Curtains Open

FREE short story by Colin Devonshire – not dark, sorry, this one is supposed to be funny! Curtains Open “By the sound of it, we have a full house.” “What do you mean, ‘by the sound of it’, how can you tell from back here?” “Experience, my dear boy,” Georgie Boy panted. Years of beatingContinue reading “Curtains Open”

So Many Books, So Little Time!

A short humorous story, here, and @colindevonshire So Many Books, So Little Time! “Get out of my library,” screamed the librarian from the doorway. She would never raise her voice inside. The two young lovers had tested her ability to keep her blood pressure from bursting veins. Their crime? They were fiddling withContinue reading “So Many Books, So Little Time!”

Great Prank, Frank!

Fun short story by Colin Devonshire, here, and Wattpad. Great Prank, Frank “And as I was saying,” Frank droned on. Frank’s brother had heard enough about how glorious life in Thailand is. “Oh, yeah, did I tell you about Jojo’s new motor-scooter? Brand new, would you believe it? We had to take it backContinue reading “Great Prank, Frank!”