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Before she was a spell casting detective for a paranormal agency, Olivia Cult was an eight-year-old girl who enjoyed the sheltered childhood with the halls of her family’s villa.

However, everything changed when she stumbled upon an ancient spellbook kept hidden in the attic.

Upon opening the strange book, Olivia inadvertently freed an ancient demon known as Lilith told the young girl of her family’s long lineage of witches. Lilith bonded with the young girl’s soul and awakened her mystical abilities.

This resulted in Olivia’s parents casting her out of their home without explanation.

Alone in the world, the young girl came across a fellow witch, Zombra, who offered to take her in and help her properly control her magic. 

But is this new mentor in Olivia’s life more than whom she appears to be? 

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What can stop the rise of a Fourth Reich on American soil?


1961 – Adolf Warner is a second-generation Nazi whose sole focus is to restore Hitler’s Reich to its proper glory.

Manfred Amsel is a college professor and Allied spy, tucked in the Soviet sector of a conquered and divided Berlin. 

As the Berlin Wall’s path through the city nears completion, a fateful encounter sets each man on his own quest to escape.

Fifty years later, their paths cross again – this time in America.

Who survives the reunion?

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A drug lord fathers his lesbian niece’s child, but not in the usual way!


Two Englishmen have dreams of setting up a business in the sun, but trouble follows them.

Their first brush with death came at Bangkok’s airport on Nick’s first day in the Kingdom.

Action, laughs, romance and tears follow as the story moves at a breathtaking pace. 

Violence and tender moments collide as the gullible pair meet a dodgy ship’s engineer, two lovely French girls more interested in dogs than romance, and a tall Welsh man, with a very chequered drug background who leads them all into more trouble. The last person they need to encounter is a lesbian newspaper reporter with a deadly family secret. 

The tale unfolds into an action-packed finale.

“I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry, 

all very worrying.” Janet Brookman

“How can anybody have so many 

worries on a paradise beach?” Tim Mellish

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Reiko Watanabe / Inspector Aizawa


Tokyo, March 1931

The Great Depression has wrecked Japan’s economy, leaving thousands unemployed, desperate, and angry. Dark rumours swirl around the city, hinting at an impending coup d’é tat against the civilian government. Inspector Kenji Aizawa of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department must go undercover and infiltrate the Kusanagi Society, one of the right-wing groups that are threatening to overthrow the government. As Aizawa goes deeper into Tokyo’s underworld, he meets Masaru Ryusaki, the leader of the Kusanagi Society and a key figure in a vast conspiracy involving the Imperial Japanese Army. Aizawa must thwart Ryusaki’s plot or risk Japan being thrown into chaos.

The exciting prequel to the Reiko Watanabe/Inspector Aizawa series, Conspiracy in Tokyo dives into an often-overlooked period in Japanese history filled with danger and intrigue.

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Sully is 6’6″ and 260 lbs. of mean cop – complete with a cybernetic right eye and left hand. He has no use for corrupt politicians, killers, and idiots. All of that tough exterior and blunt demeanour hides a heart of gold.


Sent to the developing planet Beta Prime to clean up its corruption and crime, Sullivan is saddled with a wet behind the ears rookie detective for a partner. An already difficult job is made more so by the haunting presences of a mysterious young woman.

A crazed serial killer and the theft of life saving drugs are just the start of Sullivan’s troubles. Betrayal by his own police force just might finish him off.

Faced with solving multiple crimes at once to save himself, who can Sullivan trust in his new home, the eternally cold Capital City?

  • an ex-con cabbie
  • a priest who knows too much about crime
  • the owner of a neighborhood tavern and diner with a shady past
  • a mysterious beauty who haunts Sullivan from his past
  • his idealistic and naive young partner
Desperate for redemption for mistakes in his past, can Sullivan even trust himself?

The debut novel from K.C. Sivils, The Predator and The Prey is a crime thriller set in the gritty urban setting of Capital City 200 years in the future. Fans of cross-genre storytelling such as Joss Wheadon’s space westerns and Alex P. Berg’s Urban Fantasy/Crime noir stories should enjoy the adventures of Inspector Thomas Sullivan as he seeks to deliver justice to the innocent citizens of Capital City and the planet Beta Prime.

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“The fear he has created lingers, and it will do so for some time.”


The once peaceful town of Little Green has been rocked by a series of murders. Three residents of the town have been killed, and the killer always chooses the 13th day of the month to commit his foul crimes. Soon after, another body is inevitably found. As the next 13th day approaches and the town braces itself for another death, residents are fearful. They ask: “who is the killer?” and “will I be next?”

For the residents of Little Green, the killings are both horrific and captivating. They spread their theories across social media, invoking everything from government conspiracies to urban legends. But 17-year-old Shelley Matheson is certain those theories are wrong. No one believes Shelley, so she must search for evidence to support her theory; a search which will put her firmly in the frame as the killer’s next potential victim.

From international bestselling Crime Fiction and Murder Mystery author Laura Greene comes The 13th Day, a thrilling small-town mystery that will keep you at the edge of your seat from start to finish.

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Katie Boles finds her life turned upside when she finds a dead body on her driveway. The mysterious death is reminiscent of the work of a serial killer who terrorized Katie’s hometown five years ago. The police arrested Katie’s brother for the murders, but the trial and her brother’s behavior left her with plenty of questions.

After a second killing nearby, Katie is afraid that the Shock Killer, the man who had forced her into hiding, was back to involve her in the second round of murders. Even more frightening is the fact that Katie might have to come face-to-face with her brother and learn the truth of the murders.

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Detective Chance must solve a murder. Locksmith Cassie was at the scene at the time. He cant believe Cassie’s involved. But can he prove it?


Cassie Jenning’s job as a small-town locksmith often puts her in odd and scary situations.

In this story, she was behind the Lilliput Bar when the owner was shot. Now Sheriff Ben would like nothing better than to solve the case quickly by arresting her.

Homicide Detective Chance Martin burned out on violence in Minneapolis, so took a small town job thinking he’d find peace. Instead, he’s in charge of solving this murder. He meets Cassie and can’t believe she’s involved. But can he prove it?

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It’s never too late for love or suspense.


The entire Stone family is home in Flint River for Christmas the first time in over ten years. Mary Stone couldn’t be happier. The holiday season brings her a new love as well, in the form of Elijah Jefferson.

Everything is as it should be until a young woman goes missing and there is a robbery at the Gem Emporium. Mary never imagined the events that took place over of the next several days, nor did she know how necessary her particular brand of wisdom would be.

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What do you do when love is standing between you and the country you vowed to protect?


It’s like breathing. I don’t even need to try.

I was born to be a Navy Seal.
I knew it was my calling and wasted no time in joining up.
My training. My missions. My team.
I love every bit of it.
But I never knew I would ever want this…
A calm, quiet day. Away from it all, including my brothers.

Just to be with her. Bree.
The thought of her name makes my knees weak.
How could someone have so much power over me?
The navy didn’t prepare me for this.
And I never thought making a choice could be so hard.
What do you do when love is standing between you and the country you vowed to protect?

War brought me in. Will love push me out?

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Can a paranormal scientist discover what is behind deaths in Amazona?


Mysterious disappearances connected to paranormal activities are reported in Brazil. No one knows what is behind these weird occurrences, and it is up to Jake to find out. Jake is a paranormal scientist who devoted his life to discovering paranormal and occult creatures and solving unexplained mysteries. He had many expeditions in his career, but this will be his most dangerous one. 

Can Jake find out what is behind the mysterious deaths and stay alive while exploring the wild Amazona? 

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A thrilling mystery with suspense and romance


Heading toward the capital of Malawi, three foreign aid workers, are forced to stop for an unauthorized roadblock set up by rural villagers.

After the villagers converge upon the vehicle, they pull one of the workers from the SUV and execute their ruthless savagery.

As journalists Leo Bronson and Vivian Thomas investigate the aid worker’s brutal death, they uncover a heinous plot born of rumors, rage, and a centuries-old superstition involving bloodsuckers.

But, did the villagers attack because they feared the worker wanted their blood? Or, could they have been coerced into carrying out the violent act?

If you love a thrilling mystery with danger and a touch of romance, then you’ll enjoy The Secret Rival! Start reading today!

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Prequel to the Award Winning Citizen Warrior Series, Now Being Adapted for a Feature Film


Would you break the law to protect the people and country you love?
Lessons learned by a young Carter Thompson growing up in post-World War II America teach him when to take a stand. 
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A young widow. A deadly search. When the tables are turned, who will survive?


A year after her fiancé’s tragic death, geologist Cassidy Kincaid is working on the flank of Costa Rica’s Volcán Arenal when a call from an estranged family member turns her world upside-down. Cassidy’s stepbrother, Reeve, has gone missing in the nearby party town of Tamarindo.

But going after Reeve isn’t so easy, and brings back the guilt of abandoning him years ago. Knowing she can’t turn her back on Reeve this time, and believing the victory of finding him might make her strong again, Cassidy sets off to find him.

However, as the mystery draws her deeper into the darkest corners of paradise, Cassidy discovers a shocking truth about the stepbrother she never understood. Can she unlock his terrifying secret in time to save herself, or will the forces working against her bring her down first? 

If you like heart-thumping action, exotic settings, and broken heroines, then you’ll love this dark and suspenseful mystery. Download Rescuing Reeve to devour this addictive series starter today!

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An original zombie thriller


Virus Z the series. Before the outbreak. Book one. A short story.
Emma Johnson is 12 years old. She lives with her aunt and her two cousins as her parents died when she was 2 years old. At home, she is treated more like a servant than a member of the family.
She often thinks about her parents who were both virologists and worked on secret government projects. She wonders what really happened to them. A few theories exist as to the real cause of their disappearance and if they really are dead.
Possessing a keen interest in science, one day she discovers something unusual using the school lab’s microscope. The find startles everyone, especially her science teacher Mrs Norris who tells her to keep the matter a secret for the time being.
Virus Z is an original zombie thriller, unlike any zombie story ever written. In this unique and fascinating adventure, our young protagonist must figure out the mysteries that are beginning to emerge. Agencies around her are hiding secrets upon which hinge the survival of mankind.
Emma must forge alliances and get to the bottom of everything to piece the puzzle together and time is running out. Amid the chaos that ensues and the colossal challenges that lay ahead, she must act swiftly as the fate of the world rests in her hands.

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DCI Bex Wynter may be his only salvation…


A teen accused of murder. A cop running from her past. Is she his only salvation?

Bex thinks she might find peace in London, away from painful reminders of her husband’s death. Instead, she’s met with suspicion and misgiving from her new team who fiercely contest her every move. That doesn’t stop her taking neophyte detective Reuben Richards under her wing as she investigates a teen accused of murder.

She’s about to teach her British cohorts that she’ll never stop fighting for justice. Not for herself, but for those who can’t fight for themselves. But with an investigation yielding more questions than answers, is she fighting for the wrong cause?

You’ll love this realistic police procedural mystery in a shorter package you can binge read in one night!

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A bereaved father, provoked by injustice, decides to avenge his daughter


A dead girl’s body is dumped in a skip. The murderer goes free. Her father ends up in prison. There, he discovers a reason not just to survive the ordeal, but learn from it. Gerry Bright didn’t intend to become a vigilante, but it’s a reason to live.

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How do you kill a man…
who’s already dead?


Internationally bestselling author and
Dragon and Bram Stoker Award finalist
Michaelbrent Collings
brings you a paranormal thriller
with an ending, you’ll never see coming…

Detective Evan White knows this:

his wife is dead,
and he will do anything

to find the man who killed her.

“One of those rare books that deserve more than five stars.”
– Top of the Heap Reviews

So when a stranger calls and says he has information, Evan is more than interested. But within moments of meeting the stranger, it is clear that this may be not merely someone who knows about the killing… he may well be the killer.

“It’s rare to find an ending to a novel that is clever, thought-provoking and surprising, yet here Collings nails all three….” 

– Ravenous Reads

Now Evan and his partner, Angela Listings, are after the killer. A madman who slaughters at a whim. A murderer bent on destroying everything and everyone Evan loves.

“With an ending that will keep you guessing until the last chapter, I would definitely recommend this book…” 

– Horror Drive-In

But the deeper Evan gets into his investigation, the more he begins to question whether he really wants answers. Because the deeper he digs, the more it seems like the man he is hunting… may already be dead.

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Banking can be dull … and deadly!


Stuck in the headquarters of a large London bank, Jane Child’s career is going nowhere. Then her boss becomes a basket case, and suddenly she’s thrust into the limelight.

The new job comes with a new computer, a laptop that contains something more than bank-authorised software. Not only does Jane discover her boss’s tawdry secrets, but she inadvertently stirs the murky waters of the criminal underworld, and some very big, very nasty fish swim out.

Dead Men’s Shoes is a free prequel to the highly-acclaimed Bluebelle Investigations series.

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Don’t ride faster than your guardian angel can fly.


Knoxie Hammett has been The Bare Bones’ tattoo artist for years. He’s just drifted through life, living it large and performing in their Triple Exposure films, recovering from a divorce he never wanted. Suddenly Knoxie has a reason to live and to want to prospect for The Bare Bones outlaw motorcycle club.

He’ll need their help to rescue the lovely Bellamy Jager from the jaws of the cutthroat, warped cult leader who has been holding her hostage all her adult life. To the neglected, abused Bellamy, living in the desert canyons off stolen food and time, the sanctity of the ashram looked like a safe zone. But her haven turned to hell and she was drugged and abused, ignorant of any other way of life.

Knoxie will need every one of his Bare Bones brothers and every ounce of bravery he can muster. To save Bellamy and her white slave sister from the twisted swami, he’ll need to pull off the most daring job of his life to prove to the club and the world that he’s…BAD TO THE BONES. Don’t ride faster than your guardian angel can fly.

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FIVE KNIVES welds the intensity of Jack Bauer’s “24” to the scorching heat of THE GIRL WHO KICKED THE HORNET’S NEST. 

“The author is a great talent.” — Aaron C. Brown, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer 

When a man plummets to his death from an apartment tower, Will Finch’s shock soon becomes a nightmare. As he studies the open windows above the corpse, Finch notices a lamp blinking erratically behind a drawn curtain on the eleventh floor. 

When he investigates the distress signal, Finch discovers a woman handcuffed to a bedpost. Over the following week, he uncovers a conspiracy that ties the murder to a series of bombshells. The victim’s bankruptcy. A global stock fraud. A murder spree that began in Baghdad and is now haunting the citizens of San Francisco. Is this the work of a serial killer, a copycat — or both?  

Readers love FIVE KNIVES:

“A great read. Action that does not let up until the end. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for their next novel.”—A. Patterson

“Don’t count on starting it and then putting it down! A page-turner.”—Ed B.

“A good mystery on its own, but if you have ever read any of the other of the series this one will fill in the gaps about how Will began.”—R. Jack

“Good story with believable characters. Very entertaining.”—Kec

“This story shows the darker side of human nature and how to bring the bad guys to justice. I loved the book. It’s a quick read.”—Darcy Y.

“A definite winner! A very believable book. If you haven’t read any of the series, start with this one, you won’t be sorry.” — L. Day

“Will Finch is not a superhero, but he is a man with a soul. Anyone tempted to read just one of the Will Finch series, start with this one.”—E. I. Hood

“Very believable. The plot is very exciting, with some excellent action to keep it rolling on at a great pace.”—Godiva

High-intensity tension that pulls the reader towards the breaking point.”—W. Scott

Five Stars. “Does the five knives pattern have a hidden meaning… more deaths coming?”—Bev

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Another Harry Porter type series. The Chosen Child is identified and the slaughter begins to get rid of the child before she grows.

Get your FREE copy of Onslaught 1 (Vitrian Secrets Series)

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Another Harry Porter type series. The Chosen Child is identified and the slaughter begins to get rid of the child before she grows.


The extraordinary gift of some Vitrian children identified as children connect to The Chosen child has brought the wrath of an evil force that is determined to wipe the gifts and prophecy of The Chosen away. Onslaught 1, explains the saga around the children and Wanda Troms’ life when the thriller and mystery started almost fifteen years ago. It is a prequel to The Healing Méndez and it recaps the mayhem around the paranormal and love-stricken life that Wanda Troms and a lot of the Vitrian children had to face. The children with the extraordinary gift of The Chosen must be protected, but can anyone protect the children from the evil unleashed on them?

Onslaught 1 describes the ordeal that the Vitrian children and their parents had to go through to make sure the children survived. Who would survive and how far would a mother or father go to save their child.

The Vitrian Secrets is filled with suspense and unexpected twist. It is a young adult novel that any age from ten and upwards would enjoy. The suspense in the story and the series will keep you reading all night.

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What do you do when your partner goes missing and you become the prime suspect?


Set in the sprawling metropolis of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Living with Saci tells the story of Teresa da Silva, overweight, depressed, drink dependent, and her struggles in the city, estranged from her daughter who lives with her ex-husband in England. Teresa seems to be constantly dealt a bad hand, and she wonders whether the mischievous character from Brazilian folklore, Saci, might have something to do with it. Events seem to be taking a turn for the positive when she meets Felipe who asks her to marry him, but when he disappears, Teresa finds that she is the object of suspicion.

Book Cover

A gritty tale of bent pride, fighting and loss in small-town England


Adam Smith’s star is on the rise – he’s a talented young rugby player with a wife, a child on the way and a future. He also likes a fight. All that is about to change when a drunken Saturday night leads to a confrontation with a man who is prepared to go the distance – at any cost.

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A young boy wakes up from a nightmare and knows he is someone else.


His terrified mother is sure that her son is possessed.

Sara Caine has done everything to quash her paranormal gifts, wanting nothing to do with that world. She’s pushed away everyone who helped her, especially Father Johan Luken.

When Sara Caine and the small family collide in a Venice, California alleyway, the paths of their lives inextricably change course as they delve deeper into the mystery of the missing soul.

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Can a Hard-Boiled P.I. survive in today’s world? Can a dead man tell a tale?


Summoned early one morning, to an apartment by the NYPD, Gabriel Storm learns his best friend, Broadway producer Scotty Granger, is dead. Police say Granger was murdered in a botched burglary attempt. Unwilling to accept the NYPD’s take on the crime, Storm pursues the mysterious killer into the underbelly of Broadway’s high finance, the dangerous world of pimps, gangsters, the Mafia and through the halls of the U.S. Senate, where he learns how even a dead man cannot keep a secret.

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One woman’s journey from oblivion to recovery


A troubled relationship, a damaged past and a bottle of wine mixed together make a volatile cocktail for Sophie.

Her journal documents the destructive descent into the grips of alcohol addiction. Full of suspense, as life takes its toll. Is she too trusting? Can she save her friend in time?

Sophie Brown likes to work hard and play hard. Trapped in a relationship she can’t escape from, alcohol becomes her only companion. Unable to accept she has a problem, she becomes increasingly dependent on booze. Full of remorse and afraid of her own behaviour, Sophie finally agrees to accept help and enters rehab, where the road to recovery begins. Hoping for a safe haven, not everyone is as they seem. Then one of her friends disappears, and Sophie is up against time to find and save her.
Sometimes harrowing, sometimes poignant, this funny yet sad novel shows you a real glimpse into what happens when the life of a promising, talented young woman spirals out of control. 

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A man wakes up with no memory…and an insatiable craving to kill.


“Hudgins is a Horror-Meister to reckon with!”
VICTOR MILLER – Writer of Friday the 13th

If you like quick reads, this is the author for you!

Steve Hudgins uses a screenplay/novel hybrid writing style that keeps the descriptive portions of the story brief, allowing the narrative to push forward at a rapid pace. 


Becky is about to be raped and likely murdered, but is rescued by a towering man dressed in black. Unbeknownst to her, the man had been hiding in the back seat of her car. The man has no memory and asks Becky for help…concealing from her his true intentions. 

As Becky attempts to uncover the mystery behind her protector’s identity she finds herself plummeting down a rabbit hole of serial killers, escaped lunatics and shadow government conspiracies. 

Can she discover the truth and will she be sorry if she does? 

“Hollywood should take note of Hudgins’ ability to weave clever and surprising plots!” 
Book Cover

Detective Shelby Griffin is sworn to serve and protect the city of Los Angeles. That doesn’t mean that she has to like it.


Actually, Shelby hates LA, and she can’t wait to get out of here and return to her hometown in Rhode Island. For now, though, she needs this job, and she works the streets every day with her partner Trevor Morris. There’s no shortage of cases, either. Shelby’s neighbourhood is on the very brink of an all-out gang war, and it’ll take just one spark to light the tinder-dry atmosphere. That spark comes in the form of a dead gangster who might just prove to be the catalyst for a gang war that could kill hundreds and cause devastating collateral damage. Or does it?

When Shelby discovers that the murder is not what it seems, she’s determined to find the real killer, but a kidnapping turns the whole case on its head. The murder Shelby is investigating has led to a terrible choice. Either way, people die. And if she doesn’t find the killer and stop him, those people could include Morris. The vigilante roaming the streets makes life even more complicated for LA’s most reluctant detective as she fights back in this fast-paced first instalment of a five-book series.

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A travelling anesthesiologist discovers death, intrigue and a drug counterfeiting scheme while on assignment in a ski town in Oregon.


Taryn Pirelli is a Seattle-based, travelling anesthesiologist on assignment in Bend, Oregon. When patients under her care inexplicably end up dead, her justified questions are brushed under the rug by the hospital administration. Told to focus on her job, uneasiness and tension plague Taryn.

Blake Myers has come to Bend with his trusty 9 mm by his side and a mind to find a missing friend, an anesthesiologist who hasn’t been heard from since he accepted his latest assignment.

Blake and Taryn’s paths cross and sparks fly as they begin to investigate their mutual interests. Endless administrative red tape, an environment akin to ‘don’t ask, don’t tell,’ and the reality that no one is exactly as they appear force Blake and Taryn to assemble a vigilant team of allies to uncover secretive players in a deadly game of deceit.

Together they stumble upon a growing flood of counterfeit drugs flowing out of Bend and a scheme that involves big money and bigger risk for anyone who threatens the operation. Working undercover, they learn that Blake’s friend had fallen prey to a horrible truth and Taryn’s life is also at risk.

 Romance and suspense collide in this medical thriller.

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Get your FREE Review copy of Devour

A celebrity chef’s family is threatened and his life tossed into darkness after he rejects someone from his past.


Master Chef Michael Rogan owns a world-renowned restaurant, is married to his college sweetheart, and has a daughter beginning college. His life is as picturesque as their mountaintop retreat overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.

That is until Frederick Dalton, an old Army buddy turned Warden at San Quentin, drifts in from the past with an odd request. He will release Michael’s estranged father—serving time on Death Row for the murder of his wife 30 years ago—in exchange for one small favor. Michael declines.

Michael’s life is once again disrupted when his estranged brother Scott arrives unexpectedly looking for a job. Michael reluctantly agrees and things soon head sideways.

Scott is found dead in the restaurant’s freezer, with a knife in his chest. Police want to believe Michael’s alibi, but the facts say otherwise.

Charged with murder, and facing his father’s same nightmarish confinement, Michael must face his worst nightmare and choose how far he will go to regain his freedom.

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There’s a mysterious murder hiding in the darkness… and it knows your weakness.

Recently returned home, Detective Claire finds herself in the craziest situation, she thinks she can escape the craziness of a quiet island, but she now finds herself up against the monster.

She is close to you. She’s spent years honing her craft.

This is no ordinary killer; she seems to stalk her prey. More importantly, Claire can’t shake this feeling, that this killer is around her, and knows the victims well.

Will Claire be able to stop the killer in time before he strikes?
Can she find out who killed her brother?
Can save the island’s people?

If you like suspense mystery books, then you will love The Scent of Bones.

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Disaster All Starts With HIM…


Disaster all starts with him…a nurse with a hell of a darkened past.

William Heaton, tried to bury his past. A new career, a new start, a new name but when he is unexpectedly reunited with a woman connected to the dead, things quickly change.

Dangerous information connected to a disastrous viral outbreak can get into the wrong hands, a not so trustworthy cop who is willing to count the bodies when the worst happens.

William is forced to decide to leave it all behind again or stop it all from killing everyone including the only person he can trust.

How much is he willing to risk his own life to save another and stop a disaster that can kill thousands? How will he stop the most dangerous threat of all? Himself.

Find out in this new page turning suspense by author Lauren Schultz.

“The Last Consort was a fantastic read, as the author had me biting my nails from the first page right down to the last. The mystery in the book was so gripping that it had me desperately turning the pages to find out more. Furthermore, I must commend the author on her exquisite writing and her excellent use of dialogue. Indeed, some parts of the book felt as though I were in a movie, the writing so vivid and real.”

The Last Consort: Escape is a romantic and suspenseful work that details the story of a man with a complicated past who must prevent the wrong information from getting into the wrong hands. This book is highly entertaining and has very well developed characters. It was also extremely suspenseful and I didn’t want to put it down once I started. If you want an entertaining read, then I highly recommend The Last Consort: Escape

Download your copy of the first book of an engaging, page-turning new series that will keep you wanting to find out what happens next! 

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Hunting The Kobra


No one is who they seem to be. No one at all…
When her lover and partner, Denis, dies in a random terrorist bombing, Quinn craves answers no one can give her.

An international businessman, Elijah Aslan, who says he once knew Denis well, seems to need the same answers. He alone understands Quinn’s pain.

Yet Aslan is not the simple businessman he appears to be. Flagged by the CIA, Aslan’s contact with Quinn sends up alarms and thrusts Quinn into the middle of an affair with unseen roots in Denis’ past, and with world-shaking consequences if Quinn doesn’t play her part perfectly…

This romantic thriller is the first book in the Project Kobra series.

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ADA Alastair Maddox is at the top his game in Prohibition Chicago where mobs paint the town red with blood. Despite being beaten, shot, and almost killed by the mob, Alastair continues his war on the city’s criminal underworld.

But when his former police chief comes in asking Alastair’s help with what he call a “bizarre case,” Alastair can’t help but be interested.

The woman in the red dress sitting in the interrogation room is beyond beautiful. Confronting her feels like standing in the presence of a predator.

Alastair soon stares down the face of death, but he soon learns, death isn’t as permanent as he’s been led to believe.

Obsession. Lust. Murder. A dark thirst.

It all awaits in the lawless streets of Vampire Chicago.

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Do What You’re Told? Or Do the Right Thing?


Do what’s right? Or do what you’re told?
Chris Collins had it all. Great job as Deputy Director of the CIA, a loving wife at home, and a really nice boat until…

It all went away in a flash.

The CIA’s best Deputy Director, Chris Collins had it all. And then came the case that made him go rogue. After his last successful bust ended with two gun-smuggling, drug-running, crooked politicians behind bars … he thought he could close the file.

But the higher-ups in the cartel had other plans. And before Collins knew it, he was headed south of the Southernmost Point in the Continental United States … without a game plan, without the blessing of the CIA, on his own. (Except for Ned. There was always Ned.)

Chris Collins just can’t catch a break. Read all about it in the prequel to the hit Chris Collins CIA Thriller series. You’ll laugh some, you’ll cry some, you’ll hold your breath, and then you’ll hope to hell he survives for another adventure.

Readers of James Rollins, Matthew Reilly, and Mark Dawson will LOVE this series. Pick up a copy, put the phone on silent, and lock the door – this is going to be an all-nighter!

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The Devil is in the details, they said. 
A man is driven by methodical madness, sitting out on his front lawn, chanting and singing the songs of old taught to him by shamans and witch doctors throughout the land. Each song inspiring the demon that lived inside him to awaken, to beckon him and end the suffering of those in need. 
In his mind, deluded chaos struck without contempt. He clung to a self-righteousness unknown to any. Proverbial goodwill that extended beyond life, beyond death, and whispered the virtues of a better tomorrow, while today he committed sins most foul. 
But when even he had no understanding of his unique state, his broken and deranged mentality, there were no measures to ensure the safety of others.

Book Cover

An Epic Magical Fantasy Romance Novel


For as long as she could remember Freya Lachlan’s grandmother was the DreamWatcher, the guardian of the people of Inverness who stood watch over their dreams and protected them from the evils that inhabited them and the wrath of angered Gods. 

But Moira Lachlan is an old woman now and her powers have weakened considerably. Now a new terror stalks the people she once protected, a demon from Hell known as the Nuckelavee.

Unable to keep on protecting the villagers, Moira knows that the time has come to pass the power to her granddaughter, hoping that Freya will have inherited sufficient knowledge from her to be their savior.

It’s more frightening and dangerous than anything Freya has ever known, but soon she was drawn to a man in her dream, Camdyn Auchten, a fearless young man who also possesses a power that was passed down from his grandfather, who died fighting the Nuckelavee.

Together, the two of them are determined to find a way to save their people just as they begin to fall for one another. But do they have sufficient power to beat the demon that stalks their people? Or are they destined to fail like many more before them?

Book Cover

Illusive Storm: A Murder Mystery Suspense Thriller


A storm, a group of strangers, a murder, and one question—who’s next?

Forced into a motel to shelter from a storm, the group couldn’t be more different; a family on the brink of collapse, a man with a dark secret, a bankrupt private investigator with a gambling problem, a priest searching for his brother, a couple of friends, the counter clerks… none of them seem capable of murder. But with a body on the floor and suspicions mounting, it’s time to figure out who the killer is before someone else winds up dead.

Is the heavily tattooed and pierced up man the killer? He’s clearly hiding something.

Everyone turns to the P.I. for answers. With the cell towers down, her best advice is for everyone to stay in their rooms until the storm is over and they can call in help. So when hormones take over and a tryst leads two of them to make out in the lobby, the pair is stunned to see familiar faces on T.V. Apparently they also have armed criminals in their midst…

When the storm passes, it will all be much clearer — or crazier.

Book Cover

Would you listen to a kid when death is on the line?


Olivia Torres is bored to tears living with her grandmother as a teen full-timer in an RV park. The local’s gossip is her only form of entertainment until she discovers her neighbor dead in a closet at the park potluck. Now, Olivia is determined to use what she knows to figure out what happened. But which adults can she trust? And will they listen to a kid when death is on the line?

Book Cover

Murder And Suspense In The Steamy Side Of San Francisco


Detectives Chase, Max, Ryder and Hunter put their lives on the line to find the murderer of an innocent woman in gritty San Francisco.

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Born in England before The Beatles became famous. I worked in the printing and allied trades, starting as a compositor, anyone remembers those? Eventually grafting as an editor. Twenty years on a lifestyle magazine. With my wife and children, we have lived in Thailand for over thirty years, and love it. Now? I write thrillers, with a touch of humour. 'No Worries' series, book number one, 'Not Far Enough From Worries' book two, 'Worry No More' published at the end of 2018. 'Children With No Worries' was released in August 2019. All published with Book number 4, as yet unnamed is being written, it's about Thai black magic. Dark thrills!

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