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  • Stories set in Thailand

    Stories set in Thailand

    What great novels do you know have been set in Thailand? Try some of Colin Devonshire’s novels, set in Thailand, or his short stories, most are set in Thailand. Ream subscription $3.00-$5.00 monthly: HERE Or short story anthologies only £0.99 HERE

  • This week’s dark news

    This week’s dark news

    Happy weekend readers. What thriller/horror books have been published in the last seven days? What horror/thriller books have been published this week? Here are some horror/thriller books that have been published this week: I hope you enjoy reading some of them! If not a FREE short story has been published at Substack HERE Or have…

  • Ream?


    What do you know about Ream Stories? Ream Stories is a subscription-based platform that allows authors to create and publish their own stories. Readers can subscribe to authors they love to get early access to new chapters, exclusive content, and behind-the-scenes looks at the writing process. Ream Stories also offers a variety of tools to…

  • 12 Anthologies of ‘Short Dark’ tales!

    12 Anthologies of ‘Short Dark’ tales!

    Are you looking for a thrilling and chilling read? Look no further than Ream’s 12 anthologies of short dark tales! From spine-tingling horror to pulse-pounding suspense, these collections will keep you on the edge of your seat.With each anthology featuring a diverse array of tales, you’ll encounter a range of haunting stories exploring human nature’s…

  • My Sister, The Dandelion

    My Sister, The Dandelion

    A short ghostly story. My Sister, The Dandelion ‘I didn’t feel it; I didn’t hear it. I knew it was there. Like a dandelion seed floating by my ear. I sensed it.’ Jim said to his sister. He expected no answer. A tear dropped, splashing closed eyelids. ‘I know you are here, and I feel…

  • Peachcroft Woods

    Peachcroft Woods

    Odd things happen when boys lose their ball! Colin Devonshire ‘Go on, go and get it. What a baby!’ said Perks.‘Go on, then you get it,’ said Gums.‘I’m not getting it; you kicked it, you fetch it!’ ordered Smithy.I looked at my friends, but no one budged. Myself included.We all lived on a council-run estate;…

  • Pi Prai

    Pi Prai

    A tale updated from Thai folklore by Colin Devonshire Pi Prai ‘I’m so excited; I can’t wait to see the river,’ Libby said.‘We’ve still got classes to teach. Then we can relax and enjoy the trip,’ answered Libby’s boyfriend, Pan.‘Have you ever fancied teaching in England?’‘Would they employ a Thai teacher to teach English? I…

  • Red Lipstick, Green Bananas

    Red Lipstick, Green Bananas

    An updated tale from Thai folklore, by Colin Devonshire Red Lipstick, Green Bananas ‘Leave me alone, please. I’ve had enough of you and this country,’ Micky said as he stormed to the garden and slumped onto a bench.‘Oh, darling, come back and talk to me,’ Bell pleaded. Micky’s early retirement had not worked out as…

  • Organic Gardening

    Organic Gardening

    By David M Smith Organic Gardening Organic GardeningbyDavid M. Smith Fred and I are serious allotment holders. The allotment society ran the allotments with a committee of which we were both members. Serious gardeners. We grew our vegetables there, as did most people, but a few focussed on flowers instead, usually if they took part…

  • Who Loves FREE reads?

    Who Loves FREE reads?

    Fridays we usually publish a FREE story. A tale with a twist in the tail. This week we show you how to read or collect stacks of thrilling stories – go to Inkitt Inkitt has countless thousands of stories, short or long in every genre. Go on and have a look. Even better, read Colin…