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The fledgeling career as an author began in 2017. Colin had suffered a life-threatening stroke in 2012. What else could he do?

He started with what he knew, a dark novel set in Thailand, what else!

But before the first draft was complete, he decided to show his children what he was doing, by writing a short story for them. The idea was that they would show an interest and began reading. Did it work?

Well, Poppy is now reading a Japanese thriller. It is a tale of Titans, romance and lots of action. She has also fallen in love with Harry Potter, the books, not the actor. So a success. Her younger brother? He also reads Harry Potter, but he is back, killing people on the computer, that is. Not really a success, a partial one maybe.

The book written for them, ‘Petal and Ben’s Adventures in Thailand’ is available

Just ask, I’m happy to send you a free ebook.

‘Not Far Enough From Worries’ was finished soon after. Yes, you have guessed, it was set in Hua Hin, Thailand, around 30 years ago. When Colin arrived to live in and love the place.

The story tells of two old friends who decide they need a change in their lives. Thailand is a big alteration.

Nick, a gentle giant of a man is a builder by trade, Kev, well he talks a good game. Their business together is to arrange living accommodation for visitors to the town. It all sounds simple enough. Life is anything but simple. Their first tenant is a dodgy Dutch shipbuilder, who has some powerful friends. Kev and Nick discover it is not so easy to shift a man who refuses to pay his rent.

A couple of French girls who want friendship with dogs rather than romance with men.

Welsh Mad Mike becomes their friend even though they discover he has a very checkered background, mixing potions to produce new highs and very addictive drugs.

Kev has never had a problem finding a girlfriend. He soon falls for Skylab his Thai language teacher. Nick, on the other hand, has always found love to be elusive. Until he meets Myrtle.

By now they are in too deep with international drug barons, plus a Thai man who hates everything that Thailand stands for.

A lesbian news reporter gets pregnant by her uncle, but not in the usual way. She becomes a leading character in the cast of many folks, you either love or loathe.

Without giving too much away, there is a great deal of violent action, some tears and a little humour, before a climactic ending.

If you like cricket, that also gets a mention.

Not Far Enough From Worries

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Worry No More

The second in ‘No Worries’ series. Camilla the lesbian news reporter has taken over her uncle’s drug empire. It is all too easy, she is rich and bored, selling illegal drugs to half-wits is no fun.

She decides gambling is the way to go.

It would be wrong to give away too much of the plot here, but she wins a casino. That is not enough, so she goes after a much bigger and swanky place in Bangkok. The owner is no fool, he would not lose his business gambling. She must find his weak spot. His dream is to remake the classic black and white movie ‘Freaks’, but this time to be set in Bangkok.

Camilla happens to know a pair of ‘Siamese’ twins, they don’t start off as joined! Work that one out! They would be ideal for the movie. Except they have been known to eat people.

Where is Kev and Skylab? They were imprisoned by a mother and son, who kill folk by setting them alight.

It all ends with an action-packed show-down on set in Bangkok.

Not so much humour in this tale, a lot more horror.

Worry No More

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Children With No Worries

Third in the series was published in 2019. I really shouldn’t say much about the characters in this tale. It would give away too much from Worry No More.

There is a great deal of horror.

Non-stop action. And yes Skylab and Kev feature.

Get it now!

Ebook Children

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The 4th in the series ‘We Have More Worries’, will be out in 2020. Skylab is pregnant, great, until she comes across Mat. Charming, immaculate, leathal!

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