Art For Art’s Sake!

A short story by Colin Devonshire Art for Art’s Sake “Dad, what are you doing?” Jilly asked. “That’s it, I’ve had enough,” said her father. “You have, what about the rest of us?” “I took over this shop from my mum, we had a thriving business. Now, it’s gone, the world has gone mad. IContinue reading “Art For Art’s Sake!”

One Star!

FREE short story by Colin Devonshire One Star “Thank you, most entertaining. That was the most tasteless meal I’ve ever had the misfortune to not eat. I was going to say eat, but I hate to lie. I couldn’t swallow a mouthful,” Chantana said as she pointed her spoon at a gooey mess of chickenContinue reading “One Star!”

Jam Dai!

Free short story – Back to Thailand. By Colin Devonshire. Jam Dai “I remember! You said, you, you, you promised, that we could go somewhere.” Silence answered. “You promised!” screeched Yaya. “I remember,” her voice quietened to a whisper. She kicked at the seated boyfriend. It was early Monday evening. Yaya had studied Business EnglishContinue reading “Jam Dai!”

Grow Up!

For a change, not horror, but, a surprise at the end. Grow Up! “Grow up, can’t you?” Sammie asked her brother for the tenth time that morning. “I enjoy playing, what’s wrong with that?” Phet answered. Songkran, the Thai New Year, is celebrated from April 13th to 15th. Songkran is the Sanskrit word meaning, passingContinue reading “Grow Up!”

What A Day For A…

Short story by Colin Devonshire What A Day For A… “We’ve had a miserable spring, but today is the first day of summer, and the sun is shining,” said Bradley. “So?” asked Rob. “Yeah, so what?” asked Tina, Rob’s little sister. “I thought it would be great to enjoy a picnic. If your mum willContinue reading “What A Day For A…”

Einstein The Genius

Another short story by Colin Devonshire Einstein The Genius “I’m gonna call you Einstein,” said Adam. “What’s an stein?” Henry asked. “Exactly.” “What are you on about?” “We are mates, yes?” “Of course we are,” said Henry. “Well, mate you are not like a razor.” “Why are you talking in riddles?” “A razor is sharp,Continue reading “Einstein The Genius”

Phu Ying

Short story by Colin Devonshire Phu Ying? “WHOA, THAT WAS close,” Jeah breathed.The door frame splintered above his head.“His bodyguards must have had shooting practice?” he whispered to himself.Jeah ducked and rolled sideways, laying on his front he fired two shots in quick succession. The guards crumpled. Walking towards the car, the driver stretched hisContinue reading “Phu Ying”

Somewhere… Over The What?

FREE short story by Colin Devonshire Somewhere… Over The What? This was not what he wanted or expected. His life had changed, finished university with a degree, a job, not well paid, but a decent start. He found a house, old and tatty, but it had all the furniture he needed. And a first steadyContinue reading “Somewhere… Over The What?”

Love Heart?

FREE short story by Colin Devonshire Love Heart? “She pointed at the wardrobe. She said a few words, not in English. And then died,” Anne said as the tears flowed. The ambulance men removed the body on a stretcher. “It’s sad, but she had a long life,” Mags answered. “How old was she?” “Nobody knows,Continue reading “Love Heart?”

Cheers, God

FREE short story, by Colin Devonshire Cheers, God “I am a lucky boy. We have a strong Wi-Fi connection today. I can watch my favourite series.” “That’s great, you enjoy it. Do you want a cup of tea?” “Thanks, mum, I’d love one, with a biscuit or three?” “One biscuit, watch your weight,” mum said.Continue reading “Cheers, God”