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A change from our normal Friday short story. We have a collection of FREE novels – fill your boots – or your library.


“Beautiful Death”

by Readsy Deals

The picturesque town of San Fallon has become the hunting ground of the Notorious Wolf: a serial killer who displays his victims as fairy tale characters for the police to find. After months of searching, he’s finally found his Sleeping Beauty.

Stories about the Notorious Wolf Serial Killer Victims.

Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Helena Sussex is everyone’s dream of a homecoming queen, with the quarterback boyfriend to match. The world is hers for the taking: whatever her looks and charm wouldn’t hand her could be earned by her quick wit. It’s left her bored and hungry for more, and she’s made a game of controlling those around her. As long as no one realises it was her constant manipulations that led to the suicide of fellow cheerleader Wadelyn Fairchild, she can have it all. Follow Helena’s path as she’s stalked by the Notorious Wolf to see if it leads to salvation, or if his Sleeping Beauty is denied her happily ever after.

FREE from Story Origin

“Red Mud River”

by David Viergutz

An FBI Serial Killer Thriller

Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Bound by their hands and legs. Dumped and left to freeze. First, there was one. Then there were two. Now there is panic. The latest victim was like the others — abandoned in the outskirts of El Paso.  Exposed to the elements, the victims are left to die alone in the cold. The FBI’s elite serial killer identification team, The Behavioral Analysis Unit, dispatches their top criminal profiler, Genevieve Callow and her esteemed partner, Marcus Oakley, to track down the elusive killer. The killer is crafty. Smart. Completely deranged.   In the midst of the investigation, another girl is taken, and the killer sets the countdown clock. People cower in their homes. Nobody feels safe.  What could drive someone to such violence? And why? Unfortunately for Agent Callow, the trail is as cold as the victim’s bodies — sub-zero. The case proves to be the most difficult she’s ever worked on, and the bodies are piling up. If she fails, the mud will run red with more blood. He won’t stop. Can Callow piece together the clues before the killer claims another life?

FREE from Story Origin

“Dark Project”

by Glenn McGoldrick

“So they hadn’t found the body. Which meant it was still at the bottom of the Tees. Or maybe washed out to sea.”

a Dark Teesside short story

Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

In this chapter of the Dark Teesside series of short stories with a twist, the events unfold in Thornaby and Stockton-on-Tees… Brought to you by award-winning author Glenn McGoldrick, creator of the Dark Teesside series.


“The Invisible Cipher”

by Ida Smith



Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

“The Invisible Cipher is a fast-paced, action-packed thriller that will hold you captive until you’ve read cover to cover.” – Becca Rae, TheBeccaFiles Blog No one expects danger in a Midwest farm town. But when you’re down on your luck, you’re a walking target. Neil Gatlin wants nothing more than to return home to Indiana and his girlfriend, Sunshine. But with truck problems and little money, Neil enters a pool game and misreads the cues. His win becomes a trap and he’s wrongly accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Imprisoned, Neil’s troubled past, and the lies that entangled him, must be exposed. Working to secure his freedom, Neil discovers coded messages. The only one with the skills to decipher a deadly plan by hardened criminals; Neil must code his responses and hide his intentions or be killed. As tensions rise and dangers increase, Neil doesn’t know who to trust. But time is running out. If Neil chooses to save others, he may never see freedom and Sunshine again. If you like Elizabeth Gooddard’s Never Let Go, Helena Marchmont’s Bunburry Cosy Mysteries or Hope Callaghan’s Savannah Mysteries, then you’ll love The Invisible Cipher. As the code becomes clear, Neil realizes doing what’s right may cost him his life.

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