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Get your FREE copy of It Began With a Lie

2018 Winner of the Paranormal Romance Guild’s Reviewer’s Choice Award

A fresh start. That’s what Becca hoped the move from New York to Redemption, Wisconsin would be for her troubled family. A way to get her crumbling marriage back on track, and to bond with her difficult 16-year-old stepdaughter.

But instead of a new beginning, Becca is thrust into a mysterious past she barely remembers. A past that includes the complications of interacting with her old teenage crush, Daniel, as well as living in her aunt’s old house.

A house with a violent past. A house the locals swear is haunted.

But there’s no such thing as ghosts. Right?

So, could there be something even more sinister out to destroy them?

And can Becca discover the truth before it’s too late?

Grab your preview of this gripping psychological thriller/mystery/romantic suspense series from bestselling author Michele Pariza Wacek.

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Lies and Misdirection Rule the Game

Download your copy of The Last Lie She Told

To some, Fiona O’Dell is clever and manipulative. To others, she is a dangerous sociopath. One thing is certain – she’s trouble wherever she goes. Now she has vanished from her job, but not before being seen leaving a motel room where one man is found dead, another on the edge of death. Is this grizzly crime scene a BDSM encounter gone wrong? Or is it related to a company data breach where all three are employed?

Private security expert Lee Stone and NYPD Detective Belle Hughes are assigned to the case. In a race to find Fiona, they track her across four states and shocked to find men from her past are being murdered. With little information and even less evidence, each new crime scene brings more questions than answers.

While secrets are revealed, there is only one conclusion: Fiona controls the game, the players, even the course of the investigation. The danger escalates, and the game must be mastered, or all fall victim to it. As Lee and Belle struggle to put all the pieces together, the two investigators find their relationship heats up as they are drawn to each other. Looking for a murder mystery with a feisty female detective that’s filled with twists and turns? Explore The Last Lie She Told for a thrill ride that leaves you guessing until the end.

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Psychological thrillers make some of the best books on bookshelves and there are plenty of them on all the online retailers.

When you put down your current psychological thriller though, what are you going to read?

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Newly joined Siamese twins – work that one out!

Get your FREE copy of Worry No More

A thriller set in Thailand.

This is the sequel to the popular ‘Not Far Enough From Worries’. Kev and Skylab pit their wits against Camilla, the beautiful but ruthless lesbian.

This dark novel starts in Hua Hin, a sleepy seaside town in Thailand. “Not much ever happens there.” Don’t you believe it! A thriving gambling hub, wives kill husbands to raise a stake for the next turn of a card. Never owe the debt-collector or his mother. You may be set alight!

Kev and Skylab are now the guardians of a very talented child, amongst other skills, he can tell if you are lying, making Kev very nervous, fortunately, the only person Nick will talk to is Camilla’s daughter, Philippa. That ability is useful if you want a casino.

Characters to avoid on a dark night are Mik and Mak, Thai twins, yes, real Siamese Twins. You’ll have to think about that comment. Their ‘friend’ Randy has some mental issues. He ends up missing part of his body!

The action moves to Bangkok for a fast, hard-hitting surprise. Horror when you don’t expect it!

This is book two in the ‘No Worries’ series. Book 3 ‘Children With No Worries’, to be published 2019.


“Siamese twins?”

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The thrilling real-life travel adventure of two lives balanced on the edge of a knife.

If the suspense does not kill you, the twist will!

Is it possible that everything that has happened in your life was for a reason? That each experience, however seemingly insignificant or deeply painful, has been designed to enable you to thrive – or survive – the adventures of the future that await you?

That is the premise of this thrilling suspense rollercoaster-ride of youthful dreams, love and naivety set against the backdrop of a worldwide backpacking travel adventure.

3 Seconds in Bogota is the real-life story of a young man who set out in the early 90s to explore the world searching for love, luck and happiness – but most of all, to earn his independence. After years of struggle, he ends up travelling in the land of his dreams, South America. With a girl ‘to die for’ on his arm and money finally in his pocket, life at twenty-seven years old for the young Englishman, could not have been better.

Then, just as they were about to return home, with nothing more than gifts and happy memories, he makes a fatal mistake.

They are about to vanish into thin air, leaving no trace.

As his life flashes before him, the words of a distant promise rise from his deepest memories –  Never give up. 

Could the impossible, be possible? Can he change their fate?

He still has three seconds.


True Story. You know sometimes you watch movies or books and they say these events are all based on true stories, but then you find out later that, that isn’t the case. Yeah, this story isn’t one of those. From the beginning, we jump into a world full of youthful adventure and mishap, of a young man looking to find himself and maybe looking for love. We follow him as he travels the world trying to make ends meet living his dream and then through the papers of this book you’ll go on a joyride with him through his ups and downs. A great book. A great read. A memorable story

Great read. Fast paced Suspense. Thoroughly enjoyed the suspense of all the twists and turns – its journey through many lives and situations. Each page left a feeling of uncertainty about what was coming next. Couldn’t put it down and it read all in one go. 

Masterful Suspense! Superbly crafted, and I love the structure of going back and forth between present tense and flashbacks, stretching time, even making time stand still. Genius! I know it’s a cliche to say “couldn’t put it down”, but it was true in this case, causing me to miss my bus stop (in Buenos Aires now as it so happens) because I was so hooked!

How long is a second?

Unravel the possibilities of the impossible in Mark Playne’s riveting debut suspense & thriller travel memoir 3 Seconds in Bogota and find out how long a second can be – when you only have three left.

Screenwriter and Director Mark Playne is known for his multi-award-winning short films. 3 Seconds in Bogota is his first novella-length story, in his series of true adventure stories called You couldn’t make it up.

If you loved the escalating backpacking thrills of Alex Garland’s The Beach, giggled at the insights of the travelling humour of Are You Experienced? or were immersed in the wild action adventure of Shantaram then don’t hesitate, and add your copy of 3 Seconds in Bogota to your library now.

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And counting.

Are you ready?

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Insomnia is that place between dream and wake when nothing quite makes sense…

Download your FREE copy of Insomnia now!

From the best-selling author of A Mutual Addiction…

It’s just a normal Tuesday morning in the sleepy fishing town of Silverside, Oregon.

The crabbers come early to check their traps. Every Tuesday just before dawn. Like clockwork. There’s no need for a blaring horn to disturb the peace because there isn’t another vessel for miles.

Just Cressida alone on the beach.

The sky crackles and the sea hums. The world goes quiet, just for a moment, like it’s afraid to draw even a single breath. The stillness is electrifying. But something isn’t right.

Something is out of place…

A sound. Out of place in the frozen dawn. Bustling and squabbling. Feathers beating against the air and snapping against rough brick. Sharp claws scraping stone like flint. Seagulls line up along the rockface and down the angled stilts on either side of the overhang that forms a cave beneath the old Mermaid Asylum. Their fat bodies huddle together against the cold and their feathers ruffle in the wind. They don’t move, not even to blink. 
Still as gargoyles guarding some mythical treasure. Cressida’s treasure.

And they’re beckoning her inside.

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One woman’s journey from oblivion to recovery

Get your FREE copy of My Dark Decline

A troubled relationship, a damaged past and a bottle of wine mixed together make a volatile cocktail for Sophie.
Her journal documents the destructive descent into the grips of alcohol addiction.
Sophie Brown likes to work hard and play hard. Trapped in a relationship she can’t escape from, alcohol becomes her best friend. Unable to accept she has a problem, she becomes increasingly dependent on booze. Full of remorse and afraid of her own behaviour, Sophie finally agrees to accept help and enters rehab, where the road to recovery begins. When one of the friends she makes there disappears, Sophie knows she is up against time to find and save her.
Sometimes harrowing, sometimes poignant, this funny yet sad novel shows you a real glimpse into what happens when the life of a promising, talented young woman spirals out of control.

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Dark and ominous, this obsessive debut will keep you up at night.

Download your preview of A Mutual Addiction today

The doctors called it aphantasia, but Cressida called it purgatory: slow, torturous emptiness…

It has been 3,684 days since the accident and as many nights since Cressida Dunhill last dreamed. Three years ago she moved to the sleepy coastal town of Silverside, Oregon to escape her bloody past, but now she’s drowning in its tedium. A psychologist specializing in dream analysis, Cressida spends her days pretending to care about the nightmares of fishermen and burnouts in a former mental institution grimly nicknamed “The Mermaid Asylum.” Yet she is condemned to spend her own nights in a dreamless fugue, more like death than sleep.

Until the day she meets Vee, a water nymph of a girl who splashes colour into Cressida’s dull life. And that night, after ten years of emptiness, Cressida suddenly dreams again. 

But are Cressida’s dreams and Vee’s appearance in her life linked? As Cressida searches for answers to her abrupt recovery, the rigid boundaries that have protected Cressida for so long break down and the women become fast friends. Perhaps too fast. And when Vee shows up to an appointment covered in bruises, Cressida begins to suspect that Vee’s two-timing, musician boyfriend, Rex, could pose a threat to both Vee’s future and Cressida’s future dreams.

Only she can protect them both. 

Dark and atmospheric, A Mutual Addiction is a psychological journey that traces the fine line between morbid fascination and dangerous obsession and offers an unsettling glimpse into the depths of desperation and how far someone is willing to go to protect their dreams. Widdicks’ haunting debut is HBO’s In Treatment meets Patricia Highsmith’s The Talented Mr Ripley, but with women as both protagonist and villain.

If you’re a fan of suspense masters like Caroline Kepnes and Gillian Flynn, you’ll be dreaming about A Mutual Addiction long after you finish.

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Get your FREE copy of Jamie’s Gamble

Jamie Thompson’s never been good at taking chances. Young, beautiful and from a wealthy family she’s had little reason to. She has it all. Everything but what she values most—her freedom. So she counts the cost and flees her CEO father’s domination to a Texas border town where a friend has set up a job for her.

What she didn’t count on is meeting Ricky Benson. Ricky’s dream of pitching in the big leagues shattered by an injury, he’s killing his disappointment with booze and blondes. Jamie knows he’s trouble, but she sees the good side of him too. What she doesn’t see coming is the shocking crime that throws her world into turmoil and threatens her new-found love for Ricky.

Life is a gamble, Jamie’s learning, and she finds that for love she may have to risk it all.

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Reiko Watanabe / Inspector Aizawa Book

Get your FREE copy of Conspiracy in Tokyo

Tokyo, March 1931

The Great Depression has wrecked Japan’s economy, leaving thousands unemployed, desperate, and angry. Dark rumours swirl around the city, hinting at an impending coup d’é tat against the civilian government. Inspector Kenji Aizawa of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department must go undercover and infiltrate the Kusanagi Society, one of the right-wing groups that are threatening to overthrow the government. As Aizawa goes deeper into Tokyo’s underworld, he meets Masaru Ryusaki, the leader of the Kusanagi Society and a key figure in a vast conspiracy involving the Imperial Japanese Army. Aizawa must thwart Ryusaki’s plot or risk Japan being thrown into chaos.

The exciting prequel to the Reiko Watanabe/Inspector Aizawa series, Conspiracy in Tokyo dives into an often overlooked period in Japanese history filled with danger and intrigue.

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Every Generation She Feeds

Get your FREE copy of Cicada Summer

For rookie park ranger, Matt Holmes, life couldn’t be better. He’s met the woman of his dreams, lives in picturesque Thunderbird Falls, and spends his days working in nature’s majesty. But Matt’s picture-perfect life is about to take a turn for the surreal when his investigation into a string of accidental deaths reveals terrifying similarities with a series of fatalities seventeen years prior, including the drowning of his mother.

Pagan ceremonies, unexplained occult rites, and a mysterious preacher are just a few of the difficulties Matt, girlfriend Colleen, and fellow ranger Andy Zimmerman must face as they uncover the source of an evil which has fed on the town of Thunderbird Falls for generations. The only question remaining. Can they stop it?

Sample chapters, not full copy.

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A family secret. A suspicious town. A cop with something to prove.

Get your FREE copy of Pieces Of A Lie

A gripping psychological thriller with a twist of noir set around the beaches of South Australia.

Detective Lincoln Drummond is in disgrace. Once a rising star, he’s been packed off to the small Australian town of Failie, where he is unknown and unwelcome. He’s determined to arrest those responsible for a series of high-profile antique robberies. When he meets Mina, a struggling antique dealer with a criminal father, it seems a quick arrest is all he needs to get his career back on track.

Mina Everton has worked to overcome the slur of being the daughter of a man who skipped town with his mistress and the town development fund. She’s on the cusp of opening the doors for her antique business when Drummond arrives on her doorstep and seems far too eager to see her as a suspect.

Their attraction is as strong as their mistrust…

Determined to save her business and disprove Drummond’s suspicions Mina reluctantly falls in with crime boss Slab Carlson who offers help her expose the truth behind the robberies—if she helps him first. But Mina gets in too deep.

When Drummond discovers she’s involved with Carlson he believes his worst fears are realised.

And then he finds the body…

Grab this Ned Kelly Crime Fiction Award-nominated book today and get lost in the suspense.

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A New Orleans detective with an attitude. Have you met Mario?

Get your FREE copy of True Blue Detective

Ride along with the New Orleans Police Department as the officers work together to solve unusual happenings in this unique, historic city.

You’ll meet Zack Nelson, a former police officer, now living in a retirement centre because of his daughter-in-law’s illness. While he’s not keen to move, he does so temporarily to help his son, Tom, and Patty copes with the medical issues.

Zack still got a lot of detective in him and senses that something is wrong with all the supposedly natural deaths that are happening, not only to his family but with the older folks who are seemingly in good health. He works with the police officers to help untangle and solve several ongoing crimes that seem to surround and affect him.

Along with his new roommate Dave, and two engaging sisters, Pearl Ann and Emma Lou (genteel Southern women), the foursome are involved with touring New Orleans, getting involved in social events, tasting an amazing array of New Orleans food and drink, participating in shoot-outs, and creating a few hijinks of their own.

This fast-paced story is filled with mystery, humour, international black-market sales, Southern charm, and characters you won’t soon forget. You’ll visit the French Quarter, the Garden District, the Warehouse District, and be a guest at an unusual funeral held in a true New Orleans custom.

This is the first book in the True Blue Detective series. The author, Vito Zuppardo, is a former resident and New Orleans expert who helps create a visual tour through the Crescent City that makes it come alive for the reader.

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Six Stories of Cold War Noir

Get your FREE copy of Welcome to the Hotel Yalta

Six Stories of Cold War Noir

An heiress who can’t seem to keep her legs closed. A Russian plan for dominating the space race. An assassin with a penchant for rich food and sadistic murder. When you’re alone in the cold, passion and betrayal are commodities and love hangs on by an icy thread. From the author of The Bone Church and Cold, comes a white knuckle tour de force of Cold War noir.

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The Truth is all yours!

A modern killer thriller that flips the genre on its head, the Truth Files is binge-reading at its best.

‘The most horribly entertaining villain I’ve ever encountered.’ Simon Vesker, Buzzfeed.

‘Written vividly and utterly compelling.’ Darick Robertson, co-creator Transmetropolitan & The BOYS.

‘Justin Truth makes me look like the good guy.’ Jonny Fairplay, Survivor.

‘… like crack cocaine in the written form, highly addictive.’ Nick Worthington, Creative Chairman ColensoBBDO.

Corporate Truth: A corporation is a psychopath in the purest form. It will prey upon the weak, exploit the intelligent, and corrupt the virtuous—solely to maximize profits. Within this hostile world, sociopaths and narcissistic personalities are highly valued, in fact, they thrive.

From inside his high-rise office, ruthless sociopath Justin Truth surveys his panoramic view of New York City.

This is his city. His country. His America.

Justin is on a mission to conquer the corporate giant, Soda-Cola. He will threaten, backstab, manipulate, blackmail, sabotage, and cut the throat of anyone who gets in his way.

And it’s all going to his cold, calculating plan—or is it?

As his thirst for power within Soda-Cola grows, his darker side grows even darker, thrusting Justin high into the ranks of America’s most dangerous and prolific serial killers.

One detective stumbles onto the truth, however. Detective Ross Smith finds Justin’s trail of murders—murders painstakingly disguised as accidental deaths. But can an ageing detective more consumed with doing what’s right than playing internal politics bring down a high-functioning, murderous, corporate sociopath?

As Ross gets closer to the truth, he’s faced with a choice: put his badge, family, and life on the line, or further his career by following orders.

Will the truth come out before it’s too late—for everyone?

Book Cover

What makes a nation believe a lie?

Download your copy of The Sky Fall Conspiracy

What makes a nation believe a lie?

William Stephenson is an expert in mass media persuasion and propaganda. He watched the rise of Hitler on a mountain of lies, but Stephenson also believes that the Nazis can be undone by the same power that created them; propaganda.

There is just one problem.

All foreign broadcasts are illegal in Germany. At best Stephenson will have a day before the Nazi soldiers storm his radio station. It took Hitler over a decade to change the beliefs of the people; one day is not enough.

Then something incredible happens.

The Orson Welles scare convinces millions of Americans that the world is ending, and it takes less than an hour.

Now, Stephenson races against the Nazis to discover the secrets of the Sky Fall before the Second Great War begins.

Some say the War of the Wolds scare never happened, others promised it would never happen again.

Dive deep in the history and science propaganda of persuasion as this conspiracy unfolds.

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A boy vanishes. But not just any boy.

Get your FREE copy of The Jacq of Spades

1899 years after the Catastrophe, Bridges is owned by the Mob. As the city’s steam-driven infrastructure fails, a new faction rises the Red Dogs.

Jacqueline Spadros is haunted by her best friend Air’s death, killed as he tried to stop her sale to the Spadros crime syndicate ten years ago. Now in an unwilling marriage to the city’s biggest drug lord, Jacqui secretly runs a small-time private eye business to earn enough money to escape.

Air’s little brother disappears from his back porch. And now someone is following Jacqui.

Dark, gritty, psychological, multi-layered Victorian-inspired far future detective noir that will keep you guessing to the very end.

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If you are hollow, what will make you whole?

Get your FREE copy of Matryoschka: Causality is Optional (intro)

Tagline: This sci-fi tale remains thoughtful and emotional—Kirkus Reviews
Alternative pasts and genders arise from a failed quantum energy experiment in this debut novel. Alexandria Jane Merk is a white Army veteran who, “at twenty-six, had left her soul on the streets of Tikrit, Iraq” when she couldn’t save two young boys. She’s now attending a university in Pullman, Washington, accompanied by friends Quentin Khan, a chubby, Arabic “man-child,” and Katie Jo Parker, a very tall black woman and fellow vet.
Alex Jane becomes affected by a physics experiment that causes her to lose “contact with herself,” creating alternative pasts for two separate identities into which she splits. One is college freshman Sarah Beth Merk, who generally feels that life is good, although she has almost-buried memories of a horrifying childhood event. The other is Alexander “Alex” James Monroe, an Army vet with disturbing childhood memories of his own centring on his great-great-grandmother—“Babushka”— and the mental gymnastics she forced him to undergo with a set of matryoschka, Russian nesting dolls, covered with mysterious writing.
And Sarah Beth/Alex are similar to these dolls because she seemingly exists as a “flesh-hued thing” that slips on and off; in fact, she’s “pure energy” and “the most dangerous thing on Earth.” The dual entity, their friends, and government researchers must race to solve mounting puzzles before Sarah Beth loses control. …
The gender what-if is central and has a remarkable twist… Gene’s dialogue is naturalistic… This sci-fi tale remains thoughtful and emotional.

Book Cover

A legend buried for 2000 years. A woman compelled to uncover the truth.

Download your copy of The Imperial Alchemist (preview)

210 BCE, CHINA. The most powerful emperor China has ever known is on the brink of death. In desperation, he sends his most gifted alchemist and sorcerer on a quest for the mythical elixir of life.

His fleet never returned….

NOW, world-renowned archaeologist, Georgia Lee is compelled to hunt for a mysterious man who may hold the secret to the greatest discovery in human history.

Her search takes her on a thrilling journey from an ancient tomb in China, through traditional Japan, to the blistering Australian outback, and the dizzying heights of verdant mountains in tropical Taiwan. But what begins as an investigation into an archaeological riddle turns into something very sinister. Georgia starts to suspect that perhaps she is the one being hunted instead….

Meticulously researched, this is a tale interwoven with rich historical facts to recreate all the drama, intrigue and mystery of East Asian culture.

If you love an intellectual mystery/thriller that is also a page-turning adventure, sign up now for an exclusive, free copy of preview chapters before the release date. You will also receive updates about the book launch and more.

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He gave up his daughter years ago, but now he will risk his life to save hers.

He gave up his daughter years ago, but now he’ll risk his life to save hers.

Alex Mercer is no stranger to kidnappings. The emotional scars still run deep from his sister’s disappearance years earlier. His daughter Ariana remains safe long after her adoption, and he cherishes the few times a year he gets to see her. The joy is palpable when he takes her on their first one-on-one outing. At least until he pauses to answer a text and Ariana disappears…

Wracked with guilt and determined to find answers, Alex teams up with an unlikely ally at the police department. As the clues reveal a pattern of missing girls, the kidnapping case becomes a race against time to save Ariana. What cost is Alex willing to pay to keep his daughter alive?

Girl in Trouble is the first book in a series of thrilling stand-alone novels spun off from the USA Today bestselling Gone Trilogy. If you like heart-pounding suspense, page-turning action, and characters you’ll never forget, then you’ll love Stacy Claflin’s engrossing new series.

Grab your FREE book now to start reading it today!

Madman: A Diamond and Doran Mystery

Grieving the loss of his best friend, while covering for colleagues killed and wounded by the unknown Haymarket bomber, Sergeant Billy Doran is not a happy man.

The rookie he has thrust upon him to complicate his working and personal life only adds to his frustration, but when a madman appears from the shadows to stalk his city and endanger his own family, Doran knows he must find a way to work with his new detective if they are to catch the killer, or it will be more than the city of Chicago that will lie in ruins.

Book Cover

Once an Irish teenager with a horrible past. Now he is head of the Vatican Bank.

Get your FREE copy of From Ireland to The Vatican

From Ireland to The Vatican chronicles the journey undertaken by Liam Murphy in morphing to become Father Antonio Sorbello, The Machiavellian head of The Vatican Bank – The most powerful financial branch of The Catholic Church.

This is the companion novella to the novel KNICK KNACK PADDY WHACK.

Liam Murphy travels from his native Ireland, through Turkey, Spain and France before finally finding himself in Rome Italy. Along the way, men and a single woman enter and exit his life, each one playing an important role in helping to shape the man he becomes. Follow the events, or is it fate, that fall onto Liam’s pathway and propel him forward until ultimately arriving at the Vatican where his future has already been planned out by others who have been watching him from afar.

Underground sources connected to The Vatican have their own agenda. To be successful they need Sorbello to co-operate and follow their directions, syphoning off money for future projects but, Father Antonio Sorbello has his own plans. If he can do both, he will, otherwise, hard decisions will need to be made.

This Novella can be read as a standalone work or in conjunction with Knick Knack Paddy Whack and its follow up novel To Give The Dog A Bone, both of which are available in the Amazon store. Coming in 2019, the third in the Luc Bruget trilogy, Rolling Home. A thrilling conclusion where Liam / Antonio’s destiny and legacy will be decided.

From Ireland To The Vatican is an action-packed roller-coaster ride, guaranteed to have you wanting to seek out more about Liam Murphy / Father Antonio Sorbello, the life he leads and the conspiracies that lie at the heart of the Catholic Church.

Book Cover

An abandoned church in a village set in time – the ideal setting for murder. Detective Inspector Tremayne and his sergeant, Clare Yarwood, are hard pushed to solve the crime and to stay alive.

Get your FREE copy of Death Unholy

‘Do you believe in spontaneous human combustion?’ Detective Inspector Keith Tremayne asked.

‘Not me. I’ve read about it. Who hasn’t?’ Sergeant Clare Yarwood answered.

‘I haven’t,’ Tremayne replied which did not surprise his young sergeant. In the months they had been together, she had come to realise that he was a man who had little interest in the world. A cigarette in his mouth, a beer in his hand and a murder to solve were about the happiest she ever saw him, and even then, he could hardly be regarded as one of life’s most sociable. And as for reading? The occasional police report, an early morning newspaper, the back pages for the racing results.

Get your FREE copy of Blindsided

Psychiatrist Grant Garrick had it all: a thriving therapy practice, a bright, loving, and beautiful wife, a 15-year-old son filled with potential, and a gorgeous home on acreage overlooking the Puget Sound. Life couldn’t get much better.

Book Cover

She got away once. Will she be lucky enough to escape a second time?

Get your FREE copy of The Pillerton Secret

Praise for The Pillerton Secret

Amazon Review
“The characters and story grabbed me immediately and never let me go. Skillfully written and very well-paced, I finished the book in two days and have been recommending it to all my friends. Definitely, a must read!” —Dave Gordon
Her job is going nowhere. Her marriage is on the rocks. She’s at a crossroads in her life and doesn’t know what to do about it.

When her estranged mother passes away, Kathy Klein leaves her Vancouver home and heads to the town she left two decades earlier. She’s planning to stay just long enough to dispose of her mother’s personal belongings. When she discovers she is the rightful heir to the unexpectedly large property, but she’ll have to fight a powerful cult to claim it, she realizes she’ll have to stay in Pillerton. If she’s successful, it may be a permanent stay.

Staying permanently holds more promise than just ownership of the property when her high school sweetheart shows up. They rekindle their long-ago romance and it blooms into a promising relationship. Circumstances seem to be contriving to keep her in Pillerton.

As she settles into the old house, long-repressed memories begin to surface. They’re not happy ones. Pillerton is a tangled knot of evil secrets; the house she grew up in is the centre of the knot, and without realizing it, she’s unleashed sinister forces.

She escaped once. It may be too late to escape again.

Book Cover

You can leave the house .. You cannot leave the game.

Get your FREE copy of The House on the Lynch Street

Tom was a financially broken man, running his hardware shop in the day time and drinking at night to recover from a broken marriage. He was also varied infrequent visits of a doctor who has just arrived in town. One day, Dr Harrington offered him to visit his house on Lynch Street, a deserted road out of the town. Tom’s life turned upside down after knowing the true nature of the house and things happened there. Will Tom become able to use it for his own benefit? Or, he will also become a victim?
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Published by

Born in England before The Beatles became famous. I worked in the printing and allied trades, starting as a compositor, anyone remembers those? Eventually grafting as an editor. Twenty years on a lifestyle magazine. With my wife and children, we have lived in Thailand for over thirty years, and love it. Now? I write thrillers, with a touch of humour. 'No Worries' series, book number one, 'Not Far Enough From Worries' book two, 'Worry No More' published at the end of 2018. 'Children With No Worries' was released in August 2019. All published with Book number 4, as yet unnamed is being written, it's about Thai black magic. Dark thrills!

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