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  • Stories set in Thailand

    Stories set in Thailand

    What great novels do you know have been set in Thailand? Try some of Colin Devonshire’s novels, set in Thailand, or his short stories, most are set in Thailand. Ream subscription $3.00-$5.00 monthly: HERE Or short story anthologies only £0.99 HERE

  • This week’s dark news

    This week’s dark news

    Happy weekend readers. What thriller/horror books have been published in the last seven days? What horror/thriller books have been published this week? Here are some horror/thriller books that have been published this week: I hope you enjoy reading some of them! If not a FREE short story has been published at Substack HERE Or have…

  • Ream?


    What do you know about Ream Stories? Ream Stories is a subscription-based platform that allows authors to create and publish their own stories. Readers can subscribe to authors they love to get early access to new chapters, exclusive content, and behind-the-scenes looks at the writing process. Ream Stories also offers a variety of tools to…

  • First Boyfriend?

    First Boyfriend?

    The first chapter of a new book? What do you think? First Boyfriend? ‘WHO IS THE new chick?’‘Don’t start on her; you have enough girlfriends.’‘Just asking. I’ve not seen her before.’‘No, she only started here this week.’‘Pretty girl, is she free?’‘I don’t know; she is so shy, she hasn’t spoken to any of us.’ Trev…

  • A Dangerous Recipe

    A Dangerous Recipe

    A DANGEROUS RECIPE ฿395.00 Author GEE SVASTI ISBN 978 616 733 982 5 Size 142 x 210 mm No. of pages 256 pages Specification B/W, paperback Description “He stared down at the dish in front of him, now wiped spotlessly clean. His face was smeared. At some point he must have pressed the plate close…

  • Glorious Food

    Glorious Food

    A short ‘dark’ story. You can read Dark Novels at https://colindevonshire.substack.com/p/glorious-food?sd=pf Glorious Food Keng had always hated English men. It wasn’t just a dislike but a burning, all-consuming loathing. But why? While studying “Fine Food” in Europe, she visited London and dated a Londoner; nothing came of the dalliance. So why did she hate the…

  • Siamese Feast

    Siamese Feast

    A Thai horror – short story by Colin Devonshire Siamese Feast ‘I thought we were going to a shoe factory?’ said Rose.‘We are,’ answered Amanda.‘This doesn’t look like a place they build boots or clogs. We are in the middle of nowhere.’‘Hey, Mr Taxi Man, we thought we were going to a building on an…

  • Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, What About Brother’s Day?

    Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, What About Brother’s Day?

    Religious celebrations, why not have another? Colin Devonshire Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Why Not Brother’s Day? ‘Why the evil eyes, what’s the matter with you two?’ a cheerful Mum asked her two sons.‘Keep smiling, Mum. At least there is one lucky person unbowed by grief. I haven’t seen Andy’s cheerful mug for weeks,’ smirked Mart.‘I’m…

  • Marked


    Dark short story by Colin Devonshire Marked ‘MUM, BUT WHY? What happened?’ asked Yvette. Tears welled.‘You’ve asked me every year on your birthday. And every year I’ve told you, year after year, I will tell you when you are celebrating your eighteenth. So, next year, as I promised.’ That was a year ago. Yvette counted…

  • School’s Out

    School’s Out

    A dark tale with a twist. School’s Out ‘Come on, let’s sit at the back,’ Belinda said.‘They,’ Mel pointed back, ‘won’t want us. Sit here instead.’‘If we don’t try, they will never accept us.’‘No, thank God. Who wants to be in their gang?’‘I do.’‘You go ahead then; I’m sitting here,’ Mel’s mind was made up,…