Film Review – Skylab and Kev join us

We at are proud to announce that Skylab and Kev leap off the ‘No Worries’ pages and will be join us with regular blogs. They will discuss the latest film they have seen or book they have read.

They will begin with a film they watched yesterday, ‘Closer To God’. Now don’t get confused, there are more movies with similar names. Maybe you have seen, or heard about the  ‎David Duchovny one? Not that one, this one is very different. This is the Billy Sinese horror of cloning, it can go wrong!

Skylab, what do you think? “I enjoyed the film, a good script and brilliant acting, scary yes, but it makes you think. It has a plus and a minus to it, think we as a race will be thinking about the ethical and moral implications for some years to come… just because we can, does not mean we should… it’s a case of using advanced technology we, humanity are not ready for.”

What is your take on it Kev? “That as a race, we need to watch closely what is going on in the scientific community. These things are happening NOW! The stuff they tell us about is nowhere close to what they are doing… imagine some half human half beast growing in a lab somewhere… while they try to figure out a way to weaponise it. The film was interesting on many levels, sad, scary. I wonder if they thought about changing the end. Better not mention what happened, it may spoil things.”

One of the more thought-provoking films you’ll probably ever witness. They disguised this as a sci-fi film and yet with a horror genre texture but it’s much more than just another science fiction or horror film. In fact, I don’t believe it really meets the definition of either genre. This could be a cautionary tale of Biomedical ethics and the horrors and horrific consequences of taking evolution into our hands in a laboratory. “Just because we can do mean we should” “Elizabeth” is the cloned baby but yet her actual character only represents the science not the plot of the movie. Make no mistake. This is not a “Species” remake of any kind and the actual character of “Elizabeth” the cloned baby never even talks to us nor does she grow any older than two months in the duration of this film. But, the subplot that is ever present in a brief but memorable scenes finally builds and unfolds its self into the horrors that can be imagined with experimental cloning of an actual human. Nothing works correctly in the prototype phase. The ending scenes made me saddened and also a bit queezy in the stomach. A young child’s lust for love and a fathers neglect and absence are always tragic for the child.

Thanks to both Skylab and Kev for spending the time to watch and add your comments.

“You’re welcome Colin. We both enjoyed the picture, thought provoking, makes you consider the near future.”

Anyone out there interested in reading more about Skylab and Kev, why not read about them – FREE – ‘Not Far Enough From Worries’.

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