Happy New What?

A FREE short story by Colin Devonshire Happy New What? “Happy New Year!” he shouted from the hole in the broken glass of the 30th-floor condo window. Fireworks exploded below, rockets screeched around. His sarcasm was wasted on the heavy Bangkok air. He turned and saw her stooped, broken and bent across the dining chair,Continue reading “Happy New What?”

Never, Never

A FREE short story by Colin Devonshire, this time set in London. Never, Never “As they say, ‘Better Late Than Never’, whatever that means?” Alfred said to his wife. He wasn’t sure if she understood. She gave no sign. He hoped for a smile, even a glint from her sightless eyes. He could wish. HisContinue reading “Never, Never”


A free short story by Colin Devonshire Found “I’m serious, my granddad found my dad.” “What are you talking about?” “My granddad was in Burma with the Chindits during the war.” “What are the Chindits?” “Were, you mean, they were called ‘The Forgotten Army’, because they used to get lost behind enemy lines. My granddadContinue reading “Found”

Curtains Open

FREE short story by Colin Devonshire – not dark, sorry, this one is supposed to be funny! Curtains Open “By the sound of it, we have a full house.” “What do you mean, ‘by the sound of it’, how can you tell from back here?” “Experience, my dear boy,” Georgie Boy panted. Years of beatingContinue reading “Curtains Open”

The Package

A FREE short story set in Thailand by Colin Devonshire The Package “There’s a delivery guy here asking for you,” Chok Dii called up the stairs. “Sign for it can you, I’m tired,” Dan shouted. “No, you must, he said.” “Oh, all right, I’m coming.” Dan covered his boxer shorts with a towel picked fromContinue reading “The Package”


FREE short story by Colin Devonshire Ta “Thanks a lot,” Jazza said to himself, he was unhappy with his bosses comment, even less happy with her suggestion. His latest task was handed via email which ended ‘my office door is open’. The other reporters hid their grins behind papers. He trudged towards the door atContinue reading “Ta”

The Good Old Days

A FREE short story by Colin Devonshire The Good Old Days “Back in my day, we didn’t accept any bad language. On our black-and-white tv, they hinted at foul jokes without saying the bad words. Adults would get the point without upsetting the children,” granddad said, before drifting off in another nap. I loved granddad;Continue reading “The Good Old Days”

Did You Hear?

A FREE short story by Colin Devonshire Did You Hear? “Listen…” Tom tilted his scared and misformed head until his ear rested on his shoulder. He smiled, a crooked grin, he was happy. “Listen to what? All I can hear is the distant rumble of thunder and the occasional crack of lightning.” “No, it’s nearer.Continue reading “Did You Hear?”


FREE short story by Colin Devonshire Change “Today’s the day I change,” I said to myself. Swinging my right leg and booting Mrs Ricketts’ gnome from the front of her pristine garden. I chuckled as it smashed in the road. Her front door opened, and she came out waving her walking stick shouting and callingContinue reading “Change”

Is Everything Ready?

A free short story by Colin Devonshire Is everything Ready? “Everything was ready for the ritual. What have you done?” Mr Kirkwood asked. “Sir, I don’t feel right about this,” Khun Daw answered. “You may not, but I am the General Manager of this hotel, and if the owner’s wife wants a, eh, different partyContinue reading “Is Everything Ready?”