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  • Kith and Kin

    Kith and Kin

    by Colin Devonshire She took a deep breath and said to her boss, “I quit!” “But you just begged me for a raise,” said Travel Tim. “Yes, and I thanked you. Now I want to see the world,” Tina was panting. Her managing director thought she was about to have a fit, another fit. “Sit…

  • The Sour Cake Murder

    The Sour Cake Murder

    A cozy killing by Colin Devonshire, read here http://www.dark-novels.com or listen at Anchor.fm “I suppose you expect to win the Christmas cake competition again this year?” asked Patty, the radio news reporter. “I don’t like to brag, but, well, you know. I am the best baker in the village, so, I guess I’ll win… Again,”…