Somewhere… Over The What?

FREE short story by Colin Devonshire Somewhere… Over The What? This was not what he wanted or expected. His life had changed, finished university with a degree, a job, not well paid, but a decent start. He found a house, old and tatty, but it had all the furniture he needed. And a first steadyContinue reading “Somewhere… Over The What?”

Love Heart?

FREE short story by Colin Devonshire Love Heart? “She pointed at the wardrobe. She said a few words, not in English. And then died,” Anne said as the tears flowed. The ambulance men removed the body on a stretcher. “It’s sad, but she had a long life,” Mags answered. “How old was she?” “Nobody knows,Continue reading “Love Heart?”

Cheers, God

FREE short story, by Colin Devonshire Cheers, God “I am a lucky boy. We have a strong Wi-Fi connection today. I can watch my favourite series.” “That’s great, you enjoy it. Do you want a cup of tea?” “Thanks, mum, I’d love one, with a biscuit or three?” “One biscuit, watch your weight,” mum said.Continue reading “Cheers, God”

Dark Tulip

A FREE short story by Colin Devonshire Dark Tulip Prologue “Stop the car!”“What?”“Pull up now. Look,” Mary Dawkins pointed ahead. Her husband strained, peering between the headlights, leaning forward to the steering wheel. The small lump of not much, formed a bumpy black patch in the road, taking shape as they neared.He slowed, then stoppedContinue reading “Dark Tulip”

Here I Am

Free short story by Colin Devonshire Here I Am The bus rumbled like an empty stomach. We missed the bus stop by ten yards. It did stop. I got off alone. I didn’t wave; I trundled on; I had a hand-drawn map; it was damp with sweat, was it the right place? I thought so.Continue reading “Here I Am”


A short story by Colin Devonshire Solid “So, what do you think of the new house?” “It’s old.” “Yes, but look, character dribbles out of the teak.” “Has it got Wi-Fi?” “Not yet, but soon, the engineer will fit it, he’s booked. Relax.” Austin couldn’t wait to leave central Bangkok. His girlfriend, Hathai, was notContinue reading “Solid”


A short story by Colin Devonshire Snowed-In “You have got to be joking?” “No, I mean it, we are stuck.” “You are telling me, I’ve travelled all this way. Bought loads of clothes, learned how to ski, used up two weeks of my holiday time, and now we are stuck in this room?” “It isContinue reading “Snowed-In”

Not Far Enough from Worries

Today we start a new chapter with Dark-Novels – Literally a new chapter. Weekly we’ll publish a part of one of our full-length novels. Here we go with the Prologue and Chapter 1 of a story set in Thailand. Let us know what you think? Prologue THAILAND INDEPENDENCE MOVEMENT In the early 1950s and throughContinue reading “Not Far Enough from Worries”

Tea Junction

A free short story by Colin Devonshire Tea Junction “I’m gasping for a cuppa,” said Angie. “We will not have your usual,” Suk answered. Angie was the new girl at Pert Exports, she brewed the office tea. That wasn’t her job, she was head of international sales. But, as the new girl, she made theContinue reading “Tea Junction”

I Don’t Know Why?

A FREE short story by Colin Devonshire I Don’t Know Why? “I don’t know why, but I get a funny feeling when I’m near her,” Chas said. He was sitting looking at his shoes. Not that his shoes were anything special. Scuffed school footwear. “Yeah, I can see it in your face,” Patsi answered. “YouContinue reading “I Don’t Know Why?”