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  • All At Sea!

    All At Sea!

    Here, Anchor.fm read or listen. Comedy for April Fool’s Day. All At Sea! “Not now, Samantha, thank you, can’t you see I’m thinking.” “Yes, sir.” Chief Jones flapped his fingers at the door behind her, Samantha ducked her head and backed out to her desk in the adjoining room. Chief Jones was not the chief…

  • The Sour Cake Murder

    The Sour Cake Murder

    A cozy killing by Colin Devonshire, read here http://www.dark-novels.com or listen at Anchor.fm “I suppose you expect to win the Christmas cake competition again this year?” asked Patty, the radio news reporter. “I don’t like to brag, but, well, you know. I am the best baker in the village, so, I guess I’ll win… Again,”…