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  • What Do you think?

    What Do you think?

    As a reader of Dark Novels, I would like your thoughts. Roald Dahl’s stories were loved by millions of children (and their parents), and now they want to change his wording. Should his work be left alone? Read on: I hope the BBC don’t mind me copying their excellent article word for word. Roald Dahl:…

  • Spooky Sky Lights

    Spooky Sky Lights

    I haven’t written a new short story this week. Sorry about that. But, I have been busy with the full-length “Handsome Man”. It is not finished, but you can read chapter by chapter on Inkitt – https://www.inkitt.com/edit/964096 Something on BBC caught my attention. It is not strictly a “Dark Story”, it is odd, to say…