The Package

A FREE short story set in Thailand by Colin Devonshire The Package “There’s a delivery guy here asking for you,” Chok Dii called up the stairs. “Sign for it can you, I’m tired,” Dan shouted. “No, you must, he said.” “Oh, all right, I’m coming.” Dan covered his boxer shorts with a towel picked fromContinue reading “The Package”

Did You Hear?

A FREE short story by Colin Devonshire Did You Hear? “Listen…” Tom tilted his scared and misformed head until his ear rested on his shoulder. He smiled, a crooked grin, he was happy. “Listen to what? All I can hear is the distant rumble of thunder and the occasional crack of lightning.” “No, it’s nearer.Continue reading “Did You Hear?”


FREE short story by Colin Devonshire Change “Today’s the day I change,” I said to myself. Swinging my right leg and booting Mrs Ricketts’ gnome from the front of her pristine garden. I chuckled as it smashed in the road. Her front door opened, and she came out waving her walking stick shouting and callingContinue reading “Change”

Is Everything Ready?

A free short story by Colin Devonshire Is everything Ready? “Everything was ready for the ritual. What have you done?” Mr Kirkwood asked. “Sir, I don’t feel right about this,” Khun Daw answered. “You may not, but I am the General Manager of this hotel, and if the owner’s wife wants a, eh, different partyContinue reading “Is Everything Ready?”

I Said No!

A FREE short story by Colin Devonshire. This time set in England. I Said No! “And no, you cannot go out tonight!” “But why?” “Because tonight is Halloween.” “That’s why I want to go out.” Young George, known as Bestie to his many mates, and his mum, Petra Best, had this argument annually. This yearContinue reading “I Said No!”

We Need Rain

FREE short story by Colin Devonshire We Need Rain! “Get up! What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Puyai shouts as he shakes his daughter. “Dad, it is hot, what do you want me to do?” Manao ducks as a stick whistles over her head.  “This farm will die if you don’t help me.”Continue reading “We Need Rain”

Thumbs Up

A FREE short story by Colin Devonshire Thumbs Up “Christ Almighty, look at this rain, it hasn’t stopped since I left Bangkok, and it’s getting worse,” said Arpa to the mirror. She grabbed the steering wheel tighter as the truck behind her flashed its lights. “What’s up with you?” She screamed as the vehicle spedContinue reading “Thumbs Up”

After Work

A FREE short story – For over 18s please. By Colin Devonshire After Work “You look happy today?” said Busabong. “Yeah,” answered Mark, “I always look forward to Thai religious days, tomorrow is the start of Buddhist Lent, which means I’ll be happy for the long weekend.” “Why? You’re not Buddhist, or are you thinkingContinue reading “After Work”


FREE short story, set in Thailand Torched The lanky palms swept the top of the cracked tiled roof. A frond whispered its way to the parched grass. Bangkok’s heat throbbed and drained strength, newcomers suffered, veins pumped, sweat dripped in torrents.  “Oh, be careful that just missed you,” Justin said, pulling Mondtree back. The pullContinue reading “Torched!”

Dinner for Two?

Short story by Colin Devonshire Dinner for Two? “Morning dear, you are up early. Your coffee is cold, let me make you a fresh one.” She flitted across the kitchen and clicked on the kettle. One mug, two spoons of instant coffee, grabbing a carton of milk from the fridge, slopping a dash plus aContinue reading “Dinner for Two?”