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Blood Evidence Book 2


Also available from Amazon:

Some things in her past should remain buried forever.

With no concrete proof that her brother is alive, Quinn Reynolds is still searching for the truth. With a rash of strange occurrences and disappearances rock her life and shake her confidence, Quinn turns to Michalea –a psychiatrist specializing in Post-Tramautic Stress Disorder. 

But when therapy begins to uncover long buried memories that provide more questions than answers, Quinn and Bryce must sort through the new information to create a full picture of what happened. Quinn has no idea of the extent of opening the Pandora’s box of her memories is about to have on the world. 

The price for discovery may be too high…

Book Cover

Can children scare you?



Aren’t children lovely? Most are. 

Philippa’s mother was killed. Philippa didn’t care. She now lives with her ‘half-brother’ Nick, a French lady and a large dog. They all live in a beach house in Hua Hin.

An English film make-up expert comes to Thailand to enjoy a second honeymoon with her husband. To say, he has an ‘eye’ for the ladies is true, in more ways than one.

Gail is naturally upset when her husband goes off to enjoy his holiday without her. The children decide he needs to learn a lesson. Was he being set up for murder? The victims all lose a body part. Is there a message hidden in the deaths?

Skylab, fresh from the temple, along with her boyfriend, Kev, set finding out. They team up with a friendly Thai detective to solve these crimes. 

The action moves to from Hua Hin to Pattaya for a fast, hard-hitting surprise. Horror when you don’t expect it!

This is book three in the ‘No Worries’ series.

Published by Dark-Novels.com 

Book Cover


She knew it wasn’t over… but she had no idea where the next enemy was going to come from.

Quinn and Bryce have seen their fair share of trouble after recent events, and though things seem to be resolved and life can return to normal, Quinn is still waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

When Bryce convinces her to go on a private getaway to Jamaica, to recharge their batteries and unwind, the couple assume they are in for nothing but fun and sun. Little do they know death doesn’t take a holiday and trouble follows them to the exotic locale.

A bounty has been placed on their heads and the stakes have never been higher…

Will they survive the hunt? Or will Jamaica become their final destination?

Book Cover

Key West. Hemingway. Murder


When private investigator Simon Wolfe is hired to follow his friend’s wife under suspicion of adultery, he could never have guessed it would lead him into a friendship with the world’s leading writer, Ernest Hemingway. Nor could he have predicted the strange and disturbing twists the investigation would take.

The case accelerates quickly when the wife is found murdered in a Key West hotel and discovered to have a secret life. But that revelation is downright boring as the plot thickens with increasingly bizarre revelations, capped off with a macabre ending no one saw coming.

Based on actual events, Night at Key West is a wild ride into history and intrigue, populated by many true-to-life characters and places.

Book Cover

Trapped By The Blood Book 4


If you like the Jack Hunter Mystery series you’ll love this!!!

It’s time to fight fire with fire…

Quinn Reynolds feels like no matter what she does, or where she goes, the specter of death follows her like a noxious cloud. After she and Bryce escape the hunters determined to end their lives, they return home to realize that they aren’t out of the woods yet. Danger still lurks around every corner. 

Bryce is caught in the middle of all the turmoil and the distance between he and Quinn is starting to wear on him. With the walls feeling like they are closing in on the couple, they decide that it is time to send a message to those hell-bent on seeing them dead. 

Their plan puts them in direct opposition with several agencies, as well as Quinn’s old stomping grounds. Along the way they face many obstacles including one man who comes out of retirement for one last mission. 

Will they finally get a moment to catch their breath and finally stop running, or will the Grim Reaper finally catch up to them?

Book Cover

When a loved one is harmed, and the system lets you down, what would you do?



“Great story. Great characters. A strong new entry into the thriller genre.” – Amazon

John Hayes’ life is perfect. He has a dream job in an exotic land, his career path is on an upward trajectory and at home he has a beautiful wife whom he loves with all his heart. 

But one horrible day a brutal incident tears this all away from him and his life is destroyed.

He doesn’t know who is to blame, he doesn’t know what to do, and the police fail to help.

What should he do? Accept things and move on with his life or take action and do what the authorities won’t do for him?

What would you do?

Get it now! 

~ ~ ~

Vengeance is the first book in the John Hayes series, a series about an ordinary man put in extraordinary situations.

Book Cover

Dean is an Australian author whose books are loved by readers who enjoy crime drama, murder suspense, psychological thrillers and mystery romance. The Longo Files is about a female investigative news reporter by the name of Jennifer Longo. She is an inquisitive individual who thrives on getting the real story. To achieve this, she will do whatever it takes! With 5 Star reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and BookBub, I am sure these books will have you captivated until the very end. For more information, search The Longo Files on Facebook.



Twenty years prior, primary school aged Penny Drew is subjected to a horrifying ordeal at school camp by the hands of bully Amy Woods and a number of her friends.

In the present day, the abduction of schoolgirl Sally from a public swimming pool in the usually quiet town of Heathcote causes a panic among the local residents.

Head of the Missing Person’s Taskforce, ageing Detective Alex Johnson is notified and heads to Heathcote to investigate.

Aspiring career driven investigative journalist Jennifer Longo, receives the first of many anonymous internet links which leads her to Heathcote Swimming Pool, coincidentally, the town of the first of many abductions.

Detective Johnson and Longo inevitably cross paths in their investigative enquiries in endeavouring to uncover the truth about who is responsible, along the way, developing an interpersonal love hate father daughter relationship.

As more children are abducted, the pair realise that working together may be a logical tactic, however Longo’s new love interest and Detective Johnson’s prime suspect appear to be the same person – Jason Drew.

Dean is a citizen of Melbourne Australia. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends, keeping fit and obviously reading. He is currently busy working on the next instalment of The Longo Files. You can search The Longo Files on Facebook pages for more information.

Book Cover

Award-winning Secrets of Redemption Series

$8.99 Read for Free in KU


2018 PRG’s Reviewers’ Choice Winner for Book and Book Series

A fresh start. That’s what Becca hoped the move from New York to Redemption, Wisconsin, would be for her troubled family. A way to get her crumbling marriage back on track, and to bond with her difficult 16-year-old stepdaughter.

But instead of a new beginning, Becca is thrust into a mysterious past she barely remembers. A past that includes …

Complications from interacting with her old teenage crush, Daniel …

Struggling to regain her memory of the night 16-year-old Jessica disappeared …

Dealing with the townspeople, who are convinced she and her family are behind many of the violent murders and disappearances that have plagued Redemption …

Living in her aunt’s old house, which the locals swear is haunted.

But there’s no such thing as ghosts. Right?

So, what IS the real secret of Redemption?

Book Cover

A compelling and suspenseful thriller in multiple viewpoint narrative with witty dialogue and taut, dark storytelling

BUY FOR $2.99

Thailand. An epic storm. A shipwreck. A white man has been found. Alive.

But who is he? Suffering horrific injuries and burns, he is taken to a local hospital. He is mute. Everything is a blank. They tell him his name. That is all he knows. When his Chinese wife arrives, he has no choice but to return to London to her family. He starts getting better with care and more surgery until one day… he’s assaulted. And he knows why.( The blow brings back a dangerous memory. But he’s crippled, disfigured and penniless… and he’s living the life of the man they think he is.  What will he risk to uncover the truth?

Book Cover

Welcome to Essex County. Expect no mercy.

First in the series now on sale for a limited time



 What would you do if you found a suitcase in the woods? 

What would you do when someone came looking for it?

Out of prison, but still on parole, Max just wants to keep his head down, go to work and maybe grab a cold beer at the end of his shift. He doesn’t even care that the program stuck him in Essex – a nice, but nowhere small town. With his head already full of bloody and painful memories, he’d like it just fine if his past and future stayed nice and quiet.

Too bad the present just got really messy.

A body in a tree. A missing briefcase. A Russian hit man. A DEA agent bent on revenge. Not to mention a sheriff with dangerous ambition and some pissed off bikers. Things are suddenly very interesting in sleepy Essex county. Bodies are turning up. Secrets are coming out. Questions are being asked.

It’s not good being the new guy in a small town.

Book Cover

Will she catch him before he kills her?


While hiking in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, FBI Special Agent Kendra Dean and her K9 partner, Baxter, stumble upon a dead body stashed in the woods. The discovery changes both of their lives forever. 

Special Agent Rick Sanchez hunts a serial murderer who is targeting women on a multi-state killing spree. Kendra Dean, an agent Rick met on a joint mission six months ago, has found the most recent victim. Rick and Kendra once shared a tempting chemistry but time and miles made their spark a distant memory.

Now, thrust together to solve a deadly case, Rick and Kendra rekindle their attraction only to find their personal demons are even greater obstacles than their geography. It’s hard for Kendra to see around the chip she carries on her shoulder as she works to prove herself in a man’s world. Rick harbors a debilitating guilt over a past failure that holds his heart prisoner and he’s terrified to love again.

The serial killer sets his sights on Kendra. With her life in the balance, she and Rick must deal with their issues. Will they be able to admit their feelings and embrace their growing intimacy before it’s too late?

Book Cover

“Debbi Mack crafts a taut narrative with crackling dialogue.”



A simple domestic abuse case turns deadly when the alleged abuser is killed and Stephanie Ann “Sam” McRae’s client disappears. When a friend asks Sam to find Melanie Hayes, the Maryland attorney is drawn into a complex case of murder and identity theft that has her running from the Mob, breaking into a strip club and forming a shaky alliance with an offbeat private investigator to discover the truth about Melanie and her ex-boyfriend.

With her career and life on the line, Sam’s search takes her from the blue-collar Baltimore suburbs to the mansions of Gibson Island. Along the way, she learns that false identities can hide dark secrets, and those secrets can destroy lives.

Book Cover

The financial crash of 2008, plus a new woman, make for a potent Molotov cocktail.


As if escape from a disastrous marriage wasn’t enough, Alfie jumps straight back into the fire.

Driven to a place where no one knows him, the road to rebuilding his life is littered with potholes.

Post-it notes stuck on the fridge door are constant reminders of a period Alfie wants to forget. But he can’t resist a challenge, even if it has the potential to destroy him. Has Alfie taken on more than he can handle? Only time will tell.

Post it Notes is the first novel in the ‘Alfie Goes to Thailand’ trilogy. If you like thought-provoking drama, suspense, and damaged characters, you’ll love this series.

Fans of Iris Ann Hunter, Melinda Leigh and Kendra Elliott will be captivated by the gripping saga.

Pick up POST-IT NOTES and discover this exciting series today.

Book Cover

You are a suspect in your partner’s disappearance. What do you do?

BUY FOR $1.99

Living with Saci is set in the sprawling metropolis of São Paulo, Brazil. It tells the story of Teresa da Silva, an overweight, depressed, drink dependent, and her struggles in the city. Estranged from her daughter, who lives with the ex-husband in England, life seems to constantly deal Teresa a bad hand. She begins to wonder whether the mischievous character from Brazilian folklore, Saci, might have something to do with it. Events seem to be taking a turn for the positive when she meets Felipe, who asks her to marry him. But when he disappears, Teresa finds that she is the object of suspicion.

Book Cover


Read Deep Background FREE on Kindle Unlimited


Two years after an anonymous tip helps reporter Levi Cole break one of the biggest political scandals in recent memory, the same unknown conspirators expose him for fabricating parts of his stories.

After resigning from his cushy job in Dallas, Levi returns to his rural Texas Panhandle hometown to regroup and win over Kat Hallaway — the married woman and fellow reporter he left behind — by helping her cover a grisly murder. But, as Levi and Kat get close to unraveling the mystery, she is kidnapped by the killer.

When Levi finally finds Kat, he learns the identity of his tormentors and how they connect to the murder. Faced with the truth, Levi must decide how far he will go to rescue the woman he loves and regain control of his life.

Book Cover

Horse Whisperer meets American Sniper


When a violent ex-patient threatens her life, equine therapist Joscelyn Turner, narrowly escapes to Montana. Seeking refuge and anonymity in a small town while Colorado police hunt down her stalker, Joscelyn plans to lie low. But fate has other ideas.

She meets two brothers, Trent, the good-looking town charmer, and Cade, a handsome Marine veteran who is running from his own demons. Joscelyn finds herself caught between the two men, attracted to Trent’s sex-appeal and rakish nature as much as she is pulled into Cade’s personal darkness. She must choose one.

Haunted by the death of her parents and afraid to share her reason for coming to Montana, Joscelyn keeps her past to herself. Just as she settles in and follows her heart, her deadly secret finds her. Joscelyn faces the threat to her life and the danger she inadvertently brought to the Stone family.

Book Cover

The Past Is Not Finished Yet


February 1945 : With the war nearly over, the Nazi regime moves their entire cash and gold Reichsbank reserves, from Berlin to the salt mines of Merkers. But some of the gold is stolen and is never found again.

September 2017 : A fierce national election campaign is being fought out in Germany. Extreme right-wing nationalists, connected to a major election candidate, are terrorising the streets and murdering at will.

Captain Sophie Decker of the elite Department 89 is given an order by the German Chancellor to stop the violence. But little do they know that the missing Reichsbank gold and a long-lost Nazi icon will light the spark that will make Berlin explode.

Book Cover

A Gripping Psychological Mystery Thriller!!


Fleeing a violent relationship, Sian Tanner hides out at the cottage she inherited from her eccentric Great Aunt May in rural New Zealand. As she settles into small town life, she begins to dig deeper into the disappearance of Ben the forest boy, she spent her summers playing with as a child. But confusion sets in when she discovers a boy named Ben Stokes vanished without a trace in McCrae’s Forest in 1956. The boy is the spitting image of her Ben, the beautiful boy she loved as a child.

Alice Granger is a therapist who specializes in helping women recover from domestic abuse. When she receives threatening texts containing images of her doing the unthinkable she has to make a difficult decision. The texts are sent from Brendon Durie, the man who terrorized Sian Tanner, and he wants to make a deal. If Alice gives him the location of where Sian is hiding, he won’t release these images to the press. But there is another option that Alice may explore, one that carries many risks.

Book Cover

High Heels and Handguns


For Kate Howard, former Army Special Forces Sergeant, life as a one-woman personal protection detail comes with challenges. Wearing civilian camouflage while guarding high-profile clients is a dangerous game of rock, paper, hollow point.

After an explosive and deadly end to her client’s reelection fundraiser, which left his young son in critical condition, Kate must accept help from an unwanted source: the soldier she loved and left in Afghanistan, bloody, broken, and barely alive.

Special Forces Officer Paxton Banks, Kate’s former captain—now an FBI agent—is assigned to investigate the attempt on her client’s life. After ten years, old emotions and new threats whip Kate’s world into complicated chaos. But when other elected officials are threatened, Kate and Paxton must tamp down their fiery feelings to catch a madman hell-bent on revenge.

Book Cover

Casualties of Encounters


Susie Dietz wants to teach cheating men a lesson. She lures them to a hotel room, where she videotapes them having sex, and outs them to their wives with proof. But then she picks the wrong man to bring back to her room, and her vigilante game becomes a matter of life and death.

Book Cover

When his dreams turn ominous, will Sylvia believe they’re all about her?



Jaxton Braun is a billionaire who has broken away from his father’s oil business to have a fresh start selling organic health food bars with a focus on love and good deeds – but he is still feeling empty.

Stunning Sylvia Oscar is a FanGram sensation with her insanely popular fitness posts and videos. She knows how to capitalize on the positive, and never let the demons of her past haunt her. If only she can remain successful in the public’s eye, she’s sure she can keep the nightmares at bay.

Jaxton would do anything to have Sylvia for his own, but she wants nothing to do with him. They’re childhood friends and current-day enemies. She already tried dating him, and it simply didn’t work out. Since he can’t have Sylvia, he is focused on pouring all he has into his business and his philanthropy.

But there’s another problem. Jaxton’s dreams are beginning to disturb him. He’s afraid to go to sleep at night, because they always show his best friend’s sister in danger. As he falls further and further for Sylvia, his sense of obligation to protect her becomes an obsession.

Will he save her before it’s too late?

A Sweet Christian Romance

By Christian Romance Author, Nikki Larson ~ Glorifying God by weaving biblical truth into page-turning fiction

Book Cover

Thirteen Peculiar Tales From Canyon County



Most of these stories in this book are true.

Some are not, however. They are the exaggerations of fevered dreams and illusions.

Deciding which is the truth and which is fiction is entirely up to you.

Canyon County, Oregon is a place unlike any other. For as long as people have lived out amongst the creek beds, hills and hollers they have encountered strange phenomenon. They have been prone to unexplainable occurrences and visions that are not easily reconciled.

Some see things. Others feel, for a fleeting moment, that they are not alone. Still others hear strange dusk sounds, just beyond the tree line.

What is it? Nobody knows for sure. But according to legend, it is an evil as old as the mountains.

“The Book Of Witness” is the first volume in The Strange Air series of paranormal mysteries. It is the ideal place to start your journey into the unexplainable wilds of Canyon County.

Book Cover

A Gripping Psychological Mystery Thriller!!


How well do you know your neighbors?

It has been 18 months since Coutts’ neighbors’ house burnt down and three generations of women allegedly perished inside. Coutts threw herself into the flames in an attempt to save them. As a result, she received terrible burns and now has debilitating scars, and the burden of guilt ways heavily at not being able to do more.

The problem is Coutts is seething and revenge is on her mind. She can’t rest until the arsonist and murderer is caught. But she will need help. In steps, Freddie Cooke, socially awkward, germ-phobe Private Investigator. If the police can’t find the fire-starter then Freddie will, even if his actions are slightly illegal.

As they narrow down the suspects to 5 women who grew up together, they discover the suspects, along with Coutts’ dead neighbors, belong to the same secret organisation called Justice for Jane. But who is Jane? And why are these women committing crimes in her honor?

Book Cover

Revenge is best served cold.

BUY FOR $0.99

When Shona Williams returns to her hometown, Ironash, as an experienced DI, she has scores to settle. Justice will be delivered. What they did to her was evil.

Trouble is, she’s been thrown into the middle of a serial killer’s spree. Barely catching a breath between murders, he’s rampant, merciless, twisted, and preys on the weak.

Will her new partner, Earle Montague, be a hindrance or a help? Will she have time to work on her very personal case? And will the murderer slip up so they can swoop in?

Only God knows.

Book Cover

The Tiger Temple

A Betrayed Criminal. A Kidnapped Child. A Deadly Race Against Time.



On the Island of the Gods, expedition leader Hiram Kane is on holiday after a long season guiding in the Peruvian Andes.

When a good friend’s greed leads him to betray Bali’s most notorious gangster, their peaceful community is left shell-shocked after the six-year-old daughter of its leader gets kidnapped in a vicious and violent raid.

What follows is a whirlwind race across the paradise island to rescue the girl before ‘The Rooster’ takes his sadistic revenge, and with the waking giant of volcanic Mt. Agung threatening to destroy them all, Kane risks everything to prevent a devastating tragedy.

Book Cover

Years ago, Ray was sworn to silence. Now he’s going to speak. Even if it kills him.



Ray Watts is in a deep funk. His girlfriend Liz has abandoned him. So has the muse that inspired the art that supported him. If he doesn’t come up with the next mortgage payment he’s going to be out on the street. In a moment of desperation, he googles his ex-wife Susan. They haven’t spoken in years. Now they never will—she died last year in a fiery car crash. Ray becomes obsessed with the years they spent together in a spiritual group— a time that drove him to the edge and destroyed their marriage.

Ray has a plan. When you’re forbidden to speak, you end up with a lot of secrets. Juicy ones. So, he’ll write a best-selling book about his time in the group and pay off the mortgage. And writing will get him out of his funk. It’s what he’d always done—transmute his leaden troubles into the gold of art.

But when a brick crashes through his window—the first in a series of creepy, anonymous threats—he realizes that someone really doesn’t want him to write. They’re determined to shut him up. For good.

Book Cover

I reached out and dark Venice took my hand…


Who created that slide of silk across your skin as you reached for your cinematic lover? 
Who recorded the crushing weight of the grizzly as you fought for your life in the fictional wilderness?
Brilliant sensory immersion artist Alyse Kate Bryant of Lone Pine Pictures will do almost anything for the perfect sensory file, but her recklessness finally has consequences.
Now Alyse finds herself trapped in the flooded ruins of Venice, a quarantine camp for the carriers of Sleepers’ Syndrome.
But the city grows darker still…
Because the carriers of Sleepers’ Syndrome are no longer as human as they seem.
The city of legend is bringing its legends back to life.
They come now, Alyse.

Click now and join Alyse in book one of The Shades of Venice Series!
“A little surreal, kind of like Alice falling down the rabbit hole or walking through the mirror; only this little Alyse has claws.”   – Mindy Wall, Books, Books, and More Books
“…a mile a minute thrill ride filled with suspense, adventure, and mind-bending plot twists. Fear not for Alyse. She will find her way through the Looking Glass. Even if she has to break it!”  -Frishawn, WTF Are You Reading?
“I can honestly say that this series is like nothing I have encountered before. Mythology, legends, folklore and alternate realities collide amid the most lavish historical backdrop. Venice seeps under your skin…”  – Lucinda, Amazon Reviewer

Book Cover

Live with the Truth

A Bartholomew Beck novella



True crime writer Bartholomew Beck has one last shot at getting his career back on track.

To do it, Beck agrees to write about Mistress Samantha — the single mother and virtual dominatrix who confessed to killing a North Texas pastor. Her daughter, Caitlin Parks, wants Beck’s book to humanize her in hopes of getting her off Death Row.

But while he’s researching the case, Beck — whose only bestselling book is nearly twenty years in his rearview — discovers the motive for Pastor Jerry Erickson’s death is much darker than what Caitlin has let on.

What Beck learns will force everyone involved in the case to decide whether or not they can Live with the Truth.

Book Cover

Elisabeth Martin


2031, United Federation
In a world on the brink of global financial collapse, imminent threats of strategic warfare, Hanna Gibbs is on the front line. As a Special Agent for Onyx Bureau, the umbrella agency designed to oversee all other local and federal government entities, Hanna learns what she’s tracking has nothing to do with terrorism. It went much deeper and started a long time ago. Faced with the prospect of an extinction-level event, Hanna must choose to save the world or stop the man who holds the power of destructive in the palm of his hands. 

My name is Benjamin Buckholder and by the time you will see this you won’t know in what i got into. In 2031 i wasn’t such a tech freak given away i was from another century and no one said time travel was easy. Moreover when a reddish green eye agent think that you are a murderer. What would you do to do the right and fix the wrong when you are the only one to map the leads on an incomplete puzzle?

Coming soon!

Watch this space

Published by dark-novels.com

Born in England before The Beatles became famous. I worked in the printing and allied trades, starting as a compositor, anyone remembers those? Eventually grafting as an editor. Twenty years on a lifestyle magazine. With my wife and children, we have lived in Thailand for over thirty years, and love it. Now? I write thrillers, with a touch of humour. 'No Worries' series, book number one, 'Not Far Enough From Worries' book two, 'Worry No More' published at the end of 2018. 'Children With No Worries' was released in August 2019. All published with amazon.com/author/colindevonshire Book number 4, as yet unnamed is being written, it's about Thai black magic. Dark thrills!

2 thoughts on “$2.99 Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

  1. Children with no Worries really needs some cover help. They need a graphic designer. That kid looks so weird, like some very bad photoshop. Her head is too big, and she wasn’t edited into the background very well.
    And that cover really doesn’t scream horror at all. The colors and font all look more contemporary romance to me.
    I’m just saying that in hopes the author sees this and gets that poor book a good cover artist. The book might be great, but that cover isn’t doing it favors.


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