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Nicholas Sharp knew there would be blood on his hands. It was just a question of how much.

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Nicholas Sharp knew there would be blood on his hands. It was just a question of how much.

The death of a child and her mother, or the loss of countless thousands. Sharp is ordered to choose, but the former Marine Sniper gave up following orders long ago.

         Turning his back on the military system that turned him into a killer when he shot an innocent man, Sharp is grateful to have now found refuge in a career as a successful musician. But while he is preparing to back well-known former rock star Robbie West on a USO tour of Iraq, a close friend and her daughter disappear.

Nicholas Sharp has survived by not believing in coincidence.

He is now compelled to act.

One wrong decision, one misstep, and the consequences could be disastrous.

Somewhere between Lee Child’s Jack Reacher and Robert Crais’ Elvis Cole, Nicholas Sharp may be a flawed human, but you certainly want him on your side.

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When the place you run to… is the one place you can’t escape.

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“[A] truly terrifying story….” – Scream Magazine

You wake up in the morning to discover that you have been sealed into your home. 

“Top-notch creepy, a win all the way!” – The Horror Fiction Review

The doors are locked, the windows are barred. THERE’S NO WAY OUT.

“[Strangers is] something even Alfred Hitchcock himself would be proud of.” –

A madman is playing a deadly game with you and your family. A game with no rules, only consequences. 

“Collings’ most penetrating book.” –

So what do you do? Do you run? 

“[K]eeps you enthralled from page to page” – Horror Drive-in

Do you hide?

“[S]pine-tingling, edge-of-the-chair suspense.” – Hellnotes


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Newly joined Siamese twins – work that one out!

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A thriller set in Thailand.

This is the sequel to the popular ‘Not Far Enough From Worries’. Kev and Skylab pit their wits against Camilla, the beautiful but ruthless lesbian.

This dark novel starts in Hua Hin, a sleepy seaside town in Thailand. “Not much ever happens there.” Don’t you believe it! A thriving gambling hub, wives kill husbands to raise a stake for the next turn of a card. Never owe the debt-collector or his mother. You may be set alight!

Kev and Skylab are now the guardians of a very talented child, amongst other skills, he can tell if you are lying, making Kev very nervous, fortunately, the only person Nick will talk to is Camilla’s daughter, Philippa. That ability is useful if you want a casino.

Characters to avoid on a dark night are Mik and Mak, Thai twins, yes, real Siamese Twins. You’ll have to think about that comment. Their ‘friend’ Randy has some mental issues. He ends up missing part of his body!

The action moves to Bangkok for a fast, hard-hitting surprise. Horror when you don’t expect it!

This is book two in the ‘No Worries’ series. Book 3 ‘Children With No Worries’, published in 2019.


“Siamese twins?”

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A thrilling mystery with suspense and romance

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Heading toward the capital of Malawi, three foreign aid workers, are forced to stop for an unauthorized roadblock set up by rural villagers.

After the villagers converge upon the vehicle, they pull one of the workers from the SUV and execute their ruthless savagery.

As journalists Leo Bronson and Vivian Thomas investigate the aid worker’s brutal death, they uncover a heinous plot born of rumors, rage, and a centuries-old superstition involving bloodsuckers.

But, did the villagers attack because they feared the worker wanted their blood? Or, could they have been coerced into carrying out the violent act?

If you love a thrilling mystery with danger and a touch of romance, then you’ll enjoy The Secret Rival! Start reading today!

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The Mummifier´s Daughter returns us to the land of pyramids, mummies and pharaohs.

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Egypt, 1233 BC …

This is young Neti-Kerty‘s dream: To follow in her father’s footsteps and become the first female mummifier in all of Egypt. Shabaka, the secretive Prefect, the Pharaoh’s special envoy charged with combating crime in the capital of the Pharaoh’s empire, also often makes use of Neti Kerty’s special talents. With her powers of deduction and knowledge of the dead, she has already helped solve many crimes.

But then the unimaginable happens. Her parents are cruelly murdered, and Neti-Kerty’s small, idyllic world shatters. Together with Prefect Shabaka, she embarks on the search for her parents‘ murderer. Surviving many shared adventures, they stumble upon a monstrous conspiracy …

The Mummifier’s Daughter carries us back to a land steeped in gods, god-kings, ritual and magic. It paints for the reader a detailed picture of Pharaonic Egypt in all its shadowed glory. Faithfully recreating one of the most remarkable eras in Egypt’s history, bestselling author Nathaniel Burns weaves a shudderingly ominous tale of ancient Egypt’s mysteries with a cast of characters the modern reader will recognize even though millenia have passed.

So light up the incense, sit close to the light and draw back the curtains on the shadowed past with this gripping tale of love and intrigue among the living and the dead in one of history’s most intriguing civilizations …

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Get your FREE copy of Death at Sunset Pines

Would you listen to a kid when death is on the line?


Olivia Torres is bored to tears living with her grandmother as a teen full-timer in an RV park. The local’s gossip is her only form of entertainment until she discovers her neighbor dead in a closet at the park potluck. Now, Olivia is determined to use what she knows to figure out what happened. But which adults can she trust? And will they listen to a kid when death is on the line?

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Short Scary Stories to play with your mind…

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Short Scary Stories to play with your mind…

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From Amazon`s bestselling Author!

Horrors Next Door is a collection of Short Scary Stories which will arouse your senses and puzzle your mind. 
Some of the stories are inspired by true events. Find out which ones inside this scary collection.

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When Prey Becomes Predator

Get your FREE copy of I, Survivor: An Alexandria Ridley Vigilante Thriller


When you said I could never escape, I knew I would.

When you told me all hope was lost, I knew it was not.

When you declared you would kill me soon, I knew I would kill you first.

I am Alexandria Ridley.

I am a survivor.

And I am coming for you.

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Curiosity is not always a good thing. Remember what happened to the cat?

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It took five years, but Cicely Breckton has finally gotten on with her life after the sudden death of her husband. She and her young son have everything: a stable home life, a good income and each other.

But one day a shocking new secret emerges and changes everything. When a strange message indicates that her husband is alive, she’s urged to stay patient and quiet while he seeks a way to return. But his mysterious captors have other plans. They want all possible witnesses dead — including Cicely and her young son.

Will Cicely find out the truth regarding her husband’s whereabouts before the captors find her family and silence them forever?

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At home we are safe. At home, nothing can hurt us.  But home no longer exists; it belongs to a different world. Home is now a roof and four walls. Home is a trap where you sit waiting for the killer. Home has abandoned you, betrayed you. It is where people die. Where people go after a long day at work, and where people are found dead and mutilated. Home is murderous, violent, and unregretting. It is sick, it is inhumane, but it is life, and it is all we have.

Get your FREE copy of Concerning Death


Concerning Death is an exploration of death in all its aspects: knowing you are about to die, watching someone else die, dealing with grief, and murder. All of this in a thriller setting where a serial killer haunts New York and manipulates the FBI as if they were pieces on a chessboard. Join Nicaa as she must find the strength to survive, or face the alternative. 

No More HeroesRoo I MacLeod

A dead body dumped in wasteland. Curious.

A devastating bomb attack in the town square. Tragic.

But what’s the connection? Ben Jackman, a vagrant, but he’s not giving out any clues

Ben Jackman’s world has gone mad. Riots and looting have brought soldiers onto the streets. Terrorism is the norm. And the boy who married his childhood sweetheart, the boy he once called a friend, wants him to babysit a long black sports bag jam-packed full of trouble.

When his ex-friend is found dead, battered and dumped in the vacant land adjoining Ben’s squat, the Law and the owners of the bag invade Ben’s world looking to ask questions.

He turns to his childhood sweetheart but that is his first mistake. Losing the bag is his second.

Ben must find the bag, find the killers of his old friend, and live happily ever after with the girl. Alas, two out of three is the best he can hope for.

No More Heroes, #1 Dystopian Thriller Heroes Series. If you love fast-paced adventure, engaging characters, a load of intrigue with a dystopian setting to wet your pants, then you’ll love the first installment of Roo I Macleod’s page-turning thriller series.

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When Harvey Beckett discovers a body in a neighborhood garage, she has no idea how much that moment will shift everything in her world.

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Not everyone can be grateful for a murder, but Harvey Beckett almost can. With the help of her friends and her own gumption to make some changes in her life, Harvey sleuths out the killer . . . and her own adventure.

If you enjoy cozy mysteries, inspiring woman sleuths, and the city of San Francisco, you’ll love A Novel Crime. Enjoy this prequel for the St. Marin’s Cozy Mystery series set in a waterside town in Maryland.

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A shocking and exhilarating new crime thriller for 2019

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“An explosive and visceral debut with the most terrifying of killers. Wes Markin is a new name to watch out for in crime fiction, and I can’t wait to see more of Detective Yorke.” – Bestselling Crime Author Stephen Booth

School should be the safest place in the world. Not this winter.

Detective Michael Yorke faces his most harrowing case yet.

When 12-year-old Paul disappears from school, Yorke’s only clue is a pool of animal blood. Fearing the worst, he turns toward the most obvious suspect, recently released local murderer, Thomas Ray.

But as the snow in Salisbury worsens, Ray’s mutilated body is discovered, and Yorke is left with no choice but to journey into the sinister heart of a demented family that has plagued the community for generations. Can he save the boy? Or will the evil he discovers change him forever?

The shocking and exhilarating new crime thriller will have you turning the pages late into the night.

Read what everyone is saying about One Last Prayer for the Rays

‘A pool of blood, an abduction, swirling blizzards, a haunting mystery, yes, Wes Markin’s One Last Prayer for the Rays has all the makings of an absorbing thriller. I recommend that you give it a go.’– Bestselling Author Alan Gibbons 

Wes Markin has created a really high energy novel that I just want to rave about everywhere.’ Jessica Rachow, 5 stars

‘It’s a stunning book, and a true testament to wonderful crime writing.’ Radzy Writes, 5 stars

Bam it’s go go go and it feels like you are on a rollercoaster that you don’t know if it is ever going to end.’ Zoe-Lee O’Farrell, Zooloo’s book diary, 5 stars.

‘Having just finished this book my head is still reeling, and my heart is still thumping,’ Goodreads Reviewer,5 stars

 ‘Jeez Louise, the opener hit bull’s eye straight away and nothing could stop me from being dragged into the story,’ Els, B for Bookreview, 5 stars

‘A WOW evoking opening and keeps the wows coming throughout. Shocking and at times disturbing, this is an intensedisconcerting and gripping tale.’ Bookworms Corner Blog Spot, 5 stars

‘One Last Prayer For The Rays is a dark and chilling read. There were lots of parts that are left to the imagination that shocked and horrified me but I so enjoyed them all.’ Sarah Hardy, By the letter book reviews.

‘An incredibly strong debut… I actually mistook it for one that an author with more published stories behind them would write. There was a moment when I thought wow, I’d so love to read everything this author has written – and I went on Goodreads to see what else is out there. That’s how good it is.’ Dora, Swift Coffee Blog, 5 stars.

‘It’s twisty, dark, gritty, gripping and exciting, the characters are eclectic, complex, sinister, deeply flawed but wow do they get under your skin,’ Dash Fan Book Reviews, 5 stars.

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A street magician is murdered, a knife sticking from his chest. Can a NYPD rookie use her unique talents to find a killer?

Get your FREE copy of Death By Deception


Prophecy “Pro” Thompson is a NYPD uniformed officer, with a routine that consists of traffic stops and cordoning off areas so the detectives can do their job. However, at one crime scene, Pro and her partner find a street performer stabbed through the heart and Pro decides to work the case in her free time.

During her investigation, Pro meets another street magician Jamie Tobin, a charming Irishman who tries to amaze her but becomes more interested in romancing her.

Can Pro help the detectives solve the case? Is Jamie a fast-talking charlatan or someone who really is interested in love?

If you enjoy a kick-ass female protagonist, and a story mixed with crime, romance and comedy, you will love this fast-paced novella by Debra Snow. 

This novella introduces the new series Murder By Misdirection.

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Get your FREE copy of Sinners’ Retreat


Five couples are barricaded inside of an old Victorian home in an isolated vineyard. Lured there with the promise of a relaxing retreat, they quickly learn the organizer has ulterior motives. While ten “innocent” people have walked willingly into this retreat, not all of them will have the ability to walk out. One by one each of the guests are forced to describe which of the Seven Deadly sins they have committed. The leader of this charade wants them to pay for those sins with their life. Because this is a game for sinners. And sinners must die.

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They thought theyd lived through hell. Until it came calling from the grave


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The gripping DCI Kett Crime Thrillers start here, with a deadly killer, a brutal blood debt, and a secret that will change DCI Kett’s life forever…

Get your FREE copy of Cry Baby: A DCI Robert Kett Novella


DCI Robert Kett is about to have the worst day of his life.

The city is a Furnace, nine million people losing their minds in an unprecedented heatwave. Somebody is strangling young men on London’s buses and trains, and Kett must find the killer before the capital descends into chaos.

But that’s not all he has to worry about. An old enemy is out for revenge, and with a price on his head, danger is everywhere.

London is burning, but if Kett’s not careful then it’s his life—and the lives of those he loves most—that’s about to go up in flames…

Discover the events that led up to PAPER GIRLS in this official DCI Kett Novella from bestselling author Alex Smith.

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Who knew death could be so eclectic?

Get your FREE copy of Death Among Us: An Anthology of Murder Mystery Short Stories


Who knew death could be so eclectic?

Relish this mesmerizing murder mystery mash-up of short stories.

Murder and mystery have been the staple of literature and films for years. This anthology of short stories will thrill and entertain you. Some will also make you laugh out loud. Others will stop and make you think.

Think of this murder mystery short story anthology as a book version of appetizers or starters, hors d’oeuvre, meze, or antipasti. It can be read as fillers between books or, as is the case in some countries, as a bookish meze – in its own right.

There’s murder mystery styles and locations to suit all tastes: detective fiction, serial killers, scifi, histfic, England, Los Angeles, San Francisco, The Great Lakes, Las Vegas, the Nevada desert, Mexico and more in an exquisite exposition of the art of short story telling.

These stories come from an international cast of ten authors; some with bestselling books, others are emerging or new talents. Their roots, cultures, and life experiences are as diverse as their writing styles.

But one thing binds them together: they know how to tell a story.

The ten authors who have contributed to the anthology are:

Stephen Bentley
Greg Alldredge
Kelly Artieri
Robbie Cheadle
Michael Spinelli
L. Lee Kane
Kay Castaneda
Aly Locatelli
Justin Bauer
Posthumously by ‘G’

The stories include the 2019 SIA Award-Winning Murder Mystery Short Story ‘The Rose Slayer’ by Stephen Bentley.

Each author introduces his or her stories and the theme that lays behind them. By the time you finish the book, you will agree the result is a mesmerizing murder mystery mash-up.

Get it now.

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Can Rebwar smash a sinister cabal before he becomes its next victim?

Get your FREE copy of Rebwar – The Contact


Ex-Iranian soldier and police detective Rebwar hides from his past behind the wheel of his London Uber. But when an enigmatic organisation threatens to expose his identity, he has no choice but to lend them his skills. Clive his contact uses him for his own dirty business. This novella is a prequel to The Missing Partsand the upcoming Rebwar series. If you like hard-boiled detectives, high-stakes conflict, and underground crime stories, you’ll love Ols Schaber’s atmospheric noir.

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Seven-year-old JP Torn witnessed a murder. Eighteen years later he attempts to clear the name of the man wrongfully imprisoned for the murder, only to discover a string of lies that lead to more painful, DEADLY SECRETS.

Get your FREE copy of Deadly Secrets


Seven-year-old JP Torn witnessed a man shot to death. His secret haunted him for eighteen long years. In an attempt to clear the name of the man wrongfully imprisoned for the murder, he discovers an unforgiving brother, and a string of lies that lead to more painful, DEADLY SECRETS.

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An entertaining, fast-paced crime thriller told at its natural length. All action, no filler.

Get your FREE copy of Dilemma


When you are undercover, many want to kill you.

Sicilian Mafia, Thai Mafia, even the CIA, they all want you dead.

Join undercover cop Regan and his steamy female sidekick in this emotion-packed roller coaster of a thriller.

Steve Regan is back and this time he’s alone and undercover in a seedy area of Thailand on the trail of a Texan expatriate, Les Watkins, the biggest drug smuggler in South East Asia.

Using himself as the bait, Regan attempts to score a $50,000 deal with the Thai mafia to get closer to his target.

As he finds himself embroiled deeper into the operation, Regan suspects Watkins may be connected to Regan’s nemesis, ruthless Mafia boss Carlo Vitale, who has fled the United States following a triple bombing and assassination of three crime family heads.

Besides staying alive, Regan has other problems when he suddenly finds himself facing the worst dilemma an undercover cop can face.

Dilemma is an edgy, suspenseful tale with twists and turns plus a sprinkle of romance.

Though Book 2 in the Steve Regan Undercover Cop series, it can be read as a standalone book.

If you are a Reacher or Tom Clancy fan, this book is for you.

Get it now.

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I will show you fear in a handful of dust

Get your FREE copy of Champion


“I will show you fear in a handful of dust.” ~T.S. Eliot

When Just Cause hero Orb is murdered using a new kind of nanotechnology, Mustang Sally will stop at nothing to find and bring to justice his killer. Not even her longtime mentor Juice’s dismissal from his position as team leader can distract Sally from her mission.

A sensational new parahuman named Champion brings old-fashioned morals back to the world, training others to follow in his footsteps and heralding the onset of a new age of heroism. But Champion isn’t all that he seems, and there is a sinister side to his organization. To find Orb’s killer and uncover the motive for his murder, Sally must risk everything that makes her a hero.

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A receipt for two cups of coffee in the gutter near a body leads Detectives Zannos and Wong to the New Delhi Donut shop.

Get your FREE copy of The Donut Shop Murder


Four days before Thanksgiving, the dead body of a paralegal is found dumped on a residential street in Midtown Detroit. A receipt for two cups of coffee in the gutter near her body leads Detectives Zannos and Wong to the New Delhi Donut shop. Questions arise – why was her body moved? Who broke her fingers?

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Detective Shelby Griffin Thriller

Get your FREE copy of Sleepless Night


Detective Shelby Griffin is sworn to serve and protect the city of Los Angeles. That doesn’t mean that she has to like it.

Actually, Shelby hates LA, and she can’t wait to get out of here and return to her hometown in Rhode Island. For now, though, she needs this job, and she works the streets every day with her partner Trevor Morris. There’s no shortage of cases, either. Shelby’s neighborhood is on the very brink of an all-out gang war, and it’ll take just one spark to light the tinder-dry atmosphere. That spark comes in the form of a dead gangster who might just prove to be the catalyst for a gang war that could kill hundreds and cause devastating collateral damage. Or does it?

When Shelby discovers that the murder is not what it seems, she’s determined to find the real killer, but a kidnapping turns the whole case on its head. The murder Shelby is investigating has led to a terrible choice. Either way, people die. And if she doesn’t find the killer and stop him, those people could include Morris. The vigilante roaming the streets makes life even more complicated for LA’s most reluctant detective as she fights back in this fast-paced first installment of a five-book series.

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Get your FREE copy of In the Blood of Justice


A local Sheriff’s daughter gets caught up in a string of murders. Luckily, Anonymous is the only one who can help make her feel safe again. He’s the man destined to take down the worst of the worst.  

In the course to learn about his mysterious past and solve the case, Anonymous must overcome the Sheriff’s hellbent stance on keeping him from taking the lead. The question is—-is it merely pride that has the Sherriff so twisted, or is he perhaps keeping bigger secrets?

From bestselling author John Greyson comes In the Blood of Justice, part one of Anonymous, a thrilling series of short stories about a lost man who’s contracted to kill with no recollection of his past. Follow him in each story and see if he finally solves the mystery behind his identity.

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In Quake City, don’t go down to the docks at night…


Quake City at night. Smugglers at work. A dockworker found dead in the morning. Private investigator Danny Ashford suspects foul play. Investigative reporter Deepa Banwait follows a lead to the docks to land a story. When Danny and Deepa cross paths, trouble mounts.

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A Murder Mystery unfolds as Cyclone Tracy destroys Darwin

Get your FREE copy of Darwin


Mercenaries, misfits and criminals on the run thrived in the chaos that followed Cyclone Tracy in 1974. The perfect environment to turn a mixed-up teenager into an outlaw.

As Aedan struggles with adolescence and school, a cyclone destroys his city and any resemblance of normal life disappears. He leaves home, buys a motorbike and is thrust violently into adulthood, in a wild, lawless environment. Then he meets Eva, the woman of his dreams and a gifted lady who attempts to guide him through the obstacles.

But Darwin is full of very dangerous people and as an impressionable youth, Aedan keeps bad company and is led into violent crime. When their local dealer is murdered, Eva becomes involved, putting both her and Aedan squarely in the crosshairs of a vicious killer, who now has them on his list.

“Aedan and Eva are well-developed characters, strong, and knowledgable. The storyline is well written and has lots of suspense, drama, action, violence, murder, and mystery.” Amazon Reviewer

A murder mystery with a real outback Australian flavour.

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Get your FREE copy of A Sweet Chunk of Madness


Becky’s pastry shop is popular among the natives of Ouna Bay, as well as among the tourists passing by. But Becky’s life is turned upside down when someone puts their eye on her beloved Blue Bay Café.

Who would want her to give up her café? And most importantly, why? Could the new, handsome man in Becky’s life have anything to do with it?

As things heat up and sinister events become the norm, Becky decides to take matters in her own hands.

Join Becky and her best friend, Rosalie, as they try to get to the bottom of this mystery and stop the madness.

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“The only way out is death…”

Get your FREE copy of Sohng: Prisoner of Fate


About The Book

Sohng is an eleven year old, life long prisoner on Arca, held captive by Merciless killers of men, women and children. Given the taste of freedom, clueless and impressionable, Sohng learns of the true horrors of the world he has never seen. Teaming up with powerful alleys against a heartbreakingly unforgiving foe, Sohng soon discovers his tragic and inescapable fate.

About The Series

The Tales of Arca are the stories of our ancestors, the first civilisation of our kind. The first series of this epic fantasy saga, reveals how a war between gods, trapped in the bodies of men, led to the beginnings of all the stories that follow.

The Tales of Arca presents significant ties to ancient human history, an exploration of psychological and spiritual potential, and a magical interpretation of the scientifically bound supernatural.

This is a story for fans of Epic Dark Fantasy Novels, Sci Fi Adventure Novels, Ancient Aliens, UFO or UAP conspiracy theory, Ancient History, Religion, and the Mythology of various countries and cultures around the world.

The Tales of Arca has something truly unique, thanks to its subtle influences of Asian culture, Buddhism, Hinduism, Manga and Anime, 1980’s Cartoons, 1980’s Horror stories, and timeless tales such as; King Arthur, Dracula, and Robin Hood.

The story is introduced by the first in a series of Novellas, short stories that focus on significant characters who appear throughout the plot of the Novels. The Novels pick up from a turning point in Arca’s history, and lead to a startling and ultimately rewarding climax of epic and quite profound proportions.

How to read the series

1. Read The Novella Series (in any order)

Begin your journey along side the most noteworthy characters in the series. These succinct character stories introduce the world of Arca at various points in its history.

2. Now Read The Novels (Books 1 through 8)

Journey with characters old and new as you discover the history of Arca, the importance of its existence and the ultimate conclusion to an epic sage that spans generations.

3. Delve Deeper in Series 2

While you read the Novels, or even after you finish the series, delve deeper into the lives of the characters in the second series of Novellas.

4. Leap into The Future

When you’ve completed the entire series, the story of Arca continues in a new series of stories that connect to the history of Arca and the consequences of it’s conclusion.

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Get your FREE copy of Ice Station Wolfenstein


Sam Cleave, reporter for a small newspaper, has seen better days. After his partner was killed during an undercover investigation, he lost his passion for work and living.

But when a resident of a nearby assisted living home is tortured and murdered in a barbaric manner, he starts investigating. He is especially intrigued when a mysterious box is given to him that belonged to the dead man, but he needs help to interpret what it means.

He teams up with Nina Gould, an expert in World War II history. Soon the two of them realize that they are about to discover one of the best-guarded secrets of the war, It dawns on them that this would be the discovery of a lifetime, a discovery of immeasurable value, and a discovery that men would kill for.

They join an expedition, sponsored by an eccentric billionaire, hunting for gold and breathtaking art buried deep below the Antarctic surface. Instead of gold and stolen art, they find something terrifyingly disturbing beneath the eternal ice.

A team of Nazi scientists has made an amazing discovery. But experiments have gone terribly wrong. The situation gets out of hand, and before long the expedition members find themselves peering into the deepest recesses of the human soul. Nina and Sam realize that their only hope for survival is to unlock the secrets of Ice Station Wolfenstein.

Ice Station Wolfenstein leads the reader on a roller-coaster ride in search of a legend. Packed with breathtaking suspense and nerve-shredding action, Ice Station Wolfenstein is a thrilling read for all fans of action, suspense, and intrigue.

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Get your FREE copy of Hemlock and Hedge


Only a witch would poison a cake.

And only another witch would blackmail the poisoner.

Hazel Salem is the family disappointment.

She isn’t a witch. 

She doesn’t believe in magic.

And she definitely doesn’t want a black cat for a pet.

But when she discovers an unsolved mystery amongst her inheritance, she is forced to accept that ignoring her heritage is no longer an option.

Hazel is determined to reveal a secret that’s stayed hidden for years. 

But the witches of Wormwood have other ideas…

If you love witty sleuths, smart mysteries, and snarky humour, you’ll love this series. Pick up these page-turning witch mysteries today!

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Get your FREE copy of Sell Shock


A secret smuggler’s warehouse. Bikers with big guns. Walt’s wildest assignment yet.

If you like Travis McGee, Jack Reacher, and Doc Ford, treat yourself to the instantly entertaining adventures of Walt Asher. 

Just when infomercial writer Walt Asher has a perfect Sunday afternoon lined up, his plans get blown to hell. That’s when hell-raiser extraordinaire DG calls to cash in an outstanding favor. No questions. No answers. It’s not a request. Walt’s ride has arrived…

Whisked away to the woods along Florida’s Gulf coast, Walt finds himself in a secret smuggler’s warehouse, surrounded by bikers with big guns, and facing the strangest assignment of his life: Write an infomercial selling DG’s eleven ton mountain of marijuana.

Illegal? Yep. Insane? Yep. Impossible? Not for Walt. He always finds the right words to sell. But when bullets start to blast the studio apart, will Walt find the right words and weapons to make it out alive?

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Does the Devil have his final alibi?

Get your FREE copy of The Final Alibi


A new monster is here to keep you up at night. In the tradition of The Silence of the Lambs comes a killer with an appetite.

Harry Lightman, known as the Daylesford Devil by the press and dubbed “Lucifer” by the locals, has been sitting in a prison cell for the best part of 20 years, sentenced to life imprisonment for the torture and murder of 14 women. Each one had been preyed upon by a monster that fed on the flesh of his victims, the peaceful country towns reeling from the terror that had stalked their communities. Now, on the eve of the first victim’s 20-year anniversary, a new killer has taken up where the Devil left off, his victims dying in the same horrific circumstances as his predecessor’s, the trademark signature announcing its horrific return with bloody consequences. But is it really a new killer or does Lucifer have the perfect alibi?

Get your FREE copy of BlindsidedGet My Book

Psychiatrist Grant Garrick had it all: a thriving therapy practice, a bright, loving, and beautiful wife, a 15 year-old son filled with potential, and a gorgeous home on acreage overlooking the Puget Sound. Life couldn’t get much better.

Then tragedy struck.

Read the novella, Book 1, the prequel to the Psychiatrist Grant Garrick suspense-thriller series.

Learn why he defies danger and adventures beyond the boundaries of his profession to help solve his patients’ problems.

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Get your FREE copy of Operation Snowdrop

When Everything Counts You Cross the Line…


Al Nadir has transformed terrorism. Through a sophisticated, corporate approach, they dominate global terror. The leader, Al Douri, has created an infiltrating and influential world power with vast destructive potential. His second in command, Sabena Sanantoni, is an evil and remarkable force. Her sadistic habits and savage behavior have coined her The Slayer. Even her closest allies cannot predict her next cruel move. But nobody doubts her status.

Sabena Sanantoni is the most dangerous woman in the world.

MI6 operative, Matthew Kinley, has dedicated his life to his country. But now his government has asked for a level of commitment that even he struggles to grasp. As a double agent, his duty is to walk the thin line between loyalty and betrayal. Kinley is thrown into a world of grey. The dark hole of Al Nadir pulls him one way and the bright torch of patriotism pulls him the other.

Can he walk the line without losing his soul?

Kinley’s brother in arms, Sam Noor, must also face the demands of British Intelligence. Both men have left their families at home, ignorant to their dangerous career path. They live in the space between two worlds. One is the domestic, loving home, and the other is the harsh and fierce duty of their jobs. But as the reality of Al Nadir infiltrates into the lives of UK citizens, these worlds gradually combine. When those they love are in danger, Sam and Kinley must face the ultimate question.

What sacrifices will they make to protect their country?

In a hidden London location, a potentially terrible, possibly brilliant, yet infinitely risky operation is being formulated. An operation to bring down Al Nadir. It’s a mission shared only by the hushed voices of four men. The future is in their hands, holding a plan that will change UK history forever. But the multiple, shifting factors needed for success are flaky and volatile.

Can some cosmic force shift the balance in their favour? Or will their good intentions only knock Earth into further darkness?

In a blackening world, it is the one beacon of hope: Operation Snowdrop.

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London isn’t ready for the investigative skills of New York Detective Bex Wynter…

Get your FREE copy of One Last Breath


A teen accused of murder. A cop running from her past. Is she his only salvation?

Bex thinks she might find peace in London, away from painful reminders of her husband’s death. Instead she’s met with suspicion and misgiving from her new team who fiercely contest her every move. That doesn’t stop her taking neophyte detective Reuben Richards under her wing as she investigates a teen accused of murder.

She’s about to teach her British cohorts that she’ll never stop fighting for justice. Not for herself, but for those who can’t fight for themselves. But with an investigation yielding more questions than answers, is she fighting for the wrong cause?

You’ll love this realistic police procedural mystery in a shorter package you can binge read in one night!

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Banking can be dull … and deadly!

Get your FREE copy of Dead Men’s Shoes


Jane Child’s career is going nowhere. Stuck in the headquarters of a large London bank, she’s in the slow lane heading towards a middle-management dead end when her boss becomes a basket case. Suddenly thrust into the limelight, Jane is now Acting Divisional Manager of International Business – a demanding role she’s not sure she even wants.

The new job comes with an new computer, a laptop that contains something more than official, bank-authorised software. With the help of her new friend Pri, Jane cracks the computer, discovers her boss’s tawdry secret, and stumbles on an unexpected and intriguing relationship along the way. But there are secrets within secrets, and when Jane inadvertently stirs the murky waters of the criminal underworld, some very big, very nasty fish swim out.

What she’s uncovered is a grand conspiracy that could not only cost Jane her career and everything she holds dear, but also her life …

Dead Men’s Shoes is a prequel to the highly-acclaimed Bluebelle Investigations series, and takes place two months before the incidents in the first book, Private Viewing.

Read Dead Men’s Shoes and help Jane expose a heinous conspiracy!

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Get your FREE copy of Dotty Dishes the Dirt


Discover this new series of murder and mayhem.

This charming cozy mystery will leave you scratching your head with its twists and turns.

Be enthralled by Dotty and her friends’ laugh out loud adventures.

Out of work Dotty starts up a gardening business. She unearths more than she bargains for in the shape of human bones.

Who is the body in the garden?

Can Dotty and her friends get to the bottom of the mystery?

Together, they expose secrets and lies that rock the close-knit community.

Everyone’s peace is about to be shattered.

This is the prequel to the Dotty Drinkwater Mystery Series.

Coming soon….

Later this summer!

Published by

Born in England before The Beatles became famous. I worked in the printing and allied trades, starting as a compositor, anyone remembers those? Eventually grafting as an editor. Twenty years on a lifestyle magazine. With my wife and children, we have lived in Thailand for over thirty years, and love it. Now? I write thrillers, with a touch of humour. 'No Worries' series, book number one, 'Not Far Enough From Worries' book two, 'Worry No More' published at the end of 2018. 'Children With No Worries' was released in August 2019. All published with Book number 4, as yet unnamed is being written, it's about Thai black magic. Dark thrills!

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