Can you help?

I’m researching some very sad happenings. They happened in Kaeng Krachan National Park,  the largest national park of Thailand located in the area of Phetchaburi province. It is on the border with Myanmar, with the Tanintharyi Nature Reserve. In mid-2011, three Royal Thai Army helicopters crashed in only nine days, there were 17 deaths. All machines had been checked and wereContinue reading “Can you help?”

What’s coming in 2019

‘Children With No Worries’ The third book in the No Worries series. Skylab and Kev still feature large. We have some new characters, Gail and James Kennedy. They are going through some ‘difficult’ times. Can Skips brother, Gatts help? Or, will we have to rely on Skylab? You will have to wait. I can’t giveContinue reading “What’s coming in 2019”