Before Yesterday

“Eighteen today? A big boy now,” said June. “Yes, mum, does that mean you’ll allow me out?”  “Jimmy, we’ve been through this. You can go out, you always could.” “I mean, on my own,” said Jimmy through clenched teeth. “Open your gift. Do you like it?” his Mum asked. “Thank you. It would be betterContinue reading “Before Yesterday”

God’s Will

Denny ducked behind the stone column. He watched as the upturned cross impaled High Priest Drakker’s eyes.   “Both eyes, how the hell?” Denny asked himself.  The jelly and goo splattered the elaborate alter, it was black; the blood didn’t change the cloth’s shade. “Christ, it is like a kid’s Halloween party,” Denny answered himself asContinue reading “God’s Will”

Art of the Arcane

FREE READS! Download one or more. When Everything Counts You Cross the Line… GET MY BOOK Al Nadir has transformed terrorism. Through a sophisticated, corporate approach, they dominate global terror. The leader, Al Douri, has created an infiltrating and influential world power with vast destructive potential. His second in command, Sabena Sanantoni, is an evilContinue reading “Art of the Arcane”

Huge Selection

The financial crash of 2008, plus a new woman, make for a potent Molotov cocktail. BUY ON AMAZON As if escape from a disastrous marriage wasn’t enough, Alfie jumps straight back into the fire. Driven to a place where no one knows him, the road to rebuilding his life is littered with potholes. Post-it notesContinue reading “Huge Selection”

$2.99 Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

Searching for KU & 2.99 Mystery Thrillers and Suspense Look no further! These bestselling authors have teamed up to offer a delightful selection of new books. Available on Amazon for a limited time. Blood Evidence Book 2 BUY ON AMAZON Also available from Amazon: Some things in her past should remain buried forever. With noContinue reading “$2.99 Mystery, Thriller, Suspense”

The Art of Murder

Searching for your next favorite crime story? Look no further! These bestselling mystery and thriller authors have teamed up to offer a delightful selection of new books. Available for free until the end of March. Dean is an Australian author whose books are loved by readers who enjoy crime drama, murder suspense, psychological thrillers andContinue reading “The Art of Murder”