? “Hey, where did you go?” Sam banged his phone on the counter. He listened and stared at the Android. “Hello, are you there?” He looked around, hoping someone, anyone, could help. “Now what?” He asked the ceiling. The patrons of the upmarket coffee shop were unawareContinue reading “Are You There?”

You Call That Fun?

FREE short story – Colin Devonshire You Call That Fun? “You wanna do something fun?”  “Yeah, I’m bored, what have you got in mind?” The boy’s school was about to break up for the long annual holidays.  “You two at the back, stop talking. If you’ve finished your exam, sit quietly until time is up.”Continue reading “You Call That Fun?”

Deadly Head-Trip

Deadly Head-Trip Chaem Choi looked at her body, it appeared she had been dipped in the sea. She squeezed her long hair, a small puddle formed on the tiled floor, like a puppy’s pee. Her bed was drenched, she dropped her quilt and pillows to slop quietly next to her drenched pyjamas.  “What the?” sheContinue reading “Deadly Head-Trip”

We Need Rain

FREE short story by Colin Devonshire We Need Rain! “Get up! What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Puyai shouts as he shakes his daughter. “Dad, it is hot, what do you want me to do?” Manao ducks as a stick whistles over her head.  “This farm will die if you don’t help me.”Continue reading “We Need Rain”

And You Said?

FREE short story by Colin Devonshire And You Said “Time for bed, young lady.” “Ow mum, it’s too early,” answered Maew. “You have exams tomorrow, only two more days, then you are on holiday, and you can stay up later. But not too late, like last time.” “That wasn’t my fault, Granny forgot to lookContinue reading “And You Said?”

Thumbs Up

A FREE short story by Colin Devonshire Thumbs Up “Christ Almighty, look at this rain, it hasn’t stopped since I left Bangkok, and it’s getting worse,” said Arpa to the mirror. She grabbed the steering wheel tighter as the truck behind her flashed its lights. “What’s up with you?” She screamed as the vehicle spedContinue reading “Thumbs Up”

After Work

A FREE short story – For over 18s please. By Colin Devonshire After Work “You look happy today?” said Busabong. “Yeah,” answered Mark, “I always look forward to Thai religious days, tomorrow is the start of Buddhist Lent, which means I’ll be happy for the long weekend.” “Why? You’re not Buddhist, or are you thinkingContinue reading “After Work”


FREE short story, set in Thailand Torched The lanky palms swept the top of the cracked tiled roof. A frond whispered its way to the parched grass. Bangkok’s heat throbbed and drained strength, newcomers suffered, veins pumped, sweat dripped in torrents.  “Oh, be careful that just missed you,” Justin said, pulling Mondtree back. The pullContinue reading “Torched!”


FREE short story by Colin Devonshire Really? “The traffic gets no better, I see, rot tit!” Philip Rinn said as he walks into his new office. “Oh?” Anong said. “Oh, what?” Philip asked. “I must have made a silly mistake when I typed up details of your interview in London.” “How so? You type up informationContinue reading “Really?”

Dead, Dead! Dead?

FREE short story by Colin Devonshire Dead, Dead! Dead? “We’re sitting here like idiots. There must be something we can do?” Giles said. Elbows on knees, chin in palms, the same stance as his two best friends. Giles was the thinker of the three, if anyone could resolve this situation, it was Giles. “How longContinue reading “Dead, Dead! Dead?”