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A thriller about how our souls are intoxicated, poisoned, and manipulated.


Tom is almost 30 years old. A guy who lives on a losing streak. Replaceable, disposable. A day that seemed like a copy of any other day, receives a strange proposal; an alternative to his reality; Take a vacation from himself. This modern organization proposes him to rent a new identity for a period of time. They call it “The Experience.” Ensuring that through this “Experience” you will find a new meaning for your life.

Tom has nothing to lose. Absolutely nothing. The next day Tom is no longer Tom. Now he has to learn to live in the new identity that is proposed to him. Everything is new: his name, residence, work, obligations, … He has to obey rules, assignments and submit his will to the organization.

Far from himself and following other orders that do not come from his reason lives realities that were previously unimaginable. “The Experience” hides its true purpose and Tom is too involved to be able to resign. 

This sensational addictive thriller will leave you asking for more.

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The Dead and the Missing: An Adam Park Thriller


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From the UK to Paris, to Asia, and back again – a girl’s life hangs in the balance. 

Through his successful corporate business, Adam Park once used his expertise, money, and technology to penetrate the murky British underworld where he rescued missing and vulnerable people. Now, secluded amid a quiet life of surfing and travel, his former mentor sends a new client his way, one Adam cannot turn his back on.

After his initial inquiries prove a troubled young woman crossed paths with a ruthless criminal, Adam is propelled into an international mystery spanning two continents. To survive ruthless traffickers, confront corrupt law enforcement, and return the girl safely, Adam must burn down his concepts of right and wrong, and draw upon violent facets of his psyche that he has long denied exist.

Because Adam is a good person.

Isn’t he?

The Dead and the Missing takes the reader on a journey that launches a PI from the relative safety of the corporate world to the hard-boiled existence required to get the job done. At any cost to his soul.

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A drug lord fathers his lesbian niece’s child, but not in the usual way!



Two Englishmen have dreams of setting up a business in the sun, but trouble follows them.

Their first brush with death came at Bangkok’s airport on Nick’s first day in the Kingdom.

Action, laughs, romance and tears follow as the story moves at a breathtaking pace. 

Violence and tender moments collide as the gullible pair meet a dodgy ship’s engineer, two lovely French girls more interested in dogs than romance, and a tall Welsh man, with a very chequered drug background who leads them all into more trouble. The last person they need to encounter is a lesbian newspaper reporter with a deadly family secret. 

The tale unfolds into an action-packed finale.

“I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry, 

all very worrying.” Janet Brookman

“How can anybody have so many 

worries on a paradise beach?” Tim Mellish

Published by dark-novels.com

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Not all ghosts are friendly…


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Noah doesn’t believe in ghosts. To him, the stories of spirits protecting his hometown and watching over him were nothing more than the silly tales of his mother and the townsfolk. He’d much rather play Xbox and hang out with his friends.

But when a chance encounter brings him face-to-face with a hideous and vengeful spirit, Noah is soon forced to question everything he thought he knew about the dead.

Hunted by an angry ghost who is unable to rest, Noah is torn between the words of his mother and his disbelief of the paranormal. Even when she recruits the help of a mysterious medium, he still sees her rituals as a game.

But as he’ll soon realize, ghosts are far more than simply real. They even walk among us…

If you love gripping ghost stories with quiet country towns where the veil between living and dead is at its thinnest, then you won’t want to miss The Ghosts of Lashire Bluff. Grab your book today!

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Get ready for your time travel mission with The Cassandra Programme…



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When Olivia and DeAnn were recruited into a secretive organization, they had no idea they’d accidentally find themselves on a field mission. Unprepared and unqualified, will they rise up to the challenge?

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Back-to-the-land memoir from the forests and mountains of BC weaves essay and story, nature and magical realism, homesteading and wilderness survival.

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My Country portrays the writer’s “life in the woods” of interior British Columbia in the last two decades of the twentieth century. In the spirit of Emerson and Thoreau, these deep reflections and vivid narratives reach from the environment of our collective past to remind us of the enduring mysteries of nature still around and within us all.

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True Diary entries by a Maximum Security Prison Officer


Direct from behind the walls of a maximum-security prison comes the day-today stories you never hear about. These are the true-life diary entries of a prison officer, working in one of the country’s worst correctional facility. The daily stabbings, rapes and murders are just the beginning of a nightmare ride into the darkness of life behind bars. It’s a raw and ruthless look behind the walls in all its brutal honesty.
This is maximum-security.

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The Tower of Babel meets The Twilight Zone in modern times


When man was young. We were powerful and unstoppable. Masters of the land and in harmony with it. Only second to God. We became arrogant, proud, and disobedient. So God punished us and took back his gifts. Can we become what we once were, can we be powerful again? Just like when we were one. Tribe. Kin. Clan. Family. People. The tower has the answers, but will we be too lost in its secrets to understand?

The Crystal Sphinx is a pulse pounding mystery full of surprises, twists and turns, and cliffhangers. It’s a little archeologists hunter, a little science fiction adventure, murder mystery, with a genius master mind villain behind it all.

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What are you waiting for? Get Drunk in Paradise now!


So, I’m Drunk.

Daniel T. Drunk, Jr. if you really wanna know. And I’m on a plane headed to Paradise Isle on the trip of a lifetime. The occasion? My honeymoon. Except, there’s only one problem.

I’m riding solo.

It’s a really long story, and if you don’t mind, I’d prefer to leave it at that.

Really? You must know? Fine, I get it. You’re the nosey type. Here’s the abbreviated version. I came within an inch of marrying a cheating slut. There. Get the picture? Good.

But that’s not what this story is about. This story is about what happened after I got to Paradise and a dead body showed up in my motel room.

And, of course, the cops tried to blame it on me.

And then the actual murderer decided they wanted me dead too.


The hits just kept on coming.

And so many more…

Obsidian Detective by Michael Anderle
The Goddesses of Japan by Kazuko Nishimura
Lost and Found by Andy Jay
Tsunami Man: Legend of the kaiju by Boss Kelly
The Gossiping Gourmet by Martin Brown
The Video by Colum Dain
Expedetion Inc. Book 1: Island of Secrets by John Wilker
Max Dunne: Hunted by A.R. Zane
Sound of Fear: A Suspense Mystery Novel by Levi Fuller

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A twisted young man has dreams, one is to be straight. People die. His grandfather would not accept anything which goes against his Far Right beliefs. His second wish means baby girls must be killed. It is raining in Thailand, a monsoon hits land and upsets his plans. Deep in a cave, kidnapped baby girls wait. Parts of these children will be used to further evil. Kev and Skylab are expecting their first child, a girl. They are drawn into a chase to stop the horror and to save the child inside. 
A god-fearing backpacker, Debbie, is swayed by the handsome monster to assist him in deadly acts. Her parents fly from the UK to find out what has happened to her. They need Kev and Skylab to help. Little did they know all the crimes were linked. Is the strange Burmese girl holding the key to unravelling the mystery?

Check out Andrew Boylan’s novel.

A filmmaker down on his luck.

A desert town full of secrets.

An ancient cult reborn.

After a decade of failure in Hollywood, Benny Hernandez has run out of money and options. No matter how bad the times have gotten he can’t imagine ever going home again.

The small, desert town where Benny grew-up holds nothing but nightmares that he still hasn’t entirely awoken from.

Late one night, his old, high school girlfriend, Diana Armijo, calls begging for help. She believes the cult they escaped years ago has resurfaced in the mountain village nearby.

Can Benny face the demons of his past to tell the story of a lifetime?

If you like stories about ancient mysteries and desert towns plagued by evil than you will love Andrew Boylan’s tale of psychological terror.


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Living or visiting Thailand should be a dream come true. Right? Book number one – Not Far Enough From Worries. A drug lord fathers his lesbian niece’s child, but not in the usual way! Set in Thailand late 1980s. Action, fun, romance, and tears. Breathtaking violence and tender moments add to a fast-paced read. Two young and gullible Englishmen move to Hua Hin to start a new life in the tropical heat. Along the way, they meet a dodgy Dutch ship’s engineer, two lovely French girls who are more interested in dogs than romance. A tall Welsh man with a chequered history of drug abuse, but a unique skill of mixing things to make other things. This talent gets the attention of seriously evil people. A lesbian newspaper reporter rides a powerful motorbike has an important family secret. The whole story unfolds in an action-packed finale. Book 2 – Worry No MoreA sequel to “Not Far Enough From Worries”. Set in Hua Hin and Bangkok, Thailand. Horror with suspense and a touch of humour. The tourist town of Hua Hin is considered as a quiet place where nothing happens. Don’t you believe it! How can Thai twins become Siamese twins? You will have to think about that. No need to feel sorry for them, they like eating people! Meet Randy, an American who has a problem with split personalities. A mother and son team of debt-collectors have a nasty habit of setting fire to their victims. Camilla, the ex-reporter lesbian, is central to most of the action. Would she really give her daughter away? Any movie fans out there? Do you know of 1932 black and white classic, ‘Freaks’? A casino owner has a dream, to remake the film in Bangkok. It is not easy, you need some deformed actors and real Siamese twins. Camilla can solve most things. Are there any ‘nice’ characters in this book? Well yes. Skylab is a darling. And Book 3 – Children With No WorriesAren’t children lovely? Most are. Philippa’s mother was killed. Philippa didn’t care. She now lives with her ‘half-brother’ Nick, a French lady and a large dog. They all live in a beach house in Hua Hin. An English film make-up expert comes to Thailand to enjoy a second honeymoon with her husband. To say he has an ‘eye’ for the ladies is true, in more ways than one. Gail is naturally upset when her husband goes off to enjoy his holiday without her. The children decide he needs to learn a lesson. Was he being set up for murder? The victims all lose a body part. Is there a message hidden in the deaths? Skylab, fresh from the temple, along with her boyfriend, Kev, set about finding out. They team up with a friendly Thai detective to solve these crimes. The action moves from Hua Hin to Pattaya for a fast, hard-hitting surprise. Horror when you don’t expect it! Published by Dark-Novels.com

The paperback version available now at Amazon £12.99

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New Cover

Amazon refused my advert, they deemed the cover was too ‘gory’, yes, it was. But I thought it did its job well.

I changed it as you can see, no longer ‘gory’. The Satanic goat appears as a tattoo on a character’s arm.

The ebook is available for only £0.80/$0.99 until August 1st. I hope that readers will send a review to Amazon or Goodreads, if not, enjoy the read.

You can find details at http://amazon.com/author/colindevonshire

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Art of the Arkane

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The dreamer stirs awake and if he wakes he dies, and his death would bring forth the end of the world.

The Trinity’s Dream


Three scientists from the three corners of the world predicted that the world will end in less than six months.

International efforts to save a portion of humanity might be too late and too little.

Three men who have one thing in common, regret, might be our only hope.

John a Catholic priest with a faith crisis, Adam an Atheist with secret guilt that is consuming him and Ramy an online Jihadi with a death wish, are on a forced path towards the dreamer.

A secret order calls a search for those three men.

This order has the only knowledge of the dreamer, as they are the descendants of the people who helped put the dreamer back to sleep more than a millennium ago.

Everyone has his personal nightmare and his own dreams, but only the Dreamer keeps the worst nightmares at bay.

And time is running out, will the dreamer continue sleeping or will he wake up?

Read The Trinity’s Dream Today, and find out the fate of the dreamer.

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A drug lord fathers his lesbian niece’s child, but not in the usual way!



Also from Colin – http://amazon.com/author/colindevonshire

Two Englishmen have dreams of setting up a business in the sun, but trouble follows them.

Their first brush with death came at Bangkok’s airport on Nick’s first day in the Kingdom.

Action, laughs, romance and tears follow as the story moves at a breathtaking pace. 

Violence and tender moments collide as the gullible pair meet a dodgy ship’s engineer, two lovely French girls more interested in dogs than romance, and a tall Welsh man, with a very chequered drug background who leads them all into more trouble. The last person they need to encounter is a lesbian newspaper reporter with a deadly family secret. 

The tale unfolds into an action-packed finale.

“I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry, 

all very worrying.” Janet Brookman

“How can anybody have so many 

worries on a paradise beach?” Tim Mellish

Published by dark-novels.com

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The Awakening, Anna The Witch Story

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Denial, is a powerful expression that helps us sleep at night.

Denial of our troubles, our circumstances and our fears.

Our world only extends to what we can perceive, its ominous, dark mysteries are beyond our comprehension and beyond what our sanity can handle.

They have no power over us, or so we believe.

In the security of her tiny village a young lady, Anna bides her time…

The news was on everyone’s lips, the armies and bands following the crusades have returned- basking in riches and coin. Her family would be reunited soon. Life would return to normal, she thought.

Life would be better than ever before. She would soon be a lady with means living out her life in comfort.

Well, she could be forgiven. She hadn’t counted on what fate had in store for her.

Her world was about to change…

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A mistress, a mob boss, and a killer at large

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A murdered mistress. An accused mob boss. Can two detectives put their differences aside to find the real killer?

Angelina Bonaparte is starting from square one. After a messy divorce, the middle-aged librarian put down her books and picked up a new gig as a private investigator. When a mob boss heads to jail for his mistress’ murder, she has no issue with the womanizing scumbag rotting in prison. But when the suspect’s pregnant wife swears his innocence, Angelina can’t find it in her heart to refuse the case.

 Already reluctant to get involved, her frustration grows when she’s forced to work alongside Ted Wukowski, a homicide detective who thinks a crime scene is no place for a woman. In the search for clues along the mistress’ long record of broken hearts and promises, Angelina’s natural charm is the perfect complement to her temporary partner’s take-no-prisoners interrogation style. And before long, she and Ted can feel their grudging respect transform into an undeniable attraction.

 To solve the case and catch the murderer, the PI and the cop must learn to trust each other completely before an innocent man goes to jail for a crime he didn’t commit…

 Truth Kills is the first book in the suspenseful Angelina Bonaparte Mysteries series. If you like fierce female detectives, unlikely partners, and nail-biting whodunits, then you’ll love Nanci Rathbun’s gripping crime thriller.

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A Gripping Psychological Mystery Thriller!!


Fleeing a violent relationship, Sian Tanner hides out at the cottage she inherited from her eccentric Great Aunt May in rural New Zealand. As she settles into small town life, she begins to dig deeper into the disappearance of Ben the forest boy, she spent her summers playing with as a child. But confusion sets in when she discovers a boy named Ben Stokes vanished without a trace in McCrae’s Forest in 1956. The boy is the spitting image of her Ben, the beautiful boy she loved as a child.

Alice Granger is a therapist who specializes in helping women recover from domestic abuse. When she receives threatening texts containing images of her doing the unthinkable she has to make a difficult decision. The texts are sent from Brendon Durie, the man who terrorized Sian Tanner, and he wants to make a deal. If Alice gives him the location of where Sian is hiding, he won’t release these images to the press. But there is another option that Alice may explore, one that carries many risks.

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Chase Baker is a true Renaissance Man. He’s also a man who knows how to find trouble. A part-time resident of Florence, Italy, his resume reads like a modern day Da Vinci or Casanova. Writer, private investigator, tour guide, historian, treasure hunter, adventurer, and even archaeological sandhog, Chase is also a prolific lover.

Now, at the direct request of the Florence police, he finds himself on the trail of an archaeologist by the name of Dr. Andre Manion who’s gone missing from his teaching post at the American University. But having worked for the archaeologist several years ago as a sandhog on a secret but failed dig just outside the Great Pyramids in the Giza Plateau, Chase smells a renewed opportunity to uncover what, for some, just might be the most prized archaeological treasure in the world: The mortal remains of Jesus. But then, how can that be when Jesus rose from the dead and entered into heaven, body and soul?

How will Chase Baker go about solving the mystery of finding both the archaeologist and the alleged Jesus Remains? With the help of Manion’s beautiful ex-wife, Chase will manage to secure an up-close and personal examination of the Shroud of Turin, not only to view the famous image of the crucified Christ, but to unlock the relic’s greatest secret which is none other than a map, or a key, detailing the precise location of Jesus’s body. It’s a mission that will test Chase’s faith in both himself and God. A romantic, action-packed, and thrilling conspiracy mystery.

Fans of Clive Cussler, Dan Brown, and JR Rain, will love the first installment of the Chase Baker Series from NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY Thriller Award winning, bestselling author, Vincent Zandri.

Don’t wait another minute. Get the the thrilling debut to the bestselling Chase Baker action/romantic adventure series today!

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One cliff. One misstep. One too many reasons she shouldn’t have hiked alone.


Jen Thompson has hiked the Jack’s Fork Trails hundreds of times.

What should’ve been a quick hike takes a deadly turn.

When Jen finds herself clinging to life, her only hope is that help arrives before it’s too late.

Will they make it in time?
Book Cover

The Road To Remember


It is a hard thing to not know who you really are. Especially when your past is painted in blood. Can he bear to know who he was? In the fast-paced conclusion of this series, the dark past rushes back, and Anonymous must deal with the aftermath of his doing.

In Nevada, a deranged man has kidnapped his niece and as far as the world is concerned she is presumed dead. Along the road, Anonymous encounters a close-knit community where nobody wants to say anything to an outsider which makes progress in finding the little girl all that much more difficult. Anonymous will not be deterred, this is the case to end all cases for him but is this last? Or is he the last case that he needs to solve?

From bestselling author Nadia Siddiqui, The Road To Remember, is part five of the pulse-pounding Anonymous series, featuring a killer for hire with no memory of his past. Follow his last adventure as he finally pieces together the shocking mystery behind his true identity, which can be read to in a single setting. 

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Your sins are Legion. Now you belong to him…



With hundreds of thousands of downloads of his books, internationally-bestselling author and multiple Bram Stoker Award finalist Michaelbrent Collings brings you his most terrifying, thrilling, suspense-filled book yet!

Legion is a teacher. An avenging angel. A murderer.

A madman.

“This is the kind of story that once you start it will not release you until it is ready.” – The Genre Minx

Born in the blood of a dying mother, raised in the underground lair of an insane father, he travels the world looking for those who keep secrets and sins. He finds those who have fallen short, and teaches them the lessons they need to leave their mistakes behind.

Even if he has to kill them to do it. Because sometimes murder is the only way to teach a proper lesson.

“I see [Collings’] name and I grab the book… now that I have met Legion, I have to know more about him.” – Fundinmental Book Reviews

So when he sees a man kidnap two people on the side of the road, Legion knows it is time to teach again.

“This is a book that genuinely is hard to put down” – Hellnotes

Soon he finds himself caught in the crossfire of a coup in a Russian crime syndicate. He is captured, beaten, bleeding, in chains; cut off and alone.

It’s just the way he likes it.

“You’ll want to check this one out!” – Horror Book Reviews

Legion has found his students. And for them, life is about to become frightening and so much… stranger.

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Will she save her friend’s life?


There is a bloody murderer hiding in the darkness…and it feeds on your fears. 

After years as a dead beat, Detective Mark finds himself in the craziest situations, he thinks he can escape the craziness of a small town, he now finds himself back in the action against the same monster.

She can see your fears. She keeps ahead of her pursuers.

This is no regular killer; she seems to continue her killing spree. More importantly Mark doesn’t believe this killer can sense fear, and use it against the victims.

Will Mark be able to stop the real killer in time before it’s too late? Can he save his own life? Can he save the town’s people?

If you like suspense mystery books, then you will love Eye of Fear.

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Best Crime Thriller Series 1 boxset series, Books 1 to 5

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Book 1: Human Trafficking With Impunity

David Sanderson, Linda Gibson, and George Lindsey are FBI agents. On their way back to their office in Washington, D.C., they witness a black man beating a woman nearly to death. The injured woman is transported

Book 2: Mr. Valenski’s Secret

Mr. Valenski is a strange little man. He’s quiet; lives alone and usually chats with the shop keepers where he makes his weekly purchases. Today, however, he seems distant and doesn’t chat with anyone. On his way home two men try to attack him. He’s quicker and pulls a knife on them. That day he’s advised that his London, UK contact will send him an encrypted email with his assignment details. Mr. Valenski has a quiet supper at home and reads the paper’s classified ads. One of the classifieds is from a woman inviting him to meet. Mr. Valenski soon metamorphoses into the man he is – a terrorist killer. No one at MI5 or in the CIA or even the FBI will admit the existence of such individual, yet James Valenski is without mercy when it comes to annihilating a member of ISIS. In this case, James and his wife Vanessa – the typical “Femme Nikita” – kill two prominent members of a terrorist group who are the prime suspects in a weapons’ heist in Leeds, England. Meanwhile the FBI, with the bomb squad’s help in New York, tries to find two non-existent bombs. Once “mission accomplished”, Mr. James Valenski and his wife Venessa fly down to Rio de Janeiro for a well-deserved holiday.

Book 3: Dr. Tapper- The Emerald Woman

When Dr. Charles Tapper is not researching books, he’s spending time digging holes. That is to say; he’s a renowned archeologist whose ancient finds have been displayed the world over. On this occasion, he’s digging for artifacts along the Orinoco River in Venezuela. While digging for ancient potteries that he believes belonged to the Mayan civilization, one of his ‘boys’ finds a green gem of extraordinary size. Dr. Tapper can’t believe his luck. This might be one of When Dr. Charles Tapper is not researching books, he’s spending time digging holes. That is to say; he’s a renowned archeologist whose ancient finds have been displayed the world over. On this occasion, he’s diggingthe gems that had adorned the headdress of the priests residing in Chi Chen Itza. Yet, when the men in his crew find the necklace to which the emerald belongs, they’re terrified, for it hangs around the neck of a skeleton. The remains have only been in the ground for twenty years or so. After discovering dozens of skeletons at the bottom of an abandoned well, and almost losing his life when climbing down the shaft, Dr. Tapper manages to solve the mystery of the Emerald Woman. 

Book 4: Dr. Tapper- In The Catacombs

In order to capture a thief and fraudster Drs. Charles Tapper and Sam Garrison were invited to the Vatican. They were to check the authenticity of relics that were been found in the catacombs below St. Peter’s Basilica. Dr. Tapper was curious to find out why anyone would deposit relics beside the mummified corpse of an eminent archbishop. Dr. Garrison, for his part, was excited to visit Rome. When the two archeologists finally visited the catacombs, and later returned to the presbytery’s library, they found out that the three icons displayed beside the mummified body of the archbishop were part of a collection of relics that were stolen from a Polish Orthodox Church during the Nazi occupation of Albania. In the midst of their investigation, when he discovered that Father Dominican, the Vatican cataloguer, was none other than the son of the man who pillaged the Orthodox Church, Dr. Tapper fell ill. He was suspected to have contracted the Corona Virus. The thief wanted Dr. Tapper to authenticate these relics and icons in order for him to claim insurance on the rest of the treasures his father had collected during WWII. In the end, Father Dominican was excommunicated for his fraudulent actions. 

Book 5: Dr. Tapper- Aswan

The Egyptian government called on Drs. Tapper and Garrison to organize an excavation diving party to bring the artifacts that were supposedly buried in the Aswan reservoir. Upon accepting this unusual assignment, Dr. Tapper decided to take Ivan Smirnov with them. He was an undergraduate student with diving experience. Soon after the team arrived on-site, they confirmed that the pharaoh’s statue is, in fact, a tomb. The first dives went without incident. However, Ivan was soon attacked by a local thief while diving to bring back some relics to the surface. The Egyptian military was then called upon to keep the archeological team safe from harm. Drs. Tapper and Garrison returned to California when they realized that it would probably take months to complete the tomb’s excavation. Garrison remained in California to carry out his professorial duties while Dr. Tapper was away. As soon as the latter returned to the Aswan camp, he was told that Abdallah Grant, the curator of the Cairo Museum, had been abducted and was now being held for ransom. The excavation work was stopped. In the days that followed, Abdallah Grant himself was observed robbing the pharaoh’s tomb. He was arrested. Dr. Tapper, together with Ivan Smirnov, completed the assignment successfully and without further incident. 

Book Cover

It’s time for the boys to ride bitch! These Kittnz have claws.


Lawless Justice – MC vigilante thriller.

Cass has just gotten out of an abusive relationship. Fed up with people walking all over her, she decides that her life has to change. Enter the Kittnz.
Now she can kick ass without remorse, get paid and serve the public at the same time.
She wished it was that easy.

These Kittnz have claws. Six empowering women that own the night.
Voted top ten of female authors of biker fiction.

“This book takes the typical tough guy biker gang, turns it into females, straps some leather and fishnets on it and goes to work kicking ass.”

Book Cover

What turns a good man bitter?


All three volumes of the prequel series for the Inspector Thomas Sullivan Harboiled Noir From The Future. Collected in one box set is The Fractured Man, What Doesn’t Kill, and Dangerous Is The Game. Each volume tells part of the story of Sully’s past before he is assigned to clean up Capital City on the frozen world of Beta Prime.

The Fractured Man: In the future, as humanity spreads throughout the galaxy, the ideals of justice for all, integrity, and honesty are nothing more than outdated concepts to many who have benefited as members of the wealthy, elitist ruling class.

To the incorruptible lawman, Thomas Sullivan, these ideals are all he has left to cling to. Betrayed by those he respected and admired, the very institutions he served, Sullivan has paid a heavy price. The loss of his mentor, friend, and woman he loved are just the beginning.

In a shadowy future, where the dark ideals of greed, lust for power, and a sense of entitlement govern the choices of many, there are those who still stand for justice. Men like Thomas Sullivan.

With little more than a job he loves, Sullivan struggles to find his way in a universe that increasingly seems to have no place for him. Damaged by the events of his life and in conflict with himself, Thomas Sullivan is The Fractured Man.

What Doesn’t Kill: If that which does not kill you makes you stronger, then Inspector Thomas Sullivan is one tough dude. As life continues to kick Sullivan around the galaxy, the Alliance finds one criminal mess after another for the Inspector to clean up.

Cynical, bitter, and under no illusions about what life has in store for him, Sullivan finds the strength to fight corruption, bring justice to those who seldom experience it, and more often than not, kill the bad guy.

If Sullivan’s life wasn’t troubled enough, his path crosses that of a strange young woman and her sisters who are all too familiar with tragedy. 500 years in the future, hardboiled crime still reaches out and hurts the innocent.

Dangerous is the Game: With nothing left to live for, Inspector Sullivan accepts the most dangerous assignment a cop can have. He goes undercover to help break up a human trafficking ring.

Reeling from guilt and loss, Sullivan dives into his undercover role of enforcer for the local mob in Brill City on the planet Minaria Prime. Alcohol and violence quickly become Sully’s only friends.

What starts out as a straightforward undercover job turns into a case filled with political intrigue, serial killers, and a galaxy wide human smuggling cartel. Follow Sully as he works to keep his sanity while trying to stop human suffering on an unspeakable scale.

Book Cover

The deepest mysteries lie within…


When Detective Corey Proctor became a cop, she put her ridiculous family history well behind her. Being the only female descendant of the Proctors and Coreys of Salem Witch Trials fame made her a target at an early age. But there’s no magic here, thank you very much… her kidnappers saw to that.

As she begins investigating a murder on New England’s Nahant Island, Corey’s troubled past comes roaring back like the turbulent waves that carried the victim’s body to the shore. Dark memories stirred up by the victim’s likeness threaten Corey’s ability to remain focused on the job. When a friend calls, worried that her daughter is missing, it’s one more thing to add to the ever-growing list.

Corey’s always managed to keep her past where it belongs… in the past. But as her investigation progresses, it becomes increasingly clear that all she’s worked so hard to contain is threatening to reveal itself, ready or not.

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Gripping and intense, get ready for this 15 minute thriller.



Life is trying and dreary for the folk of Ridgestone, yet they are an unbreakable people. 

James is raised well enough, and although times are hard, his start in life begins set on the right course. Strange twists of fate and circumstance unravel his destiny in the most peculiar of ways, and certain choices lead to him having a trade of his own; the export of bodies.

Will James’ big chance play out as he hopes, or will lady karma strike back?

All will be unveiled in the most extraordinary of approach, but alas, it is The Ridgestone Way.

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Everything he knew, was a lie…

Max Dunne: Hunted


As a private investigator located in the worst part of town, Max Dunne has had his share of weird cases and had seen quite some shady shit, but nothing prepared him for what was about to come…

He shouldn’t have picked up that phone call, he was just about to call it a day.

The voice on the other side had a different plan for him.

In this suspensefulnail biting cat & mouse game, Max is taken on a twist-full investigation – adventuring from location to location, only to end face to face with his worst nightmare.

Join Max on this psychological page turning thriller as he struggles to fill in the pieces of who is playing with his mind. What he finds out will shock his existence and change his life…forever!

Get Max Dunn: Hunted – because everyone likes a psychological suspenseful twister and A.R. Zane definitely shows she is a master of the human psyche!

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A commute like no other



“The twist…had me almost biting my nails wanting to find out the outcome of the story.” Goodreads review.

“Edge of your seat.” Amazon review.

Colum’s unique writing style will have you biting your nails then laughing out loud!

You notice a video on Youtube called Murder, I Like. A live video. A video with your daughter in. What would you do?

Leo sits back for his relaxing morning commute from Brighton to London. Yet this quickly turns into the most ridiculous and frustrating journey he’s ever made, as he has to decide if the video is a college prank or if it’s for real.

If it’s genuine, Leo must get a grip, be decisive and act now – before it’s too late. 

This unique story will have you both laughing and screaming, with its clever play with characters. It also shines an intriguing light on the use of technology within society.

If you like psychological thrillers like The Woman in the Window then you’ll love this.

Read the story now to discover the truly shocking twist!

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A bereaved father, provoked by injustice, decides to avenge his daughter


A dead girl’s body is dumped in a skip. The murderer goes free. Her father ends up in prison. There, he discovers a reason not just to survive the ordeal, but learn from it. Gerry Bright didn’t intend to become a vigilante, but it’s a reason to live.

Chris’s full works are available on Amazon:  Chris Lewando’s full works on Amazon

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He’s a husband, a killer, and the only man who can save the world



Book One in The Trusted Thriller Series readers have termed “007 on acid with aliens”

The Trusted is the first book in a series offering a heart-pumping fusion of fast-moving political spy thriller with thought-provoking sci-fi suspense. With incredible spies, fascinating realms and ice-cold villains, this is a book that you’ll devour in one sitting. Fans of Marvel Noir, James Bond, Mission Impossible, the X-Files and Dean Koontz will love this series.

Sam Noor has learned to compartmentalize his complex life. Balancing an idyllic home and a lethal career, his routine is split between loving husband and trained killer. But with accumulating pressure, his carefully separated worlds fiercely collide. His oldest friend is in danger, his colleagues are untrustworthy, and his wife feels betrayed.

Sam is the strongest in his field. But everyone has a limit. With a super terrorist collective headed by GQ & Vogue-like models Salim and Sabena, nanotech and quantum weapons that are off the scale, political shenanigans on both sides of the pond, Sam is getting to feel that limit maybe very close.

Grab an extended sample (more than Amazon offers) here: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/tiaatc11w4

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When Prey Becomes Predator



You said I could never escape. I knew I would.
You said all hope was lost. I knew it was not.
You said you’d kill me soon. I knew I’d kill you first.
I am Alexandria Ridley.
I am a survivor.
And I am coming for you!

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It started as a crush. Luna never imagined it would end with murder.

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Also available in audio from Audible:

“He was real, and he was a monster.”

Obsession is deadly.

No one learns that better than Luna Ketz, a pessimistic high school senior. Caught between the intentions of her stern father and business-minded mother, boys are the last thing on Luna’s mind, but this fact doesn’t detour mysterious bad boy Chance Welfrey from trying to gain her affection. Luna doesn’t think twice about him until girls at their high school begin to disappear. Girls who tended to hurt her.

Girls she wished would disappear.

When she receives a call from a long-lost friend, normalcy goes out the window as she’s plunged into the paranormal. There’s a world beneath the surface of the unconscious mind, and the killer knows how to navigate it. Luna is in danger and although she can avoid the killer in reality, she cannot avoid him in her dreams.

Rated for mature adult themes and depictions of violence

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His desires are devilish. His offer irresistible.



I’ve got my sights set on taking over the world, when Izzy Fabienne happens. A broken college girl with black eyeliner and an attitude, desperate for love. Easy prey.
But then surprise. She refuses my offer, and sets on a foolish quest to kill me and free my collection of souls.
I could easily break her, and I will. Eventually. But first I’ll bring her to her knees. Because she got my attention in a rather… special way.
So let’s tango, Raven Girl. Dance with me towards the darkness.
Beware of possible triggers and adult content.

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Los Angeles Streets have never been THIS unsafe!


With a homicidal maniac bent on destroying the most vulnerable citizens of the city of Los Angeles, Detective Shelby Griffin finds herself caught up in a desperate race to catch a criminal who’s always one step ahead. She and her partner, Detective Trevor Morris, have already narrowly prevented some catastrophic situations, but this time the mysterious killer is striking at the LA roadways– and the city’s traffic is about to become more than just notorious. It’s going to be deadly… As Shelby races to put a stop to her invisible villain’s latest plot, she starts to uncover a trail of clues that lead her right to the last man she’d ever have suspected to be capable of this kind of evil. She’s looking for answers, but all she can come up with are questions. Why would someone close to her do this? Should she allow herself to look quite so deeply into Seth Cooper’s enchanting blue eyes? And why does LA’s resident vigilante keep addressing his notes to her? Trouble is brewing for LA’s most reluctant detective as she struggles with her heart in this third installment of the Shelby Griffin Mysteries.

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The Fixer Files

A Fletcher Collection


For fans of David Baldacci and House of Cards

Joe Fletcher is transporting a black-market package for a U.S. Senator, and life itself hangs in the balance. The wife of a high-powered lobbyist is kidnapped by Islamic extremists in war-torn Syria. Trouble hits close to home when Fletcher’s teenage niece gets wrapped up in a deadly game of sex and drugs. The Fixer Files is a collection of three short stories that venture into Fletcher’s early days, launching readers into a world of suspense, political intrigue, and non-stop action.

And… coming soon

‘No Worries’ box set of Thai thrillers – http://amazon.com/author/colindevonshire

Huge Selection

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The financial crash of 2008, plus a new woman, make for a potent Molotov cocktail.


As if escape from a disastrous marriage wasn’t enough, Alfie jumps straight back into the fire.

Driven to a place where no one knows him, the road to rebuilding his life is littered with potholes.

Post-it notes stuck on the fridge door are constant reminders of a period Alfie wants to forget. But he can’t resist a challenge, even if it has the potential to destroy him. Has Alfie taken on more than he can handle? Only time will tell.

Post it Notes is the first novel in the ‘Alfie Goes to Thailand’ trilogy. If you like thought-provoking drama, suspense, and damaged characters, you’ll love this series.

Fans of Iris Ann Hunter, Melinda Leigh and Kendra Elliott will be captivated by the gripping saga.

Pick up POST-IT NOTES and discover this exciting series today.

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A drug lord fathers his lesbian niece’s child, but not in the usual way!



Two Englishmen have dreams of setting up a business in the sun, but trouble follows them.

Their first brush with death came at Bangkok’s airport on Nick’s first day in the Kingdom.

Action, laughs, romance and tears follow as the story moves at a breathtaking pace. 

Violence and tender moments collide as the gullible pair meet a dodgy ship’s engineer, two lovely French girls more interested in dogs than romance, and a tall Welsh man, with a very chequered drug background who leads them all into more trouble. The last person they need to encounter is a lesbian newspaper reporter with a deadly family secret. 

The tale unfolds into an action-packed finale.

“I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry, 

all very worrying.” Janet Brookman

“How can anybody have so many 

worries on a paradise beach?” Tim Mellish

Published by dark-novels.com

For more in the ‘No Worries’ series check them here!

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A deranged serial killer. An ambitious young detective. A case that could destroy everything he holds dear.

When a young woman is found raped and strangled along the Thames River path, it looks like a personal vendetta by an enraged ex-lover. Then two more women die in the same manner and it becomes clear that a deranged serial killer is on the loose. All three women were engaged to be married. Could this be the link between them?

The case is assigned to DI Rob Miller, a young, ambitious detective, whose job it is to catch the killer before any more women are murdered. Rob throws himself into the investigation to the detriment of his own fiancé who is trying to plan their wedding. When Rob begins to hone in on the killer, his fiancé disappears, and Rob knows it’s only a matter of time before the killer makes this personal. 

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Hidden in the Seattle underground, a clan of Vampires sells sex, power and information.



Hidden in the Seattle underground, a clan of Vampires sells sex, power and information.
Kat just wants to be free to live her own life and find love. But the Vampire clan has other plans for her. When Kat loses her job, she starts a desperate search for a way to keep from being forced into sex work at the Clan brothel. She meets a mysterious coworker named Henry who uses the power of illusion to work as a spy for the Clan. As their love blossoms, they must find ways to defy the clan, explore who they truly are, and dare to trust their love against the Second Circle.

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What wine pairs with murder?

$0.99  and FREE on Kindle Unlimited


If the Addams family’s daughter Wednesday grew up to become a forensic psychologist, she would be Dr. Joy Burton—and Detective Max King’s worst nightmare.


A beautiful blond is found dead by a creek after a poker game. The suspect list includes the chief of police.


Det. Max King and Dr. Joy Burton enjoy a dinner party at a winery. A woman keels over at the table. So does Max.


The swingers of Wine Valley throw a party, after which a man is found dead on red satin sheets. Det. Max King and Dr. Joy Burton arrive to investigate.


At the Wine Valley Harvest Festival, an old-timer teaches children to sift dirt for gems. The children find benitoite—the California blue diamond. A geologist examining the mine finds a dead body. A film crew meddles in the investigation.

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The exciting new crime thriller from one of the hottest new UK crime authors



A DCI Michael Yorke Thriller book 2

Note: Book 1 is currently FREE!

A vicious serial killer slithers from the darkness, determined to resurrect the ways of a long-dead civilisation.

When the ex-wife of one of DCI Michael Yorke’s closest allies is left mutilated and murdered, Yorke and his team embark on their greatest test yet. A  deeply personal case that will push them to their very limits. 

And as Yorke’s team are pulled further into the dark, the killer circles, preparing to strike again. 

The Repenting Serpent is a true edge-of-the-seat, nail-biting page turner.

 “Wes Markin is a new name to watch out for in Crime Fiction.” – Bestselling Crime Author Stephen Booth.

Book Cover

Sleepless Mind – Book 2 of the Shelby Griffin Mystery Series

A disease right out of the Middle Ages is coming to kill the homeless people of LA, and someone brought it here deliberately. What’s Shelby gonna do about it?


Detective Shelby Griffin is hot on the trail of a six-shooter-toting, Stetson-wearing vigilante who’s bringing chaos to the streets of LA, the city she hates. While he seems to have helped her to rescue her kidnapped partner the vigilante still has blood on his hands – and Shelby is determined to bring him to justice for it. But she’s sidetracked from her mission when a silent killer begins to stalk the streets of Los Angeles. A disease right out of the Middle Ages is coming to kill the homeless people of the city, and someone brought it here deliberately. Someone who is bent on killing tens of thousands.

As Shelby and her partner Morris race to stop the spread of the disease, she learns that the stakes have never been higher. And amid chasing after this twisted criminal, Shelby will be brought face to face with her mysterious nemesis for the very first time. She’s not sure what he wants. She’s not sure where he comes from. But somehow, she’s going to stop him, no matter the cost. The plot thickens around LA’s most reluctant detective as she strives to bring peace to the city in this second installment of the Shelby Griffin Mysteries.

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A stranger just put Kelsey’s boyfriend in a coma. The worst part? She asked him to do it.
Seventeen-year-old Kelsey is dealing with a lot – an abusive boyfriend, a gravely ill mother, an absent father, and a confusing new love interest. After her boyfriend attacks her in public, a stranger on the end of the phone line offers to help. Kelsey pays little attention to his words, but the caller is deadly serious. Suddenly the people Kelsey loves are in danger, and only Kelsey knows it. Will Kelsey discover the identity of the caller before it’s too late? 

Book Cover

If you could go back in time and change your future, would you?



Thomas’s father is dead, and now Thomas lives in a grief torn world. But things don’t have to be this way. His father left behind blueprints for a time machine, giving Thomas a chance to put the pieces of his shattered life back together. But finishing the time machine isn’t the end of his problems… far from it. In his quest to fix his life, he is hurled accidentally into the future. Into the year 2049, where the world is filled with heat, devastation, and a sickness that takes away everything that makes us human. In his struggle to survive and find his way home, he is forced to face his worst fears: haunting memories of a tragic past, a devastating truth, and worst of all, himself.

Book Cover

Cozy as Pie. Vicious as a Pitchfork


In rural Pennsylvania, a teenage boy is mauled to death. 

Hadassah Zook knows what happened, but she isn’t telling. There’s a dreadful secret buried between the furrows of her upright, simple Amish valley.

Another murder lights a fire of suspicion and prejudice in the community. It threatens to destroy everything. The killings draw in two FBI detectives: Jacobo Barrabas and Keith Linguard. But they aren’t the only ones on the hunt in Big Valley.

Those Who Hunger is a suspenseful, paranormal family saga and coming-of-age tale. It explores the consequences of secrecy, suspicion, and loss on a family in the midst of a young girl’s passage into womanhood. 

What Readers are Saying:

 “A wonderfully woven tapestry of vampire horror and suspense.”

“A wildly engaging story of tradition, modernity, religion, folklore, and violence.”

“A creative, original, and thrilling read!”

Quaint and cozy as pecan pie, but vicious as a pitchfork, you won’t want to leave Big Valley, but you won’t be able to turn the pages fast enough either. The story and characters will stay with you long after its satisfying conclusion.

Banner stitches every heartbreak and revelation into an emotionally riveting exploration of the questions: What makes us monsters: is it desire, deception, loyalty? And how far do you have to go to stop one?

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Can you figure out who the killer is before the guilty culprit is revealed?


During an Easter egg hunt, Roland “Beanie” Bean and his two-year-old son Evan are searching for eggs when they find a woman sprawled in the dirt beneath a hibiscus bush.

Little Evan thinks the lady is just sleeping, but Beanie knows better.

The nasty gash on the woman’s forehead might not have killed her, but the stab wounds in her chest appear to be fatal.

As an investigative reporter at the Palmchat Gazette, Beanie is the perfect person to cover the story, considering that he found the victim.

Narrowing down the field of suspects, Beanie finds out the victim had plenty of enemies. Not only was she unfaithful to her husband, but she was blackmailing her lover and cheating her business partner and may have been involved in a scam with a vicious island cartel.

As Beanie continues to investigate, he uncovers sinister secrets and devious motives among those who were closest to the victim. Racing to discover the killer, he ends up the target of a diabolical murderer who won’t hesitate to kill again.

The Easter Egg Hunt Murder is a contemporary whodunit murder mystery novel. With lots of clues and red herrings, it features plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing until the end! Get your copy today!

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Also available in audio from Audible:




Unsuspecting photojournalist Chloe McConnaughey thought she understood her brother Tate—a brilliant programmer willing to compromise anything to get ahead. She just didn’t know that included her. When he unintentionally makes her the only link to stolen information a murderous conspiracy is desperate to recover, she’s forced to run. Her only ally is Jack, a mysterious stranger who is as dangerous as he is charming. But is he her savior or part of their plan? Hunted from the tiny island of St. Gideon to Miami, the pair desperately search for the evidence that will prove their innocence and eliminate them as targets of killers who will stop at nothing to make their problems go away.

Suspense Laced with Romance and Faith.

Book Cover

In every shadow, a shade of death…


“We the jury find the defendant, Rachel Iris Chester, guilty.” With those words, Sylvia Harbinger’s life as an NYPD detective is over.

Sylvia is done with serial killers, done with therapy, and done with a New York City now rife with WHISPs—the creepy, grey shadows of her nightmares. She and husband Ben have a deal. She retires and they both move to Montana to escape the WHISP phenomenon. It is the only way to save their marriage after the Chester case, even if it leaves their WHISP-affected son, Lincoln, behind.

Then the phone rings. Chester’s in jail, yet there’s been a copycat murder, and Sylvia can’t let the case go. If she missed something the first time, this new blood is on her hands. Ben gives her a month to work the case, but can their marriage survive that long? And as Sylvia digs deeper into the depths of the source of her phobia, how long will her sanity survive?

Book Cover

What if free will isn’t? What if your every move is predestined? If you kill, are you guilty of murder?

New Release! On Sale for a Limited Time!

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Grammy-winning pianist Landon Jeffers’s brain cancer has given him only a few years to live. But when he sleeps, the forgotten terrors of his past torment him. When he wakes, shameful memories come rushing back. Desperate for answers, Jeffers discovers that a brain implant intended to treat his cancer is really a device to control him, forcing him to commit terrible crimes. Now he’s being manipulated by an evil crime syndicate and a crooked cop.

Book Cover

Estelle De Wisner was not her real name, but it would do for now.



 She’d moved into The Blackfriar Apartments after Tatiana Zhukov was murdered, moved into the old lady’s apartment. What was her connection to Tatiana, because there was one…and she wanted to find out who had killed the Russian woman and administer justice, vigilante justice.

She’d been there a few months now. The busybodies who were her neighbors had all Googled her and couldn’t find a European opera singer by that name. One of those neighbors said he knew the secret she was striving to hide, and she’d better pay up or she’d be shot in the head…

He didn’t know who he was playing with, did he? Estelle had experience with his type before and she was well equipped to take care of him…unless of course, somebody else got to the blackmailer first!

Book Cover

Small-Town Clean Murder Mystery with a Romantic Twist. Get Book 1 Free Inside.


Just as McCall Junction begins to return to the peaceful slice of heaven it used to be, the disturbing murders begin to rock the residents of this picture-postcard town. It then comes to light that the murders that began a decade ago ended with the wrong man being convicted. Now it begins to seem like he is innocent.

The killer is not just randomly choosing his victims or casually discarding their bodies. Everything he is doing, from how he chooses them to how he kills them begins to find meaning in the mind of the man set on chasing the killer. 

The time has come to start looking at the murders with a more detailed eye. The slow undulating nature of the unfolding story should not lull you not seeing, in plain sight who is behind these diabolical plots. 

At the same time, the man that is seemingly at the center of it all harbors love for both women. With one lost he is forced to return to the home he left and to face the demons that pushed him to the decisions that he made. Will he grow up now? Will he do the right thing? Who will he find love with?

He has many questions in front of him, follow along as he makes his choice.

Get a copy and keep track of the twists and turns that life throws a person who is lost. He may not be able to find the answers until it is too late. 

Book Cover


“Hudgins is a Horror-Meister to reckon with!” VICTOR MILLER – Writer of Friday the 13th


They went looking for a legend…what they found was a nightmare! 

If you like quick reads, this is the author for you!

Steve Hudgins uses a screenplay/novel hybrid writing style that keeps the descriptive portions of the story brief, allowing the narrative to push forward at a lightning fast pace!


There have been reports of a strange creature lurking in the woods.

Many believe the beast to be the legendary, mythical monster known as El Chupacabra, Spanish for The GoatSucker.

Capitalizing on the sightings, a touristy hiking company introduces a new hike called the GoatSucker tour. The pleasant hike turns into a fight for their lives when the hikers discover terrifying evidence leading them to believe the GoatSucker is more than just a legend. 

Steve Hudgins weaves a tapestry of horror as he plummets you into the world of the GoatSucker. Brace yourself for a wild ride and expect plenty of twists and turns along the way! 

Book Cover

Beware the dark web. You might not make it out alive.

Free on Kindle Unlimited



From hitmen for hire to human trafficking, everyone knows the dangers of venturing into the darkest pit of the deep web. But if you run into The Silent Red Room, you won’t come back alive.

Dale simply wanted to rebound from a failed relationship. Now he’s fighting for his life.

Jessica let her curiosity lead her into The Silent Red Room. She admired the show from afar…until she found herself sucked in.

Will these perfect strangers survive being pulled into the dark web? Or is their fate sealed by The Silent Red Room’s sinister emcee?

‘Netted’ will entangle you in its horrifying web as you face the deadliest show on the wrong side of the internet. Can you emerge unscathed?

Get book 1 of the horror suspense series, A Dark Web Horror Trilogy, today!

A Dark Web Trilogy 

Book 1: Netted- The Beginning 

Book 2: Netted- Inside Out 

Book 3: Netted- The Crash

Book Cover

Do you think a dog can solve a mystery? Rochester can!


These are the first three books in the charming, cozy Golden Retriever Mystery Series, set in picturesque Bucks County, PA.

In IN DOG WE TRUST, Steve Levitan has returned to his hometown of Stewart’s Crossing, after a bad divorce and a brief prison term for computer hacking. While he’s getting his life back together, trying to start a new career in technical writing and reporting regularly to his parole officer, he becomes friendly with his next-door neighbor, Caroline Kelly, and her golden retriever, Rochester.

When Caroline is killed, Steve’s high-school pal, the local police detective, asks him to become the dog’s temporary guardian. With canine charm and doggy love, Rochester begins to win Steve over, and these two unlikely sleuths work to uncover the mystery behind Caroline’s death.

The second book in the series is THE KINGDOM OF DOG. When his mentor, Joe Dagorian, director of admissions at prestigious Eastern College, is murdered during a fund-raising event, Steve Levitan feels obliged to investigate. He and his golden retriever, Rochester, go nose to the ground to dig up clues, including a bloody knife and some curious photographs.

But will Steve’s curiosity and Rochester’s savvy save them when the killer comes calling?
It’s almost time for graduation in book three, DOG HELPS THOSE, and Eastern College is in trouble. A prominent alumna is
dead, and a faulty computer program is jeopardizing student records and financial aid. It’s up to Steve and Rochester to dig into the situation and retrieve the culprits!

Rita Gaines wasn’t a nice person—but she did love her dogs, and most of her clients respected her financial acumen and her talent in training dogs for agility trials. When she’s found dead, there’s a long line of potential suspects from Wall Street whiz kids to doting doggie daddies— including one of Steve’s former students.

Felae is an art prodigy now studying with Steve’s girlfriend, Lili, chair of Eastern’s Fine Arts department, and Rita hated his controversial senior project. When she tried to have his scholarship cancelled, he threatened to kill her. But is he the villain behind her death?

In between helping Steve’s high school friend Rick track the killer, Rochester practices darting around weave poles and jumping over limbo poles while Steve helps shepherd the college toward the completion of another academic year. It’s spring in Stewart’s Crossing, and old friends – and their dogs—gather together to investigate and eventually, to celebrate.

Book Cover

You thought living was hard? You should try being dead …


You thought life was hard? You should try being dead!

Death is not what Bridget Sway expected. Not at all.

There are no harp-playing cherubs. There are no cloud cars. There aren’t even any pearly gates to walk through.

Death is a fashion disaster of a uniform and a job that doesn’t pay. It’s a heinous communal living situation with housemates who have no concept of privacy or personal space. It’s a handsome parole officer who is a stickler for rules that no one has bothered to explain. And it’s a dead ghost stuffed into her locker. 

Yeah. That’s what death is. 

As the prime suspect, Bridget needs to figure out who the murderer is before she’s arrested. Or before she becomes the next dead body stuffed in her locker.

If you like sassy heroines who break all the rules, laugh out loud humour and whodunnits that keep you guessing until the very end, then take a walk on The Other Side with Bridget Sway.

Book Cover

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Better to die than go back to prison…

When DCI Jack Tyler put Claude Winston behind bars for the attempted murder of two police officers, he was convinced the ruthless drug dealer would never breathe fresh air again. But then the unthinkable happened, and Winston escaped, leaving a trail of death and destruction in his wake.

Now the pressure’s on to catch Winston before he can slip out of the country and start a new life abroad, but with another cop leading the hunt, Tyler finds himself stuck on the outside and unable to influence the course of the enquiry. As the investigation stalls, Tyler decides to lend a helping hand whether it’s wanted or not, but is it already too late?

Perfect for fans of gritty London Noir, Unlawfully At Large is an action-packed adrenaline rush that will keep readers enthralled from start to finish.

Grab your copy today to start enjoying the latest page turner in the DCI Tyler Thriller series!

Book Cover

Escape into a world of captivating people and suspenseful intrigue by joining the Sister Sleuths in their investigation of a Murder at the Pier.

BUY FOR $0.99

Which callous, insensitive, cruel behavior leads to the Murder at the Pier?.

When Lea’s adventurous canines find a dead body under the pier, she must find the answers to these questions.

Can moral corruption lead to a hostile act of murder?

Does the desire to succeed end in a brutal death?

Will an insatiable thirst for revenge result in a bitter ending?

Buy Murder at the Pier now to get the answers to this intriguing adventure!

This stand-alone novel is the first in the series featuring sister sleuths Lea and Maddy. 

Book Cover

Small town whodunit with a dash of danger

BUY FOR $3.99

In every small town there’s a gossip and sometimes words can kill . . .

Charlotte Dean is happy to put her troubled life as a psychiatrist behind her. Life is peaceful working in the bookshop in picturesque Kingfisher Falls . . . until the death of a local sends shock waves through the small community. Was it an accident or is something more sinister going on?

Suddenly Charlotte finds herself questioning the motives of everyone in town from the book club ladies to the local police officer. Even those closest to her, including her boss and friend, Rosie, might have reason to be hiding something.

When Charlotte discovers someone is watching her every move, she’ll have to decide who she can truly trust. And if she misplaces her trust? The results could be deadly . . .

The Charlotte Dean Mysteries is a brand new series of whodunits from the author of The Stationmaster’s Cottage. Set amongst Victoria’s beautiful Macedon Ranges featuring a quirky cast of characters and a dash of danger, it’s small town mystery with a unique Australian twist.  

Book Cover

His secrets are tearing them apart. But the truth may get them killed. Read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited


Also available from Amazon:

When Rosalina left Italy to pursue her culinary dreams, she didn’t expect heartbreak to be on the menu. Archer Mahoney is the man of her dreams—handsome, wealthy, and filled with adventure—except for the recurring nightmares he refuses to talk about.

Archer has spent a lifetime hunting for lost treasure, but his own buried past now threatens to destroy his future. Each night he relives the horrific dive that claimed his father’s life twenty years ago. But the events of that day, and the truth surrounding the golden medallion he found on the dive, are mysteries he can’t solve alone.

When Rosalina shockingly connects the medallion to the stained-glass window of an ancient Italian church, she believes it may be the key to mending the ocean between them. But some treasures are buried in blood, and a deadly priest will stop at nothing to keep a nefarious secret contained…

Treasured Secrets is a thrilling action-adventure novel with a dash of romance. If you love your romance, high on the suspense, this is for you. 

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Social media can be a real killer!



A small Ozark town is not as innocent as it seems.Imagine watching the murder of someone you know happen live on THEIR social media. There’s a killer preying on young women and he has the new sheriff in his sight.Sheriff Sharlene Camenetti loves her town and her job. she’s determined to prove herself in a job dominated by men, but a brutal killer has different plans. When women’s murders are filmed and posted on their social media, suspects range from strangers to family members. When handsome Arkansas Federal Bureau of Investigations Agent Everis Hayes arrives to help in the investigation, Shar has more to prove to herself than her ability to catch a cold-blooded killer and save the women of Highland Springs.With a killer who has a motive will she succeed before she becomes the next victim?This suspense thriller is sure to keep you up at night. By NYT and Amazon best-selling and award-winning author.

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Cassandra Sato’s dream job is rapidly becoming a nightmare.



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Ambitious Cassandra Sato traded her life in Hawai’i for a dream position at Morton College in rural Nebraska. She expected the Midwestern church casseroles, land-locked cornfields, and face-freezing winters would be her biggest challenges, but it’s her job that’s rapidly becoming a nightmare.

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Would you save your daughter’s killer?

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She came to London to escape a painful past, but her first case opens old wounds. Will this murder end her career?

New York detective Bex Wynter needs a fresh start following her husband’s tragic death. After winning a coveted position as head of the new Youth Crimes Team, she discovers not everyone welcomes an American to the London Met. But when the news of a mother attempting to save her child’s killer ignites a media frenzy, Bex’s painful memories bleed in as the high profile case presents more questions than answers…
Pressure builds from the media, the killer’s aristocratic father and Bex’s tragic past to discredit her and destroy the investigation. But Bex will fight to bring justice to the dead, even if it spells the end of her career.

Can she piece together the clues without falling apart?

Driven to Death

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Everything is changing, and nothing is as it seems.


Set in the cradle of New England, the story finds Maya caught in the middle of the mysterious death of her husband, and someone very connected trying to pin the crime on her. Maya is a highly accomplished Air Force Colonel at the cusp of leading a storied life when all of it comes crashing down.

She ducks and dodges the plan to pin the murder on her while she runs from Boston to Chicago and DC.

The entire time this icy cool character has everything under control. From knowing how to lethally engage and kill an assailant to figuring out the clues to what is about to happen next, follow Maya on this whirlwind adventure through the Northeast.

Can you figure out who is behind this? Can you figure out who the target is and what the plot was? The clues are in every line and every chapter. Figure it out while Maya shows you how the pros do it.

Each chapter folds into the next to reveal the danger that lurks at every turn. Find out how Maya will find the killer, avenge her husband, protect her kids, and do it all without breaking a heel.

Don’t be surprised if you can’t figure out the plot and who is behind it. Most can’t. Go ahead and try. You’re going to have a ton of fun in this fast-clipped adventure, punctuated by a lazy vacation pace to cool your heels.

Get it, now. It’s the first of five books that will change the way you see the world around you.

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A Gripping Psychological Mystery Thriller!!


Fleeing a violent relationship, Sian Tanner hides out at the cottage she inherited from her eccentric Great Aunt May in rural New Zealand. As she settles into small town life, she begins to dig deeper into the disappearance of Ben the forest boy, she spent her summers playing with as a child. But confusion sets in when she discovers a boy named Ben Stokes vanished without a trace in McCrae’s Forest in 1956. The boy is the spitting image of her Ben, the beautiful boy she loved as a child.

Alice Granger is a therapist who specializes in helping women recover from domestic abuse. When she receives threatening texts containing images of her doing the unthinkable she has to make a difficult decision. The texts are sent from Brendon Durie, the man who terrorized Sian Tanner, and he wants to make a deal. If Alice gives him the location of where Sian is hiding, he won’t release these images to the press. But there is another option that Alice may explore, one that carries many risks.

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It was supposed to be the perfect getaway, but a knock at the door could ruin their lives.


After her recent separation, Tabitha Weaver is holding her life together by a thread. Luckily, her six closest friends have the perfect cure for heartbreak: a weekend in the countryside complete with relaxation, a blind date, and all the wine she can handle.

But it isn’t long before their night at the secluded rental house goes sour. The drinks flow a little too freely and lingering tensions arise before they’re interrupted by frantic knocking at the door. The stranger claims to have been in an accident, and though her head is bleeding, she refuses to let them call an ambulance. With Tabitha distracted by her new beau, another friend leaving to check out the scene of the accident, and the rest of the group busy feuding, they lose track of the stranger’s whereabouts. It isn’t until she wakes up with a hangover that Tabitha finds a note on her dresser: Don’t stop until you find it.

When the strange woman is reported missing, the police start circling—the group must reexamine their accounts of what happened that night. And the discrepancies in their stories cannot be overlooked. It doesn’t help that the police have discovered clues to suggest foul play.

As the evidence mounts against them, loyalties are tested. Tabitha is desperate to find the truth about what happened to the woman.

Which of her friends is lying? Who can she trust?

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Jazzmyn Storm is a spy with a secret she can’t remember…and a man who haunts her dreams

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 When she wakes up in a U.S. hospital, Jazzmyn discovers she’s missing almost a month of time. Time she spent on a covert assignment in Romania.   As she starts to uncover what really happened during those missing weeks, she realizes the truth may be more surprising than she ever imagined.  

What happens when the people you thought you could trust betray you? That’s bad enough in any relationship, but when you’re a spy it can be deadly.

 Now available in Kindle Unlimited!

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She said yes. And now she’s dead.


Reporter Ali Loukas has her sights set on advancing from radio newscaster to TV correspondent, so when Senator Maxwell’s supermodel fiancee turns up dead, she seizes the opportunity to solve the murder, scoop her competitors, and move up the broadcasting ladder. 

But gaining access to evidence and witnesses without stepping on the toes of family friend Detective Ryan McGuire could be tricky.

Despite a knife wedged in her front door and opposition from the police, Ali is determined to prove that she can find the answers, solve the crime and earn the dream job…if she can stay alive to make it all happen.

If you like your mysteries fast-paced and fun to read, you’ll love Wed Before Dead. Grab it today to get hooked on this new twisty mystery series! 

Content Notes: PG equivalent – No swearing, sex or graphic violence 

This book was formerly titled Previous Engagements.

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Small-Town Clean Murder Mystery with a Romantic Twist.



As the authorities struggle to keep up with a serial killer that is so far ahead of the game, the bodies start mounting. Destruction and mayhem seem to have gripped McCall Junction. The casualties are not just the victims that lost their lives, it is the men and women who are doing their best to protect and serve.

Sheriff Greer has gone missing and presumed dead. Dr. Weathers was vaporized by the blast and so were the forensic crew that was with him. More importantly so was all the evidence that he collected at the last scene. It contained important evidence and clues to the victims who are flirting with the last minutes of the clock.

Each layer of the mystery seems to reach a conclusion and reveal its secrets only to fall deeper into the unknown. Will they find Penny Houston? Will Chris be able to help? Or is Chris himself involved? The web that gets spun ensnares and entwines a wide cast of characters sprawled across diverse terrain.

Pick up a copy and see if you can figure out where this is going as the residents of McCall Junction are subjected to mystery and confusion. See if you can keep track of the characters and find the clues that will reveal the person who is doing this. More importantly, see if you can find the reason he, or she, is doing it.

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There’s Something Very Wrong With Daddy.



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From the USA Today and International Bestselling author of The Widow Next Door comes a demented page-turner.

If you knew your father’s darkest secret, would you turn him in?
What if his secret was connected to you?

Ruby Marlowe has always been a daddy’s girl. Her mother died when she was two, and her single father has ensured she has everything she needs. However, everyone has dark secrets, and Ruby’s father is no exception…

When she’s young, she doesn’t understand the weight of her father’s killing game. However, as she ages, she realizes her obsessive tendencies aren’t the only elements that separate her from her peers. After she begins to investigate her mother’s life and death, Ruby starts to believe there are some secrets even she doesn’t know about the serial killer she calls Daddy.

As her father’s killing grows rampant, the secrets get harder and harder to hide—and she fears it will all come crashing down. 

Will Ruby seek a different life for herself and betray the only person who has ever loved her, or will she get wrapped up in his sinister path?

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Sticks and stones do break bones, and words will surely hurt you.


Sticks and stones do break bones, and words will surely hurt you.

Staring down the barrel of a loaded 9mm is a wake-up call, especially when it’s your husband’s finger on the trigger. Brooklyn James’s only thought is to take her baby and run. It’s better to end up on the streets than suffer one more day beneath her husband’s hand.

Finally back on her feet, Brooklyn is stronger, better prepared, and determined not to run. That is until she gets the call that her husband has been released from prison after serving his three years for DWI.

Cain James has his wife on his mind, always. With his friend Donovan at his side, anything is possible. He can find her, bring her home, make her love him again. While Cain has serious anger issues, Donovan is much worse. Cain can’t control his friend’s sick, twisted mind and even sicker actions.

Donovan has Cain’s best interest at heart, and he’ll do whatever it takes to help Cain bring his wife home—including murder. After his time in prison, Cain doesn’t want to hurt his wife again and becomes a man torn—divided between the darkness inside him, his twisted love, and his lifelong protector, Donovan.

As Cain tries to convince his wife that he’s changed, he watches the bodies hit the floor one by one at the hands of his sidekick. Enraged by his estranged wife’s new love and conflicted by his own anger and need to protect his family, Cain unravels.

He can’t live without her, and he won’t let her live without him.

And… just to let you know the latest in the ‘No Worries’ will be published soon!


Dark Reviews

Where else could I turn, but to my favourite ‘Dark’ writer, Stephen King.

This is a collection of four stories:
“Mr Harrigan’s Phone”
“The Life of Chuck”
“If It Bleeds”.
With Stephen King books, often the telling is more interesting than the plot. That is not a terrible thing, while a talented storyteller can jerk life into a weak story, a great story can always struggle under a weak storyteller which makes for an uneven read in If It Bleeds.
The first novella, ‘Mr Harrigan’s Phone’, is the lead character story that King does so well. It transitions from kicking off with a nostalgic melancholy in the first few pages, to something darker and thoughtful at the end. Its ideas and predictions about high-tech and business seem crammed into the story, the reader is left to decide if it was all coincidence. There is an exciting twist at the end.
Somehow the stories are unlevel. Interesting, but odd. The Life of Chuck is an apocalyptic yarn, classic in its understatement and weird in its tricky messages.
Tale two is rather strange, and interesting in its way. The closing ghost story is so King-like, you don’t know what you are reading until the end. I’m not sure if they are connected, or supposed to be. Does it matter? I guess not.
If It Bleeds, the longest and the strongest of the bunch. Holly Gibney steps up and takes the role of the protagonist, and the opening scenes of the school bombing catch your interest. You are then caught, as in genuine King stories. Caught between heroine and villain. There is a sense of real evil, Holly sets herself perfectly, neatly mirrored by the interplay between Holly and her mother. On to the ending – it was perfect.
The last story, Rat, has its gory moments. A mix of genres. I enjoyed it, even as I kept shaking my head in wonder, as I said earlier, the plot is so often secondary to the narration for King.
If It Bleeds proves the Mr King knows how to write, even if he has strayed from what he used to write.
This is the official blurb. Newspeople have a saying: ‘If it bleeds, it leads’. And a bomb at Albert Macready Middle School is guaranteed to lead any bulletin.
Holly Gibney of the Finders Keepers detective agency is working on the case of a missing dog – and on her own need to be more assertive – when she sees the footage on TV. But when she tunes in again, to the late-night report, she realises there is something not right about the correspondent first on the scene. So begins ‘If It Bleeds’, a stand-alone sequel to the number one bestselling The Outsider featuring the incomparable Holly on her first solo case – and also the riveting title story in Stephen King’s brilliant new collection.
Dancing alongside are three more wonderful long stories from this ‘formidably versatile author’ (The Sunday Times) – ‘Mr Harrigan’s Phone’, ‘The Life of Chuck’ and ‘Rat’. All four display the richness of King’s storytelling with grace, humour, horror and breathtaking suspense. A fascinating Author’s Note gives us a wonderful insight into the origin of each story and the writer’s unparalleled imagination.
Or try:

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Criminal Minds


Have a look at the books featured in the giveaway – you can download one or all of them from the link above.

A quiet Sunday, a vicious assault. One man’s resurrection is another’s good luck.

When Alfie set out on his morning cycle ride, the last thing he expected was to be the only witness to attempted murder. The perpetrator of the crime was the only person who knew Alfie had seen him at the scene. And Alfie was easy to find. Scared out of his wits, he kept his head down and waited, as a weird sequence of events unfolded.
Suspenseful and gripping, the short story will give you a taste for the trilogy ALFIE GOES TO THAILAND. You’ll want to read all 3 novels.

Not all demons have horns…

The legendary Odruri, assassin-hero of the Bloodwater Wars, has been summoned again.

He no longer has his magic darksword. This time Godwin must learn to rely on others.

But with the shifting of the stars, it may not be enough.

A terrible Prophecy is unfolding across the land.

Demons swamp the Southlands, while the Tarsurian Empire has landed on western shores. Godwin’s guild of assassins has been all but destroyed, his allies scattered to the winds.

If he’s going to save the world, he’s going to have to tame the monster inside himself.

Don’t miss out on this blood-stained dark fantasy that will leave the world in ruins.

Two young Englishmen decide to change their lives. They move to Thailand. 
“How can two people have so many worries living in a beach paradise?” 
They meet people, good and very bad. They clash with one of Britain’s most wanted drug dealers.
A lesbian news reporter with a deadly family secret.
The action moves at a hectic pace.

“I’m trapped. They want my blood. They want my head.
I feel a rat walking on my corpse. The blood on my skin… I can smell the soil. There is a song in my ears disturbing with insolence the silence of the forest. It is not your beautiful voice. I want to cover my ears… but I can not move.”

Jerry opens his eyes in a cell, accused of the murder of the most feared gangster in Atlantic City: His dad. 
On his way to jail, Jerry bursts out for vengeance, but whoever set him up placed a large bounty on his head. Head hunters, police and detectives on the payroll are after him. It is not very easy to survive the night. So, he does not. Jerry gets shot.
A beautiful prostitute, Lin, finds Jerry and shelters him. However, she has no idea who Jerry is and what kind of trouble he brings.

She’s an orphan, abused…and deadly.

Years of training have tempered her abilities like goddess-blessed steel.

But what good will it do when she can’t tell friend from foe?

Fiona’s city is in turmoil. Nobles vanish without a trace, and Haygarden’s people can’t agree which shadowy force is to blame. 

Each night the assaults grow bolder. That’s why the Duke sends in Fiona’s brother—if the leader of an elite group of assassins can’t solve this problem, then nobody can.

That is, until Rodrick is kidnapped as well. 

Can Fiona muster up the strength to save him? The city seems determined to stop her, but she’s never been one to listen to rules. Or fear banging swords with the underworld’s most fearsome villains.

This is a story about conspiracies: A top-secret military plot which threatens humanity and another plot to leak the secret to the world. But it all backfires and two women find themselves in the centre of intrigue and menace.
The Streets of Liverpool and the picturesque village of Llanberis in Snowdonia, as well as the mountain itself, also play an atmospheric part in a tale of murder and deceit where the supernatural also plays a part.
A gripping supernatural thriller that will captivate you to the very last page.

A ritualistic murder. An autistic child who saw more than he knows. Can one detective solve the riddle before a ruthless killer strikes again?

Detective Cal Rogan is down to his last shot. His supervising officer has him on probation and he’s determined to prove he’s cleaned up his act. His return to the department may be enough to drive him back to the lure of heroin when he sees the crime scene of a child’s grisly murder.

On the search for clues, he suspects the young victim’s death is only a small piece of a bloody conspiracy steeped in ritual. Before long, he finds himself swept into the strange world of a religious cult. Between the zealous believers and closely guarded secrets, his best chance at solving the case may come from a single word uttered by an autistic boy.

A young man wants payback for his mother, and he’ll do whatever it takes to achieve it…

Introducing Breaking Spirits, a dark short story by award winning writer Glenn McGoldrick.

A charming culinary cozy to be read in one or two sittings.

When an unlikeable retiree passes out while walking home from Felica’s food truck, everyone dismisses the incident as a simple medical emergency, but Felicia’s not convinced. Someone had a hand in Mrs. Dunn’s collapse, and Felicia is determined to find out who and why.

They took his peace and quiet. He’ll pay them back in fists and bullets… 

Ex-Special Forces Captain Orlando Black is long overdue for some peace and quiet. So when cops arrest him on the quiet city streets, he struggles to keep his cool against the blatant racial profiling. And after the FBI infiltrates his case, he gets entangled in a criminal conspiracy that could force him to dodge bullets all over again.

Can Black take down the brutal mastermind before his city suffers more death and destruction? 

Carolina Dance is the first book in the thrilling Orlando Black action adventure series. If you like diehard heroes, adrenaline-fueled fight scenes, and non-stop action, then you’ll love Alex Cage’s page-turning tale.

A story of death, suicide, love and enlightenment. 

It’s the first anniversary of his mother’s fatal car crash, and 17-year-old graffiti writer Oliver Murphy sits in front of her grave once again contemplating his inevitable suicide.

When his father is also found dead from an apparent drug overdose a few days later, Oliver’s decision is finally made. While saying goodbye to his mother one last time he’s shocked by the appearance of a man twice his age sitting in front of his mother’s grave.

When it turns out the man is his mysterious older half-brother, he decides to postpone his suicide. Not only does Oliver find a disturbing secret from his mother’s past, but he also discovers a whole new world of possibility and spirituality through the eyes of a brother he never knew existed.

Natasha Dawson is a lucky woman. Her career as a fashion photographer has taken off magnificently. After her imminent marriage, she will have a stable future to look forward to and a loving husband in the funny and generous Luke Stevens. Everything is very nearly perfect. But her ex-boyfriend has disappeared, and, try as she might, she can’t forget about him. Some part of her feels she’s about to marry the man of the wrong person’s dreams. The other man in her life is handsome, engaging and passionate, and Natasha is deeply in love with him. But he also has a terrible secret, and Natasha may have to risk everything if she wants to uncover it…

It was a store robbery gone wrong when the criminal got away but the victim was hit by a car.
Then it happened again.
And Again.
For newly hired detective, Phil Ford, this was beyond coincidence. Told not to investigate further, he couldn’t let it go. When he falls into a much larger conspiracy involving death-for-hire, organized crime, and corruption in the Sanford Sheriff’s Department; it will cost him more than he knows to get to the truth.

Jarvis Mann is a PI, whose business thrived on the mundane
Paying the bills by shadowing cheating spouses
And working for the fat-cat insurance companies running down false claims

On a Winter’s Sunday afternoon, a young man graces his office steps
His words coaxing with the simple declaration of “Please”
Convincing Jarvis to help find a valuable Ernie Banks rookie baseball card

With a dry sense of humor, Jarvis tours the Denver neighborhood
Door to door until a clue leads to a surprising discovery
A young man’s personal pain revealed
Witnessing a friend’s act of self-sacrifice
Both teenagers teaching Jarvis a life lesson
That will shape him with new hope and resolve

An 8400 word Short Story by R Weir
Plus a preview of the first novel in the Jarvis Mann PI series: Tracking A Shadow

He took an oath to kill…

…but prophecies don’t die.

Godwin is many things. Demon-slayer. Assassin. Star-cursed. 

But he’s no traitor. That is, until the Sages put him in an impossible situation. 

After being assigned to slay an unlikely target, he embarks on a quest to find answers—and he’ll take on every demon in Gaellos until he gets them. 

The only problem is there’s more than demons in his way.

The Empire is out for a second chance to conquer his home. The shifting of the stars heralds new magic—some of which is very suitable to things better left in the dark. 

And when a prophecy as old as the gods unfolds, Godwin learns what’s truly important to him—and what he’ll have to sacrifice to protect it.

Swords will dance and nations will tremble!

An immigrant with dreams of a better life. A shadowy government agency has him trapped in a nightmare.

Ex-Iranian soldier and Police detective Rebwar hides from his past behind the wheel of his London Uber. But when an enigmatic organisation threatens to expose his identity, he has no choice but to lend them his skills. Clive his contact uses him for his own dirty business. This novella is a prequel to The Missing Parts and the upcoming Rebwar series. If you like hard-boiled detectives, high-stakes conflict, and underground crime stories, you’ll love Ols Schaber’s atmospheric noir.

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New Covers – What Do You Think?

I have been given a lot of stick about my covers. Especially book three, ‘Children With No Worries’.

So, I have been busy 3 new covers.

What do you think? All books are set in Thailand and are thrillers.

I’d love to hear your thoughts – colin@dark-novels.com

Now a brief announcement – the 4th novel in the ‘No Worries’ series, will be published soon!

All books at Amazon.


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