Monsters and Creepy Crawlies!

I wrote a book for my children – I wanted them to enjoy reading as much as I did at their age. One of the differences, social media – the solution was easy, link reading with SmartPhones. Now they read on Kindle. I must admit I prefer the touch and smell of paper, but there you have it, I’m just old!

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“A life without adventure is no life at all…”

Download your copy of Gladius and the Bartlett Trial


Run with Gladius on this epic adventure through the daunting pillars of Longwood Forest, past the beasts of lore and fancy, to the shadowy Hills of the Moon. Feel the creepy twinges of the nefarious tyrant Mulhurt pull and twist at Gladius’ instincts. Crave the raw emotions as a budding friendship blossoms into young love when Ellie captivates his heart. Embrace and experience heartache and humor, fear and courage, doubt and confidence. Come along — join Gladius on this tantalizing fantasy adventure sure to appease your inner soul!

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A nine-headed snake!

Get your FREE copy of Petal and Ben’s Adventures in Thailand


Two young children enjoy their adventures in Thailand. Written to get my two reading!

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Terrifying, funny, thrilling!

Get your FREE copy of The Shark in the Park


This new, beautifully illustrated children’s shark book is available in paperback and digital versions. The Kindle version includes links to exclusive interactive content. 
Perfect for early and elementary readers. 
This book may be adorable for young kids but is also enjoyable for the whole family.
Also fun or to be read aloud, this fun children’s shark picture book has become one of the most popular shark ebooks ever.

Very Original and Funny in the End – Not Terribly Scary! 
By Rebecca of Amazon HALL OF FAME TOP 100 REVIEWER VINE VOICE on March 28, 2014 Format: Paperback 
You would think that a story about a shark would be a very scary read. While the book does have some suspense and adventure it is perfectlyfine for kids. In fact it might teach children to face their fears.
Basically the story is about a boy named Michael who sees a shark in the park. The shark chases him and eats his homework. You can imagine thestory he told his teacher that day after he barely makes it to the bus. 
I don’t want to tell you the ending of the story because it is so cuteand funny. It is better if it is a surprise. 
This is one of the cutestkid’s books I’ve ever read. Highly Recommended.

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A secret, magical universe. A young girl’s fate. A father’s dilemma.

Get your FREE copy of The Rise of the Ameedis (A Fantasy Prequel)


As Kaira Renn continues her everyday existence, the secret, magical society her dad and aunt work in is disrupted by dark movements and familiar enemies. Before long, Kaira’s dad is engulfed in battle once more, tracing danger and struggling against dark forces. It is during the fall out of battle that Casper Renn is forced to accept an inevitable truth: darkness in the Society will lead to danger for his daughter unless she learns of its existence, gaining the necessary training and knowledge. Soon after, the decision is made and Kaira enters a secret, magical universe – laying the foundations for her dizzying adventures.

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What would you do to keep from being a monster?

Get your FREE copy of Lost in the Graveyard


Tim feels lost and humiliated when the neighborhood bullies prank him, leaving him alone in the old town graveyard. But his real troubles start when glowing green mist rolls in and zombies start to dig out of the ground.

Tim is saved by a group of werewolves, but he doesn’t escape without getting bit. Now he will do whatever he can to escape his future as a monster.

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Will Dylan find his cosydoze in time to get to sleep?

Download your copy of Dylan’s Cosydoze


Dylan cannot sleep without his Cosydoze,
but it goes missing on a visit to Granny’s
house. Where has it gone? And can Mum
and Dad get Dylan to sleep without it?

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Sniffer, you annoyed the farm animals. Run!

Download your copy of Phew! What’s that smell at the Farm


A funny rhyming picture book for beginner readers based on a day at the farm for ages 2–6.

Your child will love joining in with the simple rhyming words which have been chosen to encourage reading strategies at the beginner stage.

Sniffer takes delight in rolling in a cowpat at the farm. The animals don’t like the smell and do everything they can to get rid of the pongy pup. But it’s only when a turkey takes up chase that Sniffer gets the message and runs back home. The perfect book to read at bedtime or at any time you want to share a giggle.

The rhyming books are for early readers of the Sniffer Children’s Books series and purposefully run alongside the series for familiarity which will aid the reading process.

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Get your FREE copy of Kindergarten Teachers are Witches


Fiction. A humorous look at school from the viewpoint of little Bailey as she starts Kindergarten.

It seems that parents don’t notice the mean looks or scary faces of the teacher, Mrs. Bones, but Bailey and her new friends do. They had their guesses all along, but finally on Halloween the true nature of Mrs.Bones is revealed when she dishes up her favorite meal.

This book is appropriate for ages 5 and up.

Get your FREE copy of The Persephane Pendrake Chronicles-One-The Cimaruta

Get My FREE Book

A young 13-year-old witch and wizard. A quest for 9 Magical Objects – Winner Takes All. An evil sorceress, determined to beat them and rule the planet.

Enter a magical world of mystery and wonder, where fantasy reigns supreme and casual chatter sparkles green. Meet Persephane (or Persy as she prefers), Thaddeus, Benson and P-C as they embark on their enchanted adventures to thwart the evil, black witch Melanthios…

Push the outer boundaries of your imagination into a world where Persy (a very talented almost 13 year old witch, magic her ‘modus operandi’) and her close friend Thaddeus (a 13 year old wizard) with their familiars –Benson (a very cheeky dragonfly) and P-C (a far from brave dragon) pit magic, bravery, skill and allegiances from a swarm of magical creatures against the tall, dark and malevolent Melanthios. “Best new fantasy series books” one reader claims….

Follow them as they wind through periods in time, to discover ancient magic from cultures all throughout the history of the world in this best fantasy book in a long time.

Success for Melanthios means that the entirety of this planet will fall under her control. Our world will become dark, bleak, cold and lorded over by her demons – forever.

Will this ever end? What chance does our team stand? You’ll see…

“Warning: minimal and mild offensive language.”

Visit her site at Lady Ellen – a new fantasy author to be followed…

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More about Eternal Seas by Lexi Rees

Such a small parcel shouldn’t cause experienced smugglers much trouble. But, as Finn and Aria discover, this is the most dangerous delivery of their lives.

Battered by storms and chased across the globe by an evil warlord, they enlist the help of a strange witch-doctor.

Together, they struggle to solve the mystery while the fate of an ancient civilisation depends on them, and time is running out …

An action-packed fantasy adventure for children aged 7-12.

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Oh, no! Rory Fox has FLEAS!

Get your FREE copy of How a Fox Deals with Fleas


An “easy reader” story featuring a bit of Scottish folklore.

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Read Vampires at Easter to start a whimsical, whiskery mystery today!

Get your FREE copy of Vampires at Easter, Diary of a Snoopy Cat


Can one cat detective keep vampires off the guest list?

Inca the Siberian Kitty and her globetrotting furry family are always up for an adventure. She can’t wait for the upcoming Easter jamboree at Bran Castle. It’s bound to inspire pages of new thrills for her diary. But behind the fancy dresses and decorations, Inca stumbles upon a spooky mystery…

When a scheming sorceress and a would-be vampire threaten to crash the party, Inca must follow the clues to thwart their plan. With her family and new friends in danger, the world’s greatest cat detective must think on all four feet to keep vampires from running wild in Transylvania.

Vampires at Easter is the 6th standalone children’s book in the Diary of a Snoopy Cat series, which is perfect for kids ages 7-12. If you and your child like animal adventures, lessons about different cultures, and working together with family and friends, then you’ll love R.F. Kristi’s cat detective series.

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Prequel to Kristyn Gansen’s forthcoming Evil Spirits series

Get your FREE copy of The Stone of Doom


Nothing can never just be normal for Kyle.

An average afternoon turns spooky when Kyle’s younger sister and her friend discover a shiny golden ring in the backyard. The ring is missing its gem, but the girls have the perfect stone in mind. When they mount the stone in the ring, strange things begin to happen, and Kyle’s easy afternoon on the hammock quickly turns dark.

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‘First comes the iron and then comes the snow, and then comes the winter when nothing will grow.’

Get your FREE copy of Ironheart

Since her father went missing while prospecting for oil in Siberia, life has been tougher than ever for India Bentley. Little does she know that he was actually searching for Ironheart, a legendary fortress containing the secrets of the old world. A place some say could save humanity . . . or destroy the world.Along with tech-hunter Verity Brown and her android, Calculus, a killer from the old world turned protector in the new, India must make the journey to remote Siberia to try to find her father and finish his work. But there are others fighting to find Ironheart too – and they have very different goals in mind.If India fails, it won’t just be her father who pays the price. It will cost her the Earth.

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A brave girl’s journey through a magical Old Japan

Download your copy of Kameko and the Monkey-King


When her mother falls ill, brave Kameko sets off on a journey to bring back the jewel from the Monkey-King’s crown, known for its healing properties. Along the way she is helped by both people and kindly divinities, but will the Monkey-King give up his jewel so easily? Exquisitely illustrated by Claire Loescher with lino prints that bring a fairytale Japan to life, Kameko and the Monkey-King is a magical story, showing that courage and kindness bring unexpected gifts.

A strong female protagonist battling to save her mother. A Red Ribbon winner and highly recommended. The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

The story has a lyrical quality as though it is being told by an oral Storyteller of old. The illustrations seem simple at first glance but are actually quite complex for linocuts (and) suit the storyline perfectly… black and white with touches of red giving it a historic Japanese flavour. Bonnie Ferrante, picture book reviewer.

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Sometimes it takes a modern kid to save a lost kingdom.

Get your FREE copy of Alfred The Boy Who Would Be King


Alfred just wants to play computer games but his mysterious mother hides a dark past. She can’t or won’t reveal who his father is. “Was,” is all she says. Alfred can’t believe she won’t tell him.

But one day, after watching Alfred show off his computer game fighting goblins and trolls, she feints and says a name! Alfred knows it must be his father. But the name calls forth a wizard with no memory!

Alfred realizes some really daunting things. He is transported to a kingless kingdom that has an amnesiac wizard, a hopeless cleric, starving farmers, cowardly bandits, disloyal knights, an unkept keep, and oh yeah, a horde of goblins is coming to invade the desolate land!   
Join Alfred, the Boy Who Would Be King!

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A big secret, an unlikely hero, a little bit of magic.

Get your FREE copy of The Lost Remnant


A legend is unearthed. A myth becomes a reality.

James Peters has his summer mapped out, but his plans quickly change as his school break starts getting weird. After nearly getting killed by someone with abilities only found in fairy tales, he finds himself involved in a conflict with the person that killed his father.

With his life at stake, James is forced to team up with a would-be fossil thief in order to get some answers about his dad. But, faster than he can say Micropachycephalosaurus, James finds himself in the middle of an epic battle that throws his understanding of history into a tailspin and threatens to diminish his current life expectancy … from 78.74 to 14.65.

Remnant is the first book in the action-packed Mythic Beasts series. If you like modern fantasy, mythical creatures, and lots of hijinks, you’ll love this book by Randall Floyd.

Download Remnant and plunge into a new fantastic world today!

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For Fans of Harry Potter, Narnia, Dark Crystal, Alice in Wonderland, Neverending Story, Wrinkle in Time

Get Books 1-5 FREE — Join DigitalSPF!


Magic — Portals to Other Worlds — An Ancient Prophecy Awakened… 

FOR A LIMITED TIME: GET BOOKS 1-5 FREE When You join DigitalSPF (Supernatural, Paranormal, Fantasy Book Binge)!!!

Who needs a typical lazy summer by the lake when you can have a thrilling and dangerous quest to save a new friend… but only if the Scratchers don’t kill you first!    

Don’t Want to Join Today? Grab the Full 11 Book Series for ONLY 4.99 for a Limited Time!

  • “Wow. Just wow. This was a book I desperately wish existed when I was a young teen. Not only was it an amazingly well-written story, but it reminded me of other great fantasies I have read. Reminiscent of books like Something Wicked This Way Comes. The ending blew me away and left me wanting more. I can’t wait to read the second book!”- A Girl and Her Kindle
  • “This enjoyable teen read mixes suspense and action with funny elements and serious parts. I look forward to seeing where the series goes…in many senses of that word. To know what I’m getting at, read the book.” –The Paisley Reader
  • Humphrey Quinn delivers an epic coming of age fantasy tale that captures the imagination and has created a new literary classic for the ages…

Teen twins, Meghan and Colin Jacoby, have never questioned their uncle’s only rule to live by—never stay in one place for too long. Instead, they’ve traveled the countryside with him in his travel trailer moving from place to place for nearly thirteen years, never having a reason to question why he chose this unsettled life—until now.

All they’ve come to know is about to change in this fast-paced, action-packed saga that blends the modern-day world with the enchantment of a classic fantasy adventure.

Through an unexpected series of events and strange encounters, they enter a foreign world that straddles their own—one of new friends, magical mysteries, and spellbinding twists that send them on dangerous missions and facing deadly enemies that are only supposed to exist in the world of make believe.

But as these encounters and events get stranger and scarier and become all too real, the true quest reveals itself and the adventure will take on a whole new meaning—to unravel the mysteries about their past and revealing why they have to stay on the move, as well as discover where they truly belong and if there’s such a thing as a place called home.

Book 1: Awaken
Book 2: Shifting
Book 3: Embrace
Book 4: Broken
Book 5: Divided
Book 6: Taken
Book 7: Control
Book 8: Forsaken
Book 9: Sacrifice
Book 10: Redeem
Book 11: Ascend (Series Finale)

Book Cover

Get your FREE copy of Enchanted Trees


Ash, a young treefolk, is playing with her friends when she comes across a lost human named Marta. The young girl is cold, hungry, and alone. Ash can’t leave her there, but she knows nothing about humans or where they’re from. This doesn’t stop her from trying to help Marta anyway. The only thing standing in her way is one of the elder treefolk; Bitteralder.

The elder treefolk remember how the humans once hunted and killed them. To the elders, humans are bad, and if they let this one go, more will return to kill them. Bitteralder and the other elders work against Ash to keep Marta in their treefolk village so she cannot go home.

Ash knows Marta belongs with her own people. She must help the little girl to safety before winter comes. Together with her friends, Ash strives to find a way to help Marta.

In this book, we follow Ash’s journey as she befriends and protects a lost little girl. This action adventure story whisks us into a world of fantasy and magic where we see the extent one is willing go to rescue their friend.

Will Ash and her friends find the strength to defeat Bitteralder or will this elder treefolk’s long memory allow hatred of humans to poison the treefolk village? Start reading to find out.

Book Cover

There’s no place like home.

But how far would you go to find it?


Cairo hates living with the Mulch family, but she’s only eleven and has nowhere else to go. Forced into a life of stealing, she’s desperate to find her real parents and ask them why she was left in a trunk when she was a baby.

When she meets Mel, a petty thief, Cairo realizes that she might be able to discover the truth about her past. But as she gets closer to solving the puzzle, she learns that her choices come with a price – a price she might not be able to pay.

The Pickpocket and the Thief is a short story in the Stolen Treasures middle-grade series. If you like timeless adventures, brave heroines, lying auctioneers, tall tales and quirky humor, you’ll love this introduction to Susie Dinneen’s enchanting series.

Start reading The Pickpocket and the Thief today – for free – for an adventure that you won’t want to end.

Book Cover

An agent, his hypochondriac partner, and a pitch black sewer. What could possibly go wrong?

Get your FREE copy of CHUM: A Caleb Stark FBI Short Story


FBI Agent Caleb Stark is one of the agency’s finest. But when he’s assigned Agent Wilson as a partner, a desk geek and aging hypochondriac, he wonders if he’s done something seriously wrong. Stark can’t wait for Wilson’s retirement in a few short hours.

When their plane is unexpectedly rerouted to Page, Arizona, however, it puts Wilson’s retirement plans on hold and Stark is forced to drag Wilson and his pockets full of hand sanitizer along with him one more time. 

The Mission: investigate the mysterious disappearances of tourists, residents, and two previous FBI agents who had been assigned to the case.

Stark knows Page like the back of his hand. This mission will be a piece of cake! And if he managed to drag Wilson’s reluctant butt through their last top-secret mission and keep that pencil pusher alive, surely he can do it one more time. 

There’s just one problem. 

Although Stark has faced the world’s leading terrorists, free climbed the highest mountains, and even stared down the angriest soccer moms, he’ll descend into the sewers of Page and face an enemy unlike anything he’s seen before. 

For what should be an easy mission soon turns deadly as Stark and Wilson learn the sewer is full of deadly man-eating CHUM . . . and the agents are next on the menu.

This kindle short read by award-winning author, Robin Glassey, is a funny eBook for kids and adults alike. It’s full of light-hearted humor, with action and adventure, as any FBI story should have. If you love middle grade, Lake Powell, creepy campfire stories, and quirky characters, this short story is for you.

Published by

Born in England before The Beatles became famous. I worked in the printing and allied trades, starting as a compositor, anyone remembers those? Eventually grafting as an editor. Twenty years on a lifestyle magazine. With my wife and children, we have lived in Thailand for over thirty years, and love it. Now? I write thrillers, with a touch of humour. 'No Worries' series, book number one, 'Not Far Enough From Worries' book two, 'Worry No More' published at the end of 2018. 'Children With No Worries' was released in August 2019. All published with Book number 4, as yet unnamed is being written, it's about Thai black magic. Dark thrills!

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