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A drug lord fathers his lesbian niece’s child, but not in the usual way!


Two Englishmen have dreams of setting up a business in the sun, but trouble follows them.

Their first brush with death came at Bangkok’s airport on Nick’s first day in the Kingdom.

Action, laughs, romance and tears follow as the story moves at a breathtaking pace. 

Violence and tender moments collide as the gullible pair meet a dodgy ship’s engineer, two lovely French girls more interested in dogs than romance, and a tall Welsh man, with a very chequered drug background who leads them all into more trouble. The last person they need to encounter is a lesbian newspaper reporter with a deadly family secret. 

The tale unfolds into an action-packed finale.

“I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry, 

all very worrying.” Janet Brookman

“How can anybody have so many 

worries on a paradise beach?” Tim Mellish

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In Quake City, don’t go down to the docks at night…


Quake City at night. Smugglers at work. A dockworker found dead in the morning. Private investigator Danny Ashford suspects foul play. Investigative reporter Deepa Banwait follows a lead to the docks to land a story. When Danny and Deepa cross paths, trouble mounts.

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A piper gets shafted with his own sgian dubh, and his sworn enemy must find the killer.


At the biannual Highland Games in the small Texas town of Daunder, bagpipe player Nigel Pauley is ruthlessly stabbed with a sgian dubh, a knife pipers wear as part of their costume. Carl Geiger, a fellow piper and Nigel’s sworn enemy, is the prime suspect.  After all, he’d been seen arguing with Nigel just hours before he turned up dead.

Carl didn’t do it, but convincing the voluptuous deputy sheriff in charge of the investigation is another matter, which is further complicated by the growing attraction between them. In order to prove his innocence, Carl is determined to find out who actually murdered Nigel, and why. But the deeper he digs, the more people he discovers who might have wanted Nigel dead. Nigel’s last-minute act before he died may lead Carl to Nigel’s murderer—or to his own death.

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Prequel short story to The Lance Gedrin Series


Meet Gedrin.

Heavyweight champion boxer who always finds trouble.
If you like the wit and grit of Myron Bolitar, Jack Reacher, Elvis Cole, or Spenser, then you’ll love Gedrin. 
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“The fear he has created lingers, and it will do so for some time.”


The once peaceful town of Little Green has been rocked by a series of murders. Three residents of the town have been killed, and the killer always chooses the 13th day of the month to commit his foul crimes. Soon after, another body is inevitably found. As the next 13th day approaches and the town braces itself for another death, residents are fearful. They ask: “who is the killer?” and “will I be next?”

For the residents of Little Green, the killings are both horrific and captivating. They spread their theories across social media, invoking everything from government conspiracies to urban legends. But 18 year old Shelley Matheson is certain those theories are wrong. No one believes Shelley, so she must search for evidence to support her theory; a search which will put her firmly in the frame as the killer’s next potential victim.

From international bestselling Crime Fiction and Murder Mystery author Laura Greene comes The 13th Day, a thrilling small town mystery that will keep you at the edge of your seat from start to finish.

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Maria was the witness the family couldn’t kill


Maria Bartonelli was the witness that the family couldn’t kill so they locked her away where they thought the FBI could never find her. Decades later, there are those who are interested in Maria’s fate, as well as the mysteries surrounding the place in which she lived; but those who get too close find themselves pushed to the edge of insanity.

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One woman’s journey from oblivion to recovery


A troubled relationship, a damaged past and a bottle of wine mixed together make a volatile cocktail for Sophie.

Her journal documents the destructive descent into the grips of alcohol addiction. Full of suspense, as life takes its toll. Is she too trusting? Can she save her friend in time?

Sophie Brown likes to work hard and play hard. Trapped in a relationship she can’t escape from, alcohol becomes her only companion. Unable to accept she has a problem, she becomes increasingly dependent on booze. Full of remorse and afraid of her own behaviour, Sophie finally agrees to accept help and enters rehab, where the road to recovery begins. Hoping for a safe haven, not everyone is as they seem. Then one of her friends disappears, and Sophie is up against time to find and save her.
Sometimes harrowing, sometimes poignant, this funny yet sad novel shows you a real glimpse into what happens when the life of a promising, talented young woman spirals out of control. 

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Everything is changing, and nothing is as it seems.


Set in the cradle of New England, the story finds Maya caught in the middle of the mysterious death of her husband, and someone very connected trying to pin the crime on her. Maya is a highly accomplished Air Force Colonel at the cusp of leading a storied life when all of it comes crashing down.

She ducks and dodges the plan to pin the murder on her while she runs from Boston to Chicago and DC.

The entire time this icy cool character has everything under control. From knowing how to lethally engage and kill an assailant to figuring out the clues to what is about to happen next, follow Maya on this whirlwind adventure through the Northeast.

Can you figure out who is behind this? Can you figure out who the target is and what the plot was? The clues are in every line and every chapter. Figure it out while Maya shows you how the pros do it.

Each chapter folds into the next to reveal the danger that lurks at every turn. Find out how Maya will find the killer, avenge her husband, protect her kids, and do it all without breaking a heel.

Don’t be surprised if you can’t figure out the plot and who is behind it. Most can’t. Go ahead and try. You’re going to have a ton of fun in this fast-clipped adventure, punctuated by a lazy vacation pace to cool your heels.

Get it, now. It’s the first of five books that will change the way you see the world around you.

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The Scent of Bones


There’s a mysterious murder hiding in the darkness… and it knows your weakness.

Recently returned home, Detective Claire finds herself in the craziest situation, she thinks she can escape the craziness of a quiet island, but she now finds herself up against the monster.

She is close to you. She’s spent years honing her craft.

This is no ordinary killer; she seems to stalk her prey. More importantly Claire can’t shake this feeling, that this killer is around her, and knows the victims well.

Will Claire be able to stop the killer in time before he strikes? (
Can she find out who killed her brother?
Can save the island’s people?

If you like suspense mystery books, then you will love The Scent of Bones.

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For fans of puzzle mysteries and twist endings.


The local butcher in a small Italian town fell to his death during a hike. Most likely an unfortunate accident, but his mother cries murder. By a member of the US Military no less. Enter Mark Novak, the Military’s Special Investigator and not the detective he used to be. 

An old lover works the case alongside him. She’s still as enticing and willing as ever.  As the case unfolds, Novak uncovers mostly new questions, not answers. Soon, the accident looks more like murder.  And she only adds to the confusion.

Novak must either find a way to trust his skill and intuition again, or a murderer walks free.

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How could he tell her no? Even if saying yes could get him killed.


She had a simple request.

Help recover some money from a guy she dated.

Easy enough for Jake Burbank to say yes.

Until the guy shows up dead and everyone thinks he did it.

And she’s disappeared with his alibi.

Grab your copy of the first in a brand new series and keep checking out books two through six in this fast paced page turner for fans of Hap and Leonard and Longmire.

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Transporting a homicidal chimp across America. What could go wrong?


A chimp guilty of murder. 

A mad scientist with a penchant for animal freakery…

…and a private detective who needs quick cash.

Just another day in Los Angeles.

In this prequel to the satirical private detective series, Heidi LaMont is a Private Dick, foul-mouthed and snarky British ex-pat Heidi is broke, and her private detective agency is on the verge of closing before it officially opens. She needs a client and fast, but her first case as LA’s newest private investigator is more than she bargained for as a not-so-perfect opportunity arrives on her doorstep…

Transport a homicidal chimpanzee across America.

As if a road trip in a van with a maladjusted simian isn’t bad enough, there’s another problem.

A psychopathic scientist is waiting for them on the other side. 

Every stop on this wacky journey exposes disturbing truths, unbelievable coincidences, and the heart-stopping reality of a scientist gone mad. Can Heidi save herself from a crazed doctor while navigating the complicated dynamics of a burgeoning friendship with a trigger-happy chimp?

Discover how the UK’s own Heidi LaMont earned her stripes in the cutthroat world of private investigators in this adrenaline-rushing dark comedy-thriller because everyone needs a good laugh.

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Psychiatrist Grant Garrick had it all: a thriving therapy practice, a bright, loving, and beautiful wife, a 15 year-old son filled with potential, and a gorgeous home on acreage overlooking the Puget Sound. Life couldn’t get much better.

Then tragedy struck.

Read the novella, Book 1, the prequel to the Psychiatrist Grant Garrick suspense-thriller series.

Learn why he defies danger and adventures beyond the boundaries of his profession to help solve his patients’ problems.

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Is Tom destined to fail? Will the grip of alcohol and easy women destroy the agency


Tom’s throat aches, and he swallows the sobs to the deepest part of his gut. He wraps his arms around himself and feels wetness on his body. Glancing down, he sees his once white shirt is stained with Claire’s dark crimson blood.

After Tom Grant’s fiancé is murdered in their bedroom, he drowns himself in whisky— until The Agency calls. He is requested personally to infiltrate an extremist left-wing group threatening to disrupt the visit of a U.S. Senator.

He’s The Agency’s best.

Was the best. 

Tasked with intelligence gathering while protecting the Senator, this job should be child’s play. But the dulling effects of alcohol obstructs his usually sharp brain, leading to chaos.

The U.S. Senator is shot dead. On Tom’s watch.

Tom is given an ultimatum. Fix himself. Or he’s done.

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Get your FREE copy of SHOCK


Katie Boles finds her life turned upside when she finds a dead body on her driveway. The mysterious death is reminiscent of the work of a serial killer who terrorized Katie’s hometown five years ago. The police arrested Katie’s brother for the murders, but the trial and her brother’s behavior left her with plenty of questions.

After a second killing nearby, Katie is afraid that the Shock Killer, the man who had forced her into hiding, was back to involve her in a second round of murders. Even more frightening is the fact that Katie might have to come face-to-face with her brother and learn the truth of the murders.

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Short Scary Stories to play with your mind…


Horrors Next Door is a collection of short Mysterious, Psychological, Suspenseful, and Horror stories that will arouse your senses and puzzle your mind. Some of the stories are inspired by true events. Find out which ones inside this scary collection. Check out the full collection here:

 “Night Visitors”
Once or twice a year, dark creatures show up at the foot of Annie`s bed and take her with them to conduct grisly experiments on her. This is happening for years now. She doesn’t understand who they are and why they do this. But this, last time, it’s different. This time she gets the answers, and nothing on Earth will be the same afterward.

“The Girl I Married”
Jonathan noticed that after marrying Jeanette, she started acting strange. As if she is not the same girl he dated. Why is she so different and what secrets is she hiding?

“White Silk”
Tommy is a low self-esteem teenager who has a hard time finding new friends and blending in, especially in a new school where he transferred after his parents’ divorce. But, a PC game might change everything. However, this game requires serious sacrifices, can Tommy endure them?

“The House Next Door”
Mr. Spaulding looks like an ordinary old grumpy neighbor with a penchant for growing roses, but he has a dark secret hidden deep inside of his house. A secret no one knows about. Sarah decides to find out if he is just a sweet lonely widower or a twisted man with a mysterious past. What she encounters at his house is beyond her wildest dreams, but this is a nightmare which she can’t wake up from.

And many more…

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It’s never too late for love or suspense.


The entire Stone family is home in Flint River for Christmas the first time in over ten years. Mary Stone couldn’t be happier. The holiday season brings her a new love as well, in the form of Elijah Jefferson.

Everything is as it should be until a young woman goes missing and there is a robbery at the Gem Emporium. Mary never imagined the events that took place over of the next several days, nor did she know how necessary her particular brand of wisdom would be.

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“There’s a simple way to solve the crime problem: obey the law; punish those who do not.”


Four bullets, one dead, four suspects.

A struggling police officer, Jake Michael, is introduced to a new case by the FBI. The case is related to a random shootout taken place at a bridge; with four bullets being shot and one man dead, the police take in three people in custody. 

All of them with the same suitcases and the same pack of cocaine. With this new lead, the three victims turn into suspects.

Diving deeper in the case Inspector Jake finds out this is more than just a random shoot out. It is a preplanned game by an anonymous to murder someone on the bridge.

He needs to find the link between all three of the suspects, a link that placed them on the bridge that day when the shootout took place.

Or, is there no link at all?

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Destiny is nothing but a series of moments. From man… to demon… to something more.


This is the moment Mathias’s whole life has led up to. A picnic, a bottle of wine, and a ring—today, Victoria will be his forever.

The next moment, it all comes crashing down. In the darkest night, beneath the red eye of the lunar eclipse, everything that matters to him is torn away.

The most important moment remains: he can end his miserable existence, or he can drag himself from Hell and embrace his dark new purpose.

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When Tim, Maria and Bob’s fourteen-year-old son goes missing, they are baffled and distraught. He seemed happy with them and was doing so well at school. But as the police delve into his past, it appears he wasn’t quite the model pupil they thought.

As time passes, they become frantic with worry. Although they fear he is dead, they refuse to give up on him and their search becomes an obsession. It takes over their lives and the stress involved causes them to split up. When out of the blue they find out the truth, and get the biggest shock of their lives. And discover if he is dead or alive.

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She Can’t Trust Anyone…Not Even Herself


As a bestselling author, Marlowe strives to live the simple life while saving the intense storylines for her readers. So far, she’s succeeded…

Until she wakes up one day in a cabin she doesn’t recognize. A year is missing from her memory, and the man serving her breakfast? That’s Nate, the long-time boyfriend she just dumped. Or so she thought.

While Nate has all of the perfect answers to her persistent questions, she can’t help but feel as if there is more than he is telling her…

And that he has much more to do with it than he lets on.

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In a world where everything is done “For the Greater Good,” exposing the truth is a death wish.


Life isn’t easy for Claren Greenwood. Her mother was killed by rebels, her father was exiled, and her brother is walking dangerously close to a similar fate. But Claren has a rare skill, and once the government identifies her as an Empath her world is flipped on its head.

Now Claren finds herself straddling two worlds—one begging her to work for “The Greater Good,” and the other threatening to tear it all apart.

With the help of a tall, handsome Outsider and a house full of other Empaths training for government work, Claren must discover the truth in order to save her brother and countless other lives.

And she must do it without losing the trust of either side.

From the Dust is full of action, suspense, love, and espionage. Fans of Divergent and The Hunger Games should prepare to get hooked!

Strap in for the first three chapters in the highly addictive dystopian world of the Ember Society Series.

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Exploring the ocean is scary. It’s much worse when something is stalking you down there.


Being in a plane crash is traumatic, but what if you survived the fall only to find yourself in an unfamiliar forest, with something stalking you and your fellow survivors?
What if you moved to a new apartment that had a locked storage door, but every night when the door opens on its own, you see that doesn’t lead into a storage at all?
What would you do if you applied to work as a night guard, but upon arrival to your new job, you see a list of irrational and strange rules to follow?
Or if you got an emergency alert on your phone, but the more you listened to the sounds outside, you realized that this was no weather warning?

Immerse yourself in ten award-winning Nosleep stories which are guaranteed to keep you at the edge of your seat with their unpredictable twists and compelling storytelling.

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In the Blood of Justice


A local Sheriff’s daughter gets caught up in a string of murders. Luckily, Anonymous is the only one who can help make her feel safe again. He’s the man destined to take down the worst of the worst.  

In the course to learn about his mysterious past and solve the case, Anonymous must overcome the Sheriff’s hellbent stance on keeping him from taking the lead. The question is—-is it merely pride that has the Sherriff so twisted, or is he perhaps keeping bigger secrets?

From bestselling author Nadia Siddiqui comes In the Blood of Justice, part one of Anonymous, a thrilling series of short stories about a lost man who’s contracted to kill with no recollection of his past. Follow him in each story and see if he finally solves the mystery behind his identity.

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A Julia Rawson Murder Mystery


Julia spends her days with the dead. This makes sense because she is the first female death investigator for the Virginia Medical Examiner’s Office. She has worked hard to become a forensic artist, recreating faces from only bones. Julia faces new challenges navigating the profession, and now a suspicious death hits close to home.Will what she discovers unravel everything she has worked for?

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The Universe is a Tough Place


In the future, as humanity spreads throughout the galaxy, the ideals of justice for all, integrity, and honesty are nothing more than outdated concepts to many who have benefited as members of the wealthy, elitist ruling class.

To the incorruptible lawman, Thomas Sullivan, these ideals are all he has left to cling to. Betrayed by those he respected and admired, the very institutions he served, Sullivan has paid a heavy price. The loss of his mentor, friend, and woman he loved are just the beginning.

In a shadowy future, where the dark ideals of greed, lust for power, and a sense of entitlement govern the choices of many, there are those who still stand for justice. Men like Thomas Sullivan.

With little more than a job he loves, Sullivan struggles to find his way in a universe that increasingly seems to have no place for him. Damaged by the events of his life and in conflict with himself, Thomas Sullivan is The Fractured Man.

Fans of classic crime noir stories and science fiction will love the cross-genre novella The Fractured Man. Mostly human and part cyborg, Thomas Sullivan is a classic noir lawman, tortured by his past and faced with an uncertain future. Betrayal, corruption, and murder await his every turn.

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A cold-blooded killer or an unlikely hero, one man has to make a decision that will change the course of history.


Tom is an artist with a darker side. He feels no guilt in killing the occasional bad guy to make the world a better place.

Helen, onto the scoop of a lifetime, finds herself carrying a murderer’s child, and becomes a pawn in an international conflict.

On another continent, General Hawke will stop at nothing to put Tom – and his unborn child – under the microscope, even at the risk of an international crisis.

Even Tom doesn’t know what’s driving him, or what the dark shadows from his nightmares actually want from him, but as his adversaries close in, it becomes a race against time to find the answers before freedom, or even his life, are taken from him.

A standalone thriller with the compulsive drive of a Tom Clancy – international espionage with a hint of Stephen King.

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The last normal day of her life… was yesterday.


International bestseller Michaelbrent Collings 
brings you the Bram Stoker Award finalist… 
and invites you to along for
the most dangerous ride of your life.

It was supposed to be just one more ridealong…

… a night when high schooler Melissa Latham accompanies her father on his patrol. But when a serial killer targets them for a dark, disturbing game, the night turns into a high-speed chase where there is no prize for second place.

“Keeps you guessing till the end, and in the end the twist will leave you shocked.” – Dread Central

They have to find a killer before he murders the next one of their friends.

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An Indispensable Guide to the Essential Authors & Mysteries of Murder


It was an era of exotic poisons and smoking pistols. Of unbreakable alibis and elaborate charades. Of shrewd spinster sleuths and effete gentleman detectives.

Nestled comfortably between the First and Second World Wars, the Golden Age of Detective Fiction captivated readers with twisty tales of murder and mystery. The crime is presented as a game—a puzzle with all its pieces and players left on the table. Nothing is hidden, and the solution is in plain sight, if one only knows where to look.

This brief guide offers a curated list of ten of the most prolific and influential writers from the Golden Age of Detective Fiction. While today some names may be more familiar than others, in his or her prime each was a creative force from the earliest days of the murder mystery craze. The guide also includes three titles by each author that shouldn’t be missed.

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He wanted peace. He found a life-changing adventure…


He wanted peace. He found a life-changing adventure…

Tristan Blake’s time in the army left him scarred and broken. Now that he’s home from war, the atheist bishop’s son wants nothing more than the peace and quiet of the New Zealand coast. When a Maori priest named Rau offers him a lift, neither of them expect a ride that could change their lives forever.

On a beach up north, a mysterious man scores Rau a colossal snapper with no bait. As Joshua joins the atheist and the priest on their journey to the heart of the nation, Tristan is surprised by his provocative friendship. As word of the jean-sporting guru spreads, the prime minister and Tristan’s father take notice…

Tristan is left with a choice: follow a man who demands love that could transform his life, or thwart Joshua’s influence by doing the unthinkable…

A New Kind of Zeal is a spiritual and psychological suspense novel for people of all walks of life. If you enjoy compelling characters, a new take on ancient teachings, and stories with a New Zealand flair, then you’ll love Michelle Warren’s book of faith under fire.

Download A New Kind of Zeal to explore a whole new world today.

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A thriller with dark supernatural overtones.


Female psychic detective, Epiphany Mayall is on the track of stolen antiquities and a clay tablets relating the Epic of Gilgamesh. Through a combination of her psychic abilities and the technological resources of PI Maro Gaido and the FBI’s art crimes division, they zero in on the mysterious conspirators who people the shady global underworld of the arts and antiquities black market. Can they find the Gilgamesh tablet with its map to the “flower of immortality,” or will the treasure disappear forever into the private vault of a billionaire art thief?

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Are Family Secrets Worth Killing Someone?


When the Patriarch of the Woodcrest Family, Gerald Woodcrest, is found dead in the flowerbed under his bedroom window, the local police department rules it a suicide. His son hires Private Detective Emmy Grimm to uncover the real truth behind his father’s death.

Surrounded by so many individuals who could benefit from his death, now it depends on Emmy to figure out who is responsible. When Emmy starts talking to the heirs, the Woodcrest family’s secrets begin to emerge.

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Is the evil lurking in Sunshine House human or something much worse?


Once an exclusive Hollywood hotel catering to the likes of Rudolf Valentino and other great stars of the Silent Film Era, the Bockerman Hotel now is the Sunshine House, an assisted living home for seniors.   

And its residents are dying…in droves.

Sara Caine, paranormal investigator, couldn’t believe she got an invitation to hunt for ghosts in the most haunted building in all of Los Angeles, The Sunshine House. Her excitement turns to horror as the mysteries of Sunshine House reveal themselves to be more terrifying then she could have ever imagined.  

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Surviving Is A Skill, Killing Another.


He is a secret IRA operative.

He is one of the most successful City banker in London

…then the 2008 Financial Crisis happens.

Nancy Wu, former eminent Queen’s Counsel, now prominent patron of the arts, receives the most unexpected call for help. Henry Crowne is accused of murder in a case that seems decided from the very beginning. His Irish background, financial terrorist connections and investment banking success inexorably tilt the scales against him. Nancy’s own lingering darker past calls for her to mount Henry’s defence but her client is the biggest obstacle. Will she manage to unpick the devious manipulations of a most twisted mind? 

COLLAPSE is a financial and espionage thriller, the first book in the Henry Crowne: Paying the Price trilogy. If you like The Big Short, The Fear Index and A Week in December you will enjoy the twists and turns of Freddie P Peters’ latest fast-paced thriller. Discover it now…

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Detective Shelby Griffin is sworn to serve and protect the city of Los Angeles. That doesn’t mean that she has to like it.


Actually, Shelby hates LA, and she can’t wait to get out of here and return to her hometown in Rhode Island. For now, though, she needs this job, and she works the streets every day with her partner Trevor Morris. There’s no shortage of cases, either. Shelby’s neighborhood is on the very brink of an all-out gang war, and it’ll take just one spark to light the tinder-dry atmosphere. That spark comes in the form of a dead gangster who might just prove to be the catalyst for a gang war that could kill hundreds and cause devastating collateral damage. Or does it?

When Shelby discovers that the murder is not what it seems, she’s determined to find the real killer, but a kidnapping turns the whole case on its head. The murder Shelby is investigating has led to a terrible choice. Either way, people die. And if she doesn’t find the killer and stop him, those people could include Morris. The vigilante roaming the streets makes life even more complicated for LA’s most reluctant detective as she fights back in this fast-paced first installment of a five-book series.

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Daniel was just your average, run-of-the-mill serial killer.


Daniel is learning that being a serial killer is hard work. Luckily, he has one friend in life that is just like him, but far more experienced. Greg is more than happy to teach Daniel everything he knows about killing and not getting caught. But when a mysterious woman shows up, she takes Daniel on a reckless ride of passion and murder, making him question everything Greg has taught him.

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Lock your doors. Bolt your windows.


“Hudgins is a Horror-Meister to reckon with!” 

VICTOR MILLER – Writer of Friday the 13th 

If you like fast reads, this is the author for you!

Steve Hudgins uses a screenplay/novel hybrid writing style that keeps the descriptive portions of the story brief, allowing the narrative to push forward at a blazing pace. 


An exceptionally dangerous patient has escaped from the local psychiatric hospital. 

Fearing that he’ll lose his job if word gets out, the head of the hospital, Dr. Franklin Grimm, secretly sends his mysterious head of security on a mission to apprehend the deranged psycho before anyone can gain knowledge of the escape. 

Meanwhile, a small town is clueless that an infamous serial killer now walks among them, seeking his next victim. 

Will Dr. Grimm’s devious plan work or will blood be on his hands as a slaughter ensues? 

Terrifying, eerie and incredibly unpredictable, Maniac on the Loose will keep you up all night gripping the blankets in suspense! 

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Here One Moment. Gone The Next.


“If you ever speak my name, or tell anyone what just happened, I’ll find out where you live, I’ll break into your home, creep into your bedroom at night, and stab you to death with a knife from your mother’s kitchen. Do you understand?”

All hell breaks loose when a teenager goes missing in a close-knit neighbourhood in East London. Avery sees her quiet, predictable life viciously turned on its head, and watches in horror as the people she loves crumble.

Destitute, and determined not to return to walking the streets at night, Dolly will do anything, and hurt anyone she can to grasp the better life she’s craved for so long.

Worlds collide, death is at every turn as two very different women find themselves thrust into a hidden world of money laundering, kidnap, and ritual killings – all in the name of freedom and justice.

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A not guilty verdict.  A kidnapping.  A midnight trial.  Six sitting in judgment, and one empty chair.


Coach Terrence Jackson is the man who has divided the town of Marston. There are those who believe in the coach and his innocence and then there are the victims who despise him, his smile and his crime. He has a dark past- a previous life no one knew about until the not guilty verdict.

Only one victim, Rose Canter, has the courage to ask for justice. The others quietly watch as her justice slips away with the verdict. 

He goes back to his life wearing his signature smile, and Rose is left picking up the pieces of hers. She doesn’t know she is not the only victim who has lost the fight to the coach. 

Coach Jackson’s signature smile is an integral accessory of his wardrobe. In fact, he doesn’t leave home without it. He has one son-Jonas, a dead wife, and a young, blonde bombshell by his side. He has money and status which he earned on the football field. Now he’s giving back to the community by helping high school students afford a college education. One thing he does not have is the contentment of his victims. They want revenge and the setup for his demise begins. 

There is more than one way to catch a criminal. 

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ADA Alastair Maddox is at the top his game in Prohibition Chicago where mobs paint the town red with blood. Despite being beaten, shot, and almost killed by the mob, Alastair continues his war on the city’s criminal underworld.

But when his former police chief comes in asking Alastair’s help with what he call a “bizarre case,” Alastair can’t help but be interested.

The woman in the red dress sitting in the interrogation room is beyond beautiful. Confronting her feels like standing in the presence of a predator.

Alastair soon stares down the face of death, but he soon learns, death isn’t as permanent as he’s been led to believe.

Obsession. Lust. Murder. A dark thirst.

It all awaits in the lawless streets of Vampire Chicago.

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Between a Rock and a Deadly Place


Cedar Fish Campground was supposed to be a peaceful refuge, not grounds for murder.

Thea Pagoni is desperate to flee her stress-filled city life for the quiet of the woods after a painful divorce. When her grandmother passes away and leaves her the family campground, it seems like the perfect opportunity to find peace. But not everything is crickets and campfires.

The handyman she was promised is less than handy, the campground has fallen into severe disrepair, and with a dwindling reservation list, there’s no money to make improvements. Things are looking grim, and then a dead hiker makes everything worse. Can Thea find the killer before Cedar Fish Campground is forced to close forever and she loses everything… again?

Between a Rock and a Deadly Place is the first novella in Zoey Chase’s Cedar Fish Campground cozy mystery series. For lovers of the outdoors and clean mysteries with a side of romance.

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Moonlight is hired to investigate the brutal murder of his lover. But he has blood on his hands. Her blood…


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Intriguing short story … excellent introduction to Rick Adelmann’s jazz-age mystery series!


When David March shows up, unexpected, former Pinkerton detective Sherwood Garth can’t possibly know what mystery he’s about to step into. He’s been asked to visit David’s home, undercover as a former professor, while secretly investigating why the perfectly healthy, but elderly patriarch, and powerful Hollywood studio chief, Francis March, has suddenly begun to experience hallucinations and visions of his dead wife. David is very concerned. Garth is intrigued and agrees to investigate.  What he learns while getting to know this family will make anyone shiver, but never fear … this intriguing short story is a great introduction to Rick Adelmann’s jazz-age mystery series.

Praise for Rick Adelmann’s new series:

 “Spellbinder! A great first book. I can’t wait for the next one. Great surprise ending!” – 5 stars online review (on The Greek Coins Affair)

 “Sherwood Garth and James Mallory seem like an unlikely partnership in sleuthing, but their skills and experience provide a unique combination in the fine art of solving murders. Garth is reminiscent of our old friend, Sherlock Holmes, while Mallory, the retired cavalry officer, embodies the spirit of the old West. Rick Adelmann’s debut novel takes you into a world where automobiles are replacing horse-drawn buggies and the Jazz Age is coming into its own. Set against the rich backdrop of turn-of-the-century Americana, The Greek Coins Affair is sure to please.” –Mysticmoods book review  (on The Greek Coins Affair)

 “Sizzles with Jazz Age mystery and intrigue” –J Shaw, online review (on The Hilltop Ranch Affair)

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Born in England before The Beatles became famous. I worked in the printing and allied trades, starting as a compositor, anyone remembers those? Eventually grafting as an editor. Twenty years on a lifestyle magazine. With my wife and children, we have lived in Thailand for over thirty years, and love it. Now? I write thrillers, with a touch of humour. 'No Worries' series, book number one, 'Not Far Enough From Worries' book two, 'Worry No More' published at the end of 2018. 'Children With No Worries' was released in August 2019. All published with Book number 4, as yet unnamed is being written, it's about Thai black magic. Dark thrills!

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