Infested: A Fast-Paced Thriller Horror Novel by [C.M. Forest]
Kindle $4.99

by C.M. Forest

She wakes up, sick everywhere, and her husband is missing. She must find him. Parasites are invading. The residents are changing – not for the better!

Teenage Killer: Novel (An Electrifying Horror Thriller) by [John Meany]
$2.99 Kindle

by John Meany

Terrance was bullied on the web. He knew his bullies. After eating ‘mushrooms’ he decided on revenge. Could he have murdered his ex-friends alone? Or was he helped?

Haunted: An Epic Supernatural Thriller by [Tony  Marturano]
$4.99 Kindle

by Tony Marturano

A couple were advised to share a project. Renovating an old house seemed the ideal opportunity to heal their wounds. It would be perfect except there is something in the place.


Children With No Worries: Do Children Scare you? by [Colin Devonshire]
$3.99 Kindle

by Colin Devonshire

Not all children should be loved. Some are beyond wicked, especially if they are cared for by a woman with an evil history.