Out of Bounds



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Get your FREE copy of Close Call

They thought it would be a boring day. They were wrong.


What happens when G.E.E.K.S. Inc. visit a fair in a relaxed surveillance duty?

First, they screw up that simple task.

Second, they get involved in something much more sinister.

When they realize there are two little boys involved, there’s nothing that can stop them from helping.

But what seemed to be only a local trouble, very soon grew into a web of deadly threats spread all over Los Angeles.

An unknown, powerful player in cartel wars slowly rises.

And they are the first ones who noticed him.

Close Call is the first novella in a new crime thriller series G.E.E.K.S. Inc.

Six novellas and nine novels will be coming to you throughout 2019.

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Get your FREE copy of Operation Snowdrop

When Everything Counts You Cross the Line…


Al Nadir has transformed terrorism. Through a sophisticated, corporate approach, they dominate global terror. The leader, Al Douri, has created an infiltrating and influential world power with vast destructive potential. His second in command, Sabena Sanantoni, is an evil and remarkable force. Her sadistic habits and savage behavior have coined her The Slayer. Even her closest allies cannot predict her next cruel move. But nobody doubts her status.

Sabena Sanantoni is the most dangerous woman in the world.

MI6 operative, Matthew Kinley, has dedicated his life to his country. But now his government has asked for a level of commitment that even he struggles to grasp. As a double agent, his duty is to walk the thin line between loyalty and betrayal. Kinley is thrown into a world of grey. The dark hole of Al Nadir pulls him one way and the bright torch of patriotism pulls him the other.

Can he walk the line without losing his soul?

Kinley’s brother in arms, Sam Noor, must also face the demands of British Intelligence. Both men have left their families at home, ignorant to their dangerous career path. They live in the space between two worlds. One is the domestic, loving home, and the other is the harsh and fierce duty of their jobs. But as the reality of Al Nadir infiltrates into the lives of UK citizens, these worlds gradually combine. When those they love are in danger, Sam and Kinley must face the ultimate question.

What sacrifices will they make to protect their country?

In a hidden London location, a potentially terrible, possibly brilliant, yet infinitely risky operation is being formulated. An operation to bring down Al Nadir. It’s a mission shared only by the hushed voices of four men. The future is in their hands, holding a plan that will change UK history forever. But the multiple, shifting factors needed for success are flaky and volatile.

Can some cosmic force shift the balance in their favour? Or will their good intentions only knock Earth into further darkness?

In a blackening world, it is the one beacon of hope: Operation Snowdrop.

No More Heroes

Roo I MacLeod

No More Heroes-#1 Dystopian Thriller Heroes Series is a fast-paced, dystopian thriller.

Ben Jackman’s world has gone mad. Riots and looting have brought soldiers onto the streets. Terrorism is the norm. And the boy who married his childhood sweetheart, the boy he once called a friend, wants him to babysit a long black sports bag jam-packed full of trouble.

When his ex-friend is found dead, battered and dumped in the vacant land adjoining Ben’s squat, the Law and the owners of the bag invade Ben’s world looking to ask questions.

He turns to his childhood sweetheart but that is his first mistake. Losing the bag is his second.

Ben must find the bag, find the killers of his old friend, and live happily ever after with the girl. Alas, two out of three is the best he can hope for.

No More Heroes, #1 Dystopian Thriller Heroes Series. If you love fast-paced adventure, engaging characters, a load of intrigue with a dystopian setting to wet your pants, then you’ll love the first installment of Roo I Macleod’s page-turning fhriller series.

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Newly joined Siamese twins – work that one out!

Get your FREE copy of Worry No More


A thriller set in Thailand.

This is the sequel to the popular ‘Not Far Enough From Worries’. Kev and Skylab pit their wits against Camilla, the beautiful but ruthless lesbian.

This dark novel starts in Hua Hin, a sleepy seaside town in Thailand. “Not much ever happens there.” Don’t you believe it! A thriving gambling hub, wives kill husbands to raise a stake for the next turn of a card. Never owe the debt-collector or his mother. You may be set alight!

Kev and Skylab are now the guardians of a very talented child, amongst other skills, he can tell if you are lying, making Kev very nervous, fortunately, the only person Nick will talk to is Camilla’s daughter, Philippa. That ability is useful if you want a casino.

Characters to avoid on a dark night are Mik and Mak, Thai twins, yes, real Siamese Twins. You’ll have to think about that comment. Their ‘friend’ Randy has some mental issues. He ends up missing part of his body!

The action moves to Bangkok for a fast, hard-hitting surprise. Horror when you don’t expect it!

This is book two in the ‘No Worries’ series. Book 3 ‘Children With No Worries’, published by amazon.com/author/colindevonshire


“Siamese twins?”

Published by Dark-Novels.com

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A gripping psychological thriller filled with mystery, suspense and intrigue, that keeps you guessing from beginning to end.

Get your FREE copy of She’s Gone!


On a rainy September morning baby Cassandra is kidnapped while her mother cowers in a closet. Shea is a victim of post-partum depression. 

When Detectives Darby and Mel begin to dig the truth becomes more and more murky. Ugly secrets from the past emerge. No one is above suspicion, least of all Shea, herself. In her desperation to find her baby who can she trust? Someone is watching . . . And nothing is as it seems . . .

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Prequel to A Murder Among Friends

Get your FREE copy of Marcus, Nick & Sam


Marcus, Nick, & Sam is a short story detailing characters in my novel A Murder Among Friends, a crime novel about the murder of a pregnant surrogate for a gay couple. Read about the beginning connections between Marcus, his childhood friend Nick, and his husband Sam. Get the free story when you sign up to my mailing list for periodic giveaways and sporadic updates.

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Antonio Wants to Take You For A Ride

Get your FREE copy of Driver Confessional


A ride share driver trolls the streets of Washington looking for his next fare. When a mysterious woman says too much on the way to a late-night meeting, she plunges Antonio into a world of espionage, corporate excess and secrets. 

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Get your FREE copy of Target’


Winner of the Reader-Voted #BestBook from the ‘Inks and Scratches’ Summer Splash Awards

Life is Good…

Charlotte is pregnant by James. Beth is pregnant by Richard, and now Michael’s ‘Second Wife’.

The Triad and the Couple are drawing ever closer.

James has an ‘understanding’ with Klempner – He will stay away and allow Mitch to live her own life.

Life is close to perfect.

What could possibly go wrong?

A BDSM Ménage Erotic Thriller

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Get your FREE copy of Dotty Dishes the Dirt


Discover this new series of murder and mayhem.

This charming cozy mystery will leave you scratching your head with its twists and turns.

Be enthralled by Dotty and her friends’ laugh out loud adventures.

Out of work Dotty starts up a gardening business. She unearths more than she bargains for in the shape of human bones.

Who is the body in the garden?

Can Dotty and her friends get to the bottom of the mystery?

Together, they expose secrets and lies that rock the close-knit community.

Everyone’s peace is about to be shattered.

This is the prequel to the Dotty Drinkwater Mystery Series.

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The picturesque town of San Fallon has become the hunting ground of the Notorious Wolf: a serial killer who displays his victims as fairy tale characters for the police to find. After months of searching, he’s finally found his Sleeping Beauty.

Get your FREE copy of Beautiful Death


Helena Sussex is everyone’s dream of a homecoming queen, with the quarterback boyfriend to match. The world is hers for the taking: whatever her looks and charm wouldn’t hand her could be earned by her quick wit. It’s left her bored and hungry for more, and she’s made a game out of controlling those around her. As long as no one realizes it was her constant manipulations led to the suicide of fellow cheerleader Wadelyn Fairchild, she can have it all.

Follow Helena’s path as she’s stalked by the Notorious Wolf to see if it leads to salvation, or if his Sleeping Beauty is denied her happily ever after.

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A girl tethered to a serial killer by heart leads them to the undiscovered bodies of The Devil’s breath victims.

Get your FREE copy of Tethered


Tethered follows two sisters, Willow and Raine Viviers along side two rogue FBI brothers on what seems like an impossible task to solving a dead end case. With no leads, and a corrupt government cover up, their time is running out to stop the spread of a Serial Killer Cult before another victim is claimed. But they have a secret weapon… Willow is a young adult who has just undergone a heart transplant who’s trauma has changed her, she’s gained a strange supernatural gift – she can see into the heart of the Devil’s Breath Killer. She not only feels the serial killer’s urges, knows his thoughts, but can somehow get’s visions through the eyes of his victims too. These visions are chaotic, menacing and evil, and Willow can hardly make sense of her own reality without going insane. How will she decipher and hone in her special abilities in time to save a missing agent and stop another Devil’s Breath Killing.

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A murder, a space shuttle tragedy, and a manhunt…

Get your FREE copy of Night Shadows


Why would an adopted child seeking his roots spark a manhunt that spans continents?

Could this have something to do with a tragedy on the latest mission to the Space Station under construction, or the spate of UFO sightings?

When Tom’s mother dies, he is persuaded to seek information about his birth, an action which opens the door to a mystery from the past. He finds himself the target of a foreign military force, but doesn’t know why. On the run, he follows a trail leading from England to the southwestern United States, to a conspiracy that has remained secret for decades.

The answer will challenge Tom’s humanity… and the humanity of those who seek him.

Reviewers said:  I would give it ten stars if I could; this is the best written, best edited and best plotted book I’ve read recently; highly recommended; vivid, visual, & powerful; sophisticated and psychologically complex. (Goodreads & Amazon)

Get your FREE copy of Blindsided

Get My Book

Psychiatrist Grant Garrick had it all: a thriving therapy practice, a bright, loving, and beautiful wife, a 15 year-old son filled with potential, and a gorgeous home on acreage overlooking the Puget Sound. Life couldn’t get much better.

Then tragedy struck.

Read the novella, Book 1, the prequel to the Psychiatrist Grant Garrick suspense-thriller series.

Learn why he defies danger and adventures beyond the boundaries of his profession to help solve his patients’ problems.

Book Cover

Was it self-defense from a burglar or something more?

Get your FREE copy of Cops and Intruders – A Short Story


A 911 call sends Officer Stuart Thompson to a shooting scene at a local residence. The homeowner claims he shot an intruder with a gun. In the sleepy suburban city of Platteville, Wisconsin burglars with guns are rare. Shootings almost never happen. 

Can Thompson figure out who the intruder is and the truth about events that ended in the shooting?

book cover

“Write Like Hell: Dark Fantasy & Horror Anthology Vol. 1”

by Scott Miller

Weird Fiction A fine collection of short-form horror stories.

Get the Book!

Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Write Like Hell is the first horror and dark fantasy anthology released by indie publishing house Sentinel Creatives. Adapted from the zine released under the same name, “Write Like Hell” features stories from Scott Miller, Justin Probyn, and Mitchell Luthi. Between these pages you’ll find a feast of fiction for you to sink your teeth into. This release sees the debut of not one but two writers: Scott Miller’s “Panopticon” is as unsettling as it is well-crafted. Pessimistic horror at its finest, this is a must-read for fans of Connolly and Ligotti. Justin Probyn’s debut, “Void Born,” blends gritty sci-fi, gore, and cosmic horror into one seamless festival of the obscene. And Mitchell Luthi’s “Dregmere” and “Lord Ruthven” are modern and titillating takes on the Victorian Gothic genre.









Published by dark-novels.com

Born in England before The Beatles became famous. I worked in the printing and allied trades, starting as a compositor, anyone remembers those? Eventually grafting as an editor. Twenty years on a lifestyle magazine. With my wife and children, we have lived in Thailand for over thirty years, and love it. Now? I write thrillers, with a touch of humour. 'No Worries' series, book number one, 'Not Far Enough From Worries' book two, 'Worry No More' published at the end of 2018. 'Children With No Worries' was released in August 2019. All published with amazon.com/author/colindevonshire Book number 4, as yet unnamed is being written, it's about Thai black magic. Dark thrills!

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