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Las Vegas Night: The 10th Jack Nightingale Supernatural Thriller by [Stephen Leather]
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Ann Brady from Mentoring Writers is pleased to present a journey into the Mentoring Writers Short Story Book.
This year’s book consists of a selection of stories written by writers who entered the Mentoring Writers 2021 Short Story Writing Competition.
The selection of stories inside this book covers a variety of genres from Mystery to Sci-Fi, Romance to Chick Lit, and Horror to Contemporary Fiction. The stories, which are aimed at older readers, were chosen by the judges as being the ‘best of the best’ within their chosen category
We hope you enjoy them.

Short Stories & Poetry Anthology: Book 2 by [Bookiwrote Authors]

This is the second instalment of short stories and poetry from the authors previously of AuthorWorld Connect, now BookiWrote. The previous books are ‘A Collection of Short Stories’ and ‘The Poetry Collection’, both great books with masses of variety if you are looking for other titles to enjoy.

This volume, ‘Book 2’, holds a combination of 36 more short stories and 7 more poems in one superb book! Written by fantastic people with fantastic stories and poems for your reading pleasure!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy their different worlds alongside them.