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  • First Boyfriend?

    First Boyfriend?

    The first chapter of a new book? What do you think? First Boyfriend? ‘WHO IS THE new chick?’‘Don’t start on her; you have enough girlfriends.’‘Just asking. I’ve not seen her before.’‘No, she only started here this week.’‘Pretty girl, is she free?’‘I don’t know; she is so shy, she hasn’t spoken to any of us.’ Trev…

  • School’s Out

    School’s Out

    A dark tale with a twist. School’s Out ‘Come on, let’s sit at the back,’ Belinda said.‘They,’ Mel pointed back, ‘won’t want us. Sit here instead.’‘If we don’t try, they will never accept us.’‘No, thank God. Who wants to be in their gang?’‘I do.’‘You go ahead then; I’m sitting here,’ Mel’s mind was made up,…

  • Not Far Enough from Worries

    Not Far Enough from Worries

    Today we start a new chapter with Dark-Novels – Literally a new chapter. Weekly we’ll publish a part of one of our full-length novels. Here we go with the Prologue and Chapter 1 of a story set in Thailand. Let us know what you think? Prologue THAILAND INDEPENDENCE MOVEMENT In the early 1950s and through…