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Get your FREE copy of Sell Shock


A secret smuggler’s warehouse. Bikers with big guns. Walt’s wildest assignment yet.

If you like Travis McGee, Jack Reacher, and Doc Ford, treat yourself to the instantly entertaining adventures of Walt Asher. 

Just when infomercial writer Walt Asher has a perfect Sunday afternoon lined up, his plans get blown to hell. That’s when hell-raiser extraordinaire DG calls to cash in an outstanding favor. No questions. No answers. It’s not a request. Walt’s ride has arrived…

Whisked away to the woods along Florida’s Gulf coast, Walt finds himself in a secret smuggler’s warehouse, surrounded by bikers with big guns, and facing the strangest assignment of his life: Write an infomercial selling DG’s eleven ton mountain of marijuana.

Illegal? Yep. Insane? Yep. Impossible? Not for Walt. He always finds the right words to sell. But when bullets start to blast the studio apart, will Walt find the right words and weapons to make it out alive?

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When heartbreak and loss is the theme of your life, does the future really matter?

Get your FREE copy of When Worlds Collide


If you love surprising mysteries and second chances, you’ll love this debut novelette from author Paige H. Perry.

Fall in love with the Hartman & Malone crew before they join together for a journey filled with sabotage, murder, and danger around every corner.

Prepare for “Trial!” Meet the characters in the upcoming mystery thriller “Trial by Sabotage” by reading this e-book today.


After a night of bad decisions and a trip to jail, Anna finds herself on the positive side of a second chance that includes an encounter with a handsome police officer.

But when an interesting missing person’s case inserts itself in the middle of her life, will Anna be able to stay out of trouble long enough to fall in love?


A beautiful girlfriend, a great job, and a loving family are all Joe ever wanted. But just when he thinks he has his life figured out, evil forces rip it from his grasp.

But when a child’s life hangs in the balance, will Joe be able to put his pain aside and become the hero he was born to be?

Marie & Bryant

Preparing for the trial of an organized crime leader is never easy, especially when you plan to get him the deal of a lifetime. 

But, with an FBI investigation looming and evidence that won’t stay put, will Marie and Bryant be able to pull off the deal of the century?

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Newly joined Siamese twins – work that one out!

Get your FREE copy of Worry No More


A thriller set in Thailand.

This is the sequel to the popular ‘Not Far Enough From Worries’. Kev and Skylab pit their wits against Camilla, the beautiful but ruthless lesbian.

This dark novel starts in Hua Hin, a sleepy seaside town in Thailand. “Not much ever happens there.” Don’t you believe it! A thriving gambling hub, wives kill husbands to raise a stake for the next turn of a card. Never owe the debt-collector or his mother. You may be set alight!

Kev and Skylab are now the guardians of a very talented child, amongst other skills, he can tell if you are lying, making Kev very nervous, fortunately, the only person Nick will talk to is Camilla’s daughter, Philippa. That ability is useful if you want a casino.

Characters to avoid on a dark night are Mik and Mak, Thai twins, yes, real Siamese Twins. You’ll have to think about that comment. Their ‘friend’ Randy has some mental issues. He ends up missing part of his body!

The action moves to Bangkok for a fast, hard-hitting surprise. Horror when you don’t expect it!

This is book two in the ‘No Worries’ series. Book 3 ‘Children With No Worries’, published 2019.


“Siamese twins?”

Published by

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Get your FREE copy of In the Blood of Justice


A local Sheriff’s daughter gets caught up in a string of murders. Luckily, Anonymous is the only one who can help make her feel safe again. He’s the man destined to take down the worst of the worst.  

In the course to learn about his mysterious past and solve the case, Anonymous must overcome the Sheriff’s hellbent stance on keeping him from taking the lead. The question is—-is it merely pride that has the Sherriff so twisted, or is he perhaps keeping bigger secrets?

From bestselling author John Greyson comes In the Blood of Justice, part one of Anonymous, a thrilling series of short stories about a lost man who’s contracted to kill with no recollection of his past. Follow him in each story and see if he finally solves the mystery behind his identity.

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Do What You’re Told? Or Do the Right Thing?

Get your FREE copy of Rogue Enemy: A Chris Collins CIA Thriller


Do what’s right? Or do what you’re told?
Chris Collins had it all. Great job as Deputy Director of the CIA, a loving wife at home, and a really nice boat until…

It all went away in a flash.

The CIA’s best Deputy Director, Chris Collins had it all. And then came the case that made him go rogue. After his last successful bust ended with two gun-smuggling, drug-running, crooked politicians behind bars … he thought he could close the file.

But the higher-ups in the cartel had other plans. And before Collins knew it, he was headed south of the Southernmost Point in the Continental United States … without a game plan, without the blessing of the CIA, on his own. (Except for Ned. There was always Ned.)

Chris Collins just can’t catch a break. Read all about it in the prequel to the hit Chris Collins CIA Thriller series. You’ll laugh some, you’ll cry some, you’ll hold your breath, and then you’ll hope to hell he survives for another adventure.

Readers of James Rollins, Matthew Reilly, and Mark Dawson will LOVE this series. Pick up a copy, put the phone on silent, and lock the door – this is going to be an all-nighter!

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Get your FREE copy of Dark Fringe Anthology


They are banished to the fringes of our world, waiting for a chance to return.
Only we can stand in their way.

They are the newlyweds who bring death into their bed.
The farmer who saw a woman made of birds.
Or the children who want their parents to behave.

But how can we escape them when they are already here?

Dark Fringe Anthology is the first collection of thriller, crime and suspense short stories by Shaun Baines. If you like surprising twists with a fast pace, you’ll love this dark anthology from a People’s Book Prize listed author.

“Every time I knew where a tale was headed, I was taken down a different road.” B. Baskerville, DCI Cooper series

Explore the mysterious world of Dark Fringe today!

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A Christian Based EMP Mystery Series

Get your FREE copy of Reading Relics Book 3


Unlikely Assets 

Alexandria pulled Dr Cole from the off the slab boat. It must have been close to noon now. The world was alive with sunlight which would last for several hours before the people would be engulfed in darkness again.

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Read the thrilling prequel to the Erin Reed series!

Get your FREE copy of The Trinidad Man


Set in the Caribbean, and a decade before the events of The Golden Chair, Erin was working on a career-breaking investigative journalism piece. She’d finally convinced a key source, reclusive and secretive, to go on record. 

Until things go horribly wrong… 

What started as a fact-finding mission turns into a desperate attempt to stay alive.

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A quiet Sunday – A vicious assault – One man’s resurrection is another’s good luck.

Get your FREE copy of The Only Witness


When Alfie set out on his morning cycle ride, the last thing he expected was to be the only witness to attempted murder. The perpetrator of the crime was the only person who knew Alfie had seen him at the scene. And Alfie was easy to find. Scared out of his wits, he kept his head down and waited, as a weird sequence of events unfolded.

This short mystery story will give you a taste for the trilogy ALFIE GOES TO THAILAND.

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Get your FREE copy of The Lucky One


Elizabeth woke up with a splitting headache. The last thing she remembered was talking to the quirky guy she met at the club before she went out to receive a phone call.She tried to reach into her bag, but she saw that she was tied to a chair. She tried in vain to escape for about an hour before quirky guy returns.

He introduced himself as Chris, and he would not hurt her. The things she saw were contrary to Chris’ promise to not hurt her. There were embalmed severed heads and bowels on a work table where Liz thought he used to dismember his victims.

The police bust the joint and rescue Liz before Chris could hurt her, but he escaped. He had only cut her hair at that point. They promise to find him, but in the meantime, she could return to her old life and she would be monitored from a safe distance. Nothing happened until about three weeks later when she received her hair in the mail.

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Reiko Watanabe / Inspector Aizawa

Get your FREE copy of Conspiracy in Tokyo


Tokyo, March 1931

The Great Depression has wrecked Japan’s economy, leaving thousands unemployed, desperate, and angry. Dark rumors swirl around the city, hinting at an impending coup d’é tat against the civilian government. Inspector Kenji Aizawa of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department must go undercover and infiltrate the Kusanagi Society, one of the right-wing groups that are threatening to overthrow the government. As Aizawa goes deeper into Tokyo’s underworld, he meets Masaru Ryusaki, the leader of the Kusanagi Society and a key figure in a vast conspiracy involving the Imperial Japanese Army. Aizawa must thwart Ryusaki’s plot or risk Japan being thrown into chaos.

The exciting prequel to the Reiko Watanabe/Inspector Aizawa series, Conspiracy in Tokyo dives into an often overlooked period in Japanese history filled with danger and intrigue.

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The Mummifier´s Daughter returns us to the land of pyramids, mummies and pharaohs.

Get your FREE copy of The Mummifier´s Daughter


Egypt, 1233 BC …

This is young Neti-Kerty‘s dream: To follow in her father’s footsteps and become the first female mummifier in all of Egypt. Shabaka, the secretive Prefect, the Pharaoh’s special envoy charged with combating crime in the capital of the Pharaoh’s empire, also often makes use of Neti Kerty’s special talents. With her powers of deduction and knowledge of the dead, she has already helped solve many crimes.

But then the unimaginable happens. Her parents are cruelly murdered, and Neti-Kerty’s small, idyllic world shatters. Together with Prefect Shabaka, she embarks on the search for her parents‘ murderer. Surviving many shared adventures, they stumble upon a monstrous conspiracy …

The Mummifier’s Daughter carries us back to a land steeped in gods, god-kings, ritual and magic. It paints for the reader a detailed picture of Pharaonic Egypt in all its shadowed glory. Faithfully recreating one of the most remarkable eras in Egypt’s history, bestselling author Nathaniel Burns weaves a shudderingly ominous tale of ancient Egypt’s mysteries with a cast of characters the modern reader will recognize even though millenia have passed.

So light up the incense, sit close to the light and draw back the curtains on the shadowed past with this gripping tale of love and intrigue among the living and the dead in one of history’s most intriguing civilizations …

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Pastor John can cure what ails you. For a price.

Get your FREE copy of Stone Hill: Book of Crane


Pastor John. The pastor without a church. Or a prayer. But when fate presents an open door, what price will he pay to step inside?

A prequel short story to the supernatural thriller Stone Hill novel series.

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An expedition to a forgotten Nazi Base in Antarctica. What will they find? Legendary treasures? Or unimaginable horror?

Get your FREE copy of Polaris Station – The Hunt for the Forgotten Nazi Ice Station


An expedition to a forgotten Nazi ice station in Antarctica. What will they find? Legendary treasures? Or unimaginable horror?

When sheriff Tom Garcia finds the body of a man savaged in a home for the elderly, he calls Olivia Newton, a journalist caught in a bender after losing her lover.
Working with an expedition team put together by billionaire Frank Williams, and boosted by the friendship of professor of German history, Peter Williams, Olivia faces the demon of her drinking habit and regains her confidence.

They follow the trail of the crumbs from a box left by the dead man from Florida to Chile, and from there across the Russian plains, reliving the horrors of Hitler and his Third Reich.

The reader is served hot, rollercoaster action, the kind that puts you on the edge of your seat; sabotage, betrayals and a filibuster Major with a sinister agenda and a mission to unveil Hitler’s hidden ultimate weapon laboratory.
What is supposed to be a routine investigation —and an opportunity for Olivia Newton to get some air— quickly turns into an adventure in the windy, gelid Antarctica.
Will Olivia find Hitler’s Lab? Will the group make it alive out of the frigid Waters of the Antarctica?

If you love action-thriller books by Matthew Reilly, James Rollins or A.G. Riddle, then this outstanding novel is for you.

For fans of Clive Cussler, Dale Brown, Rick Campbell, Michael DiMercurio, J. Robert Kennedy, Rob Jones, Jay J. Falconer, James D. Prescott, Brad Thor and Douglas E. Richards.

Book Cover

Where ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’ meets ‘To Hell and Back’ in the Florida summer heat, she finds her calling…

Get your FREE copy of Crossroads Summer


It was supposed to be the best summer of her life…

… until it wasn’t.

Why did he have to rip the blinders of blissful ignorance off her eyes?

Regina and her friends had it all planned. Lazy days lounging at the beach, long nights partying. Their grand last summer vacation before graduating college.

When she catches up with an old friend, he tells her things she can’t believe. But there are signs around her… Did the government war mongers really do what he’s accusing them of?

Her natural curiosity gets the upper hand, and Regina starts digging. What she finds is unsettling. Deep down inside of her, an urge is forming. It’s bound to change her world forever.

Where ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’ meets ‘To Hell and Back’ in the Florida summer heat, she finds her calling…

You’ll adore this coming of age story, because everyone enjoys a tale of love and heartbreak with a good helping of honor, courage and commitment.

Get it now.

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College co-ed doesn’t return home from holiday trip to Mexico

Get your FREE copy of Missing in Mexico


Private Investigator Stan W. is hired to find Sarah Johnson, a college freshman who’s missing after a family vacation in Los Cabos, Mexico. Even with local help and some promising leads, he’s unable to find her and he returns to tell the parents. Months later he receives a mysterious letter from someone who says she can help him find Sarah, and he jumps on the next plane to Cabo. Will this be the lucky break he needs to find her? Or will she remain missing — Missing in Mexico?

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Historical short story based on real life

Get your FREE copy of Girl Drowned


When the body of 27-year-old Ann Howls was pulled from a river in cold February day in 1844, the exact circumstances of her death were far from clear. Will an anonymous letter shed light on this tragic tale?

Book Cover

An Argolicus Mystery

Get your FREE copy of The Peach Widow


After Rome, before the Middle Ages, Italy belonged to the Ostrogoths.

A distressed widow. Greedy brothers. A huge farm dog. Argolicus unravels the threads.

Solving a legal issue is just the beginning for Argolicus, all because his mother asked him to do her a favor. When he visits a widow to explain her inheritance rights, he discovers a family full of secrets and resentments.

And hidden in those secrets is a murder. A murder that turns the family upside down.

Repulsed by petty squabbles, he asks questions. Little does he know that his investigation will lead to discovering a murder.

Poor and scrambling to make a living. the widow’s farming sons have few livestock, one farm dog, and a secret factory to make more money. When Argolicus demands to see the factory, he discovers racial prejudice, unfair pricing, and greed. Determined to bring the enterprise to a stop he drags the brothers to the factory. On the way back, a rest by a refreshing creek reveals a hidden crime.

5 Stars “Leaves you wanting more!”

“The character of those times emerges on the page from the start…”

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A Betrayed Criminal. A Kidnapped Child. A Deadly Race Against Time.

Get your FREE copy of The Tiger Temple


A Betrayed Criminal
A Kidnapped Child
A Deadly Race Against Time

On the Island of the Gods, expedition leader Hiram Kane is on holiday after a long season guiding in the Peruvian Andes.

When a good friend’s greed leads him to betray Bali’s most notorious gangster, their peaceful community is left shell-shocked after the six-year-old daughter of its leader gets kidnapped in a vicious and violent raid.

What follows is a whirlwind race across the paradise island to rescue the girl before ‘The Rooster’ takes his sadistic revenge, and with the waking giant of volcanic Mt. Agung threatening to destroy them all, Kane risks everything to prevent a devastating tragedy.

Book Cover


Get your FREE copy of Ice Station Wolfenstein


Sam Cleave, reporter for a small newspaper, has seen better days. After his partner was killed during an undercover investigation, he lost his passion for work and living.

But when a resident of a nearby assisted living home is tortured and murdered in a barbaric manner, he starts investigating. He is especially intrigued when a mysterious box is given to him that belonged to the dead man, but he needs help to interpret what it means.

He teams up with Nina Gould, an expert in World War II history. Soon the two of them realize that they are about to discover one of the best-guarded secrets of the war, It dawns on them that this would be the discovery of a lifetime, a discovery of immeasurable value, and a discovery that men would kill for.

They join an expedition, sponsored by an eccentric billionaire, hunting for gold and breathtaking art buried deep below the Antarctic surface. Instead of gold and stolen art, they find something terrifyingly disturbing beneath the eternal ice.

A team of Nazi scientists has made an amazing discovery. But experiments have gone terribly wrong. The situation gets out of hand, and before long the expedition members find themselves peering into the deepest recesses of the human soul. Nina and Sam realize that their only hope for survival is to unlock the secrets of Ice Station Wolfenstein.

Ice Station Wolfenstein leads the reader on a roller-coaster ride in search of a legend. Packed with breathtaking suspense and nerve-shredding action, Ice Station Wolfenstein is a thrilling read for all fans of action, suspense, and intrigue.

Book Cover


Get your FREE copy of Against Her Will(A Gripping Psychological Suspense Novel)


RAPE IS EVERY WOMAN’S NIGHTMARE, BUT NO ONE EVER EXPECTS IT TO HAPPEN TO THEM. HOWEVER, FOR ONE YOUNG WOMAN IT DOES. NOT ONLY IS IT THE DESPICABLE SAVAGE ACT, BUT HOW IT LEAVES HER AFTERWARDS. WHEN RECOVERY IS LONG AND HARD. SHE WONDERS IF SHE HAS THE COURAGE TO PULL THROUGH, OR WILL SHE SINK INTO A DARK ABYSS? Donna, a beautiful young woman scarred by an unhappy childhood, is brutally raped by a masked assailant on her way home from her job as a statistical analyst. Unable to return to work due to the trauma, she sinks into a deep depression. When her boyfriend leaves her and her parents are unable to deal with her problems, she attempts suicide. This culminates in her spending a lengthy spell in hospital. There her recovery is slow, but when she is befriended by a male nurse, a relationship begins to develop. Once she leaves hospital to live with the male nurse’s parents, their relationship blossoms, and Donna thinks all her troubles are over. However, on her honeymoon on the Spanish island of Torrelino, Donna discovers that she may have married the man who raped her. Could he be about to silence her for good or is Donna mistaken?

Book Cover

A frightened child. A fearless grandfather. A nail-biting conclusion!

Get your FREE copy of Cornelius’ Revenge


After returning home for a family visit, Mira Cullen finds herself in front of the old Ferguson house again – a place she has blatantly avoided since the entire life-altering experience of fifteen years earlier. The only thing is…there are new residents now, but not the kind she would have ever expected to see.

Her six-year-old daughter, Rosie, has an incredible bond with her grandfather, but no one ever dreams that the little girl will be the bait an angry ghost uses to settle a score long overdue. She is in terrible danger and the love of her grandfather will be tested to the highest extreme.

The Ferguson House:

  • A Heart-wrenching History
  • An Innocent Child
  • Unlikely Inhabitants
  • The Haunting
  • The HUNTED!
Book Cover

In Quake City, don’t go down to the docks at night…


Quake City at night. Smugglers at work. A dockworker found dead in the morning. Private investigator Danny Ashford suspects foul play. Investigative reporter Deepa Banwait follows a lead to the docks to land a story. When Danny and Deepa cross paths, trouble mounts.

Book Cover

Deafening screams – whispered voices – am I dreaming?

Get your FREE copy of The Evergreen Motel: Sleepless


Aly is pursued by her violent ex-boyfriend Kyle who will stop at nothing to find her and end her life. The Evergreen Motel seems like a concealed and safe place for Aly to hide, but is her ex the only one seeking her death?

This breathtaking short story is the first book in Marc Layton’s new The Evergreen Motel Series.

Book 2 releasing soon!

Book Cover

Seven-year-old JP Torn witnessed a murder. Eighteen years later he attempts to clear the name of the man wrongfully imprisoned for the murder, only to discover a string of lies that lead to more painful, DEADLY SECRETS.

Get your FREE copy of Deadly Secrets


Seven-year-old JP Torn witnessed a man shot to death. His secret haunted him for eighteen long years. In an attempt to clear the name of the man wrongfully imprisoned for the murder, he discovers an unforgiving brother, and a string of lies that lead to more painful, DEADLY SECRETS.

Book Cover

A Captivating Suspense Thriller Story (Part of Five Senses Collection)

Get your FREE copy of Before Your Eyes


A gripping tale that will leave you questioning your own reality. 

Waking from a hangover, I stumble into an elevator. But when it descends, I soon notice something is wrong. Women I recognize start boarding with me, coming and going one at a time. None speak to me. None acknowledge my presence.

I know that they mean something. They’re here for a reason. But something inside me won’t let me front up to what that is. A truth that I’ve tried to bury for a lifetime.

As the walls of my mind close in, a familiar face enters the elevator – one I thought I’d never see again…

Book Cover

Get your FREE copy of Black is my Heart


Two assassins. One little problem…

Finding dirt on politicians is usually easy, but Congressman Clements is more careful than most. Never one to back away from a challenge, devious Diamond enlists her old friend Snow in a scheme to catch their target in a compromising position. 

But the world of espionage rarely runs smoothly. Diamond soon finds herself stuck in an awkward position as she battles to save the job and fights her feelings for the man she loves.

Black is my Heart is a FREE prequel to both the Blackwood Security and Blackwood Elements series of romantic thrillers. Diamond and Snow’s stories are available in full right now.

Book Cover

Small-town clean murder mystery with a romantic twist

Get your FREE copy of Nowhere to Run


A peaceful town nestled at the foot of rising hills and a glacier lake becomes the scene of strange murders. Bodies of unidentifiable women start popping up across town. One murder after the next without any possible clues and rhyme or reason, but heavy with symbology alter the tenor of the town.

Chris Clapman leaves town the week bodies start showing up. He leaves and never tells anyone where he is going. When the bodies start showing up, the cops have no way of tracking who the victims are much less who the perpetrator is. But just because he has left town does not mean that he escapes the pain the city is put through. He has his coming as well.

Follow the case and the clues that are in plain sight as the town of McCall Junction tries to find the person behind a spree of murders and stains this once-pristine town with the blood of strangers. Who do you think it is?

This is the first book in a six-part series. As the clues in this book are presented, take note because they will be needed as you navigate your way through the other five books. Get your self to McCall Junction and grab a seat at the diner while you watch the suspense, thrill, and pain unfold. Get your copy now and come back for the other five in the series.

Book Cover

Walk into the life of Colin and Scout to reveal The Silhouette in the Dark City

Get your FREE copy of Shock (Book One of The Silhouette in the Dark City)


Thirty-three-year-old Colin Fowler and his dog Scout are simply detectives of smaller works. Drug busts, maybe a few missing people cases. It’s what makes up their life.

Thinking things can’t get any harder than a past that haunts him until this day, Colin can’t be further from wrong.

With five dead officers, and a serial killer who hides amongst the shadows, Colin is drawn into a blood curdling investigation.

With no witnesses, no evidence, and a killer who simply slips between their fingers, can Colin and Scout even begin to uncover the mystery? Or will they end up at gunpoint as well?

Published by

Born in England before The Beatles became famous. I worked in the printing and allied trades, starting as a compositor, anyone remembers those? Eventually grafting as an editor. Twenty years on a lifestyle magazine. With my wife and children, we have lived in Thailand for over thirty years, and love it. Now? I write thrillers, with a touch of humour. 'No Worries' series, book number one, 'Not Far Enough From Worries' book two, 'Worry No More' published at the end of 2018. 'Children With No Worries' was released in August 2019. All published with Book number 4, as yet unnamed is being written, it's about Thai black magic. Dark thrills!

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