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DS Tom Guthrie Short Story

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Scottish Detective Sergeant Tom Guthrie gets results in an old-fashioned way. He’s not one for being politically correct and doesn’t like the direction the force is taking.

Jock Bishop is attacked after walking his girlfriend home from a night out. He dies from the beating in the early hours of the morning. His girlfriend is the ex of a local thug. Is there a connection? Guthrie thinks so and uses old school methods to get the information he needs, but goes too far when using the same tactics with another witness.

Wrung Out is a short story prequel to the Tom Guthrie Trilogy which takes place in the county of Angus in eastern Scotland. The second prequel is Murder in the Sma’ Glen and is based on a true murder mystery. The first full-length novel, Tools of the Trade was published in 2016, with the second in the trilogy, Wind Damage, due to be released later in 2019.

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Welcome to The First

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Find Her.

Is the ancient directive that has once again reawakened in the hearts of those who hide.

Kill Her!

Is the frantic command of those who fear their rise.

Aelia returns from a vacation that did not go quite as she expected, to a life she does not feel at home in but that is, at least, hers. Or so she thinks. Within days of returning she is targeted by a hitman and she has no idea why.

But then neither does he. All Kyle Rhys knows is that to protect humanity, this woman must die. At least, he thinks, killing her will be easy. After all, the organization that has raised him has prepared him for her death his entire life.

So why can’t he kill her?

In an impossible turn of events, both killer and target find themselves on the run from those who would stop at nothing to destroy them, to those who hold a truth that would overturn their entire world, taking their very identities from them forever.

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Sometimes, the past is best left alone…

Available on Amazon: May 2019

An infant found dead in the bed and his sister gone missing.

A mother who kills herself and a father on the edge.

The past beginning to resurface, darker than ever.

Sometimes, seeking the truth can be a bad idea.

“Edge of the seat stuff! Brilliant.”

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What makes a nation believe a lie?

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What makes a nation believe a lie?

William Stephenson is an expert in mass media persuasion and propaganda. He watched the rise of Hitler on a mountain of lies, but Stephenson also believes that the Nazis can be undone by the same power that created them; propaganda.

There is just one problem.

All foreign broadcasts are illegal in Germany. At best Stephenson will have a day before the Nazi soldiers storm his radio station. It took Hitler over a decade to change the beliefs of the people; one day is not enough.

Then something incredible happens.

The Orson Welles scare convinces millions of Americans that the world is ending, and it takes less than an hour.

Now, Stephenson races against the Nazis to discover the secrets of the Sky Fall before the Second Great War begins.

Some say the War of the Wolds scare never happened, others promised it would never happen again.

Dive deep in the history and science propaganda of persuasion as this conspiracy unfolds.

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The legend of Voodoo Lucy

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The legend of Voodoo Lucy begins when twenty-eight-year-old Lucinda Jones leaves Tupelo, Mississippi, and her alcoholic, abusive, father behind to start a new life in New Orleans. In the city where jazz bands play until the first light of dawn and no one ever seems to sleep, Lucy falls in love with the eccentric, distinctive characters of the French Quarter, but soon runs afoul of a criminal gang boss and his crew. Lucy herself is no saint—she’s long gotten by through running small-time cons, but when she dreams up a profitable voodoo-laced scam and dares to testify against a killer, Lucy’s life starts to spiral out of control. With friends on both sides of the law and a drug gang who wants her dead, can Lucy scheme her way out of danger and into the life she’s always dreamed of? Fans of Vito Zuppardo’s “True Blue Detective” series will enjoy this story, which takes readers back to Mario DeLuca’s rookie year on the beat and Zack Nelson in action as a NOLA PD homicide detective, as well as the early days of the infamous Cornerview Gang and the other unsavory characters that prowl the colorful, charming French Quarter. Grab a beignet and a cup of chicory coffee and get your copy now!
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Six Stories of Cold War Noir

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Six Stories of Cold War Noir

An heiress who can’t seem to keep her legs closed. A Russian plan for dominating the space race. An assassin with a penchant for rich food and sadistic murder. When you’re alone in the cold, passion and betrayal are commodities and love hangs on by an icy thread. From the author of The Bone Church and Cold, comes a white knuckle tour de force of Cold War noir.

Not Far Enough From Worries by Colin Devonshire
Not a short, a full-length novel. ‘Not Far Enough From Worries’ is the first in the ‘No Worries’ series ‘Worries No More’ published in 2018 and ‘Children With No Worries’ will be available mid-July. All 3 books are set in Thailand.

Two Englishmen have dreams of setting up a business in the sun, but trouble follows them.

Their first brush with death came at Bangkok’s airport on Nick’s first day in the Kingdom.

Action laughs, romance and tears follow as the story moves at a breathtaking pace.

Violence and tender moments collide as the gullible pair meet a dodgy ship’s engineer, two lovely French girls more interested in dogs than romance, and a tall Welsh man, with a very chequered drug background who leads them all into more trouble. The last person they need to encounter is a lesbian newspaper reporter with a deadly family secret.

The tale unfolds into an action-packed finale.

“I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry, 

all very worrying.” Janet Brookman

“How can anybody have so many 

worries on a paradise beach?” Tim Mellish

Published by

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Ever wonder how your favourite PI became an investigator?

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Here it is, Tallahassee private investigator Sydney Brennan’s origin story! Well, a piece of it at least.

This short story takes place in 1995, approximately nine years before the first Sydney Brennan novel, Back to Lazarus. It opens with Sydney arriving—

What am I saying? You’ll just have to read it to find out.

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elixa – exclusive download

The year is 1178, and in the remote, mountain community of Abadía del Torcal a young girl, Elixabet Luz, witnesses a startling lunar event. She begins to unlock the mysterious healing powers of the stones that have been sent to earth, but in just a few short weeks she must forsake the young hunter she loves and be married off to a local nobleman.

As she struggles in the little time she has left to convince those around her of the wondrous gift from the skies, she falls foul of a fanatical monk, who accuses her of heresy and witchcraft.

Now she faces the worst fate of all: to burn at the stake.

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The Angst of Arthur Boyd [short story] awaits…

introducing the Chicago St. Clairs…

The St. Clairs of the Clarion Division—an elite twenty-second-century agency of investigators of technology misuse—have recently arrived back in time, Chicago, October 8, 1871, to be precise.

Meet River, the female medical examiner and district coroner disguised as a man and her brothers: Archer, the severe police inspector, and Quinn, the Division’s lead bio-intelligence engineer. The murder of Arthur Boyd is their first case since being displaced in time.

With a cast of quirky characters and an intriguing mystery, THE ANGST OF ARTHUR BOYD is steampunk sci-fi short story for fans of alternate histories, time-travel fantasies, and Victorian mysteries.

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Everyone has a dark side.

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She’s not evil, but she has certain. . . urges.

Lane is a typical teenager. Loving family. Good grades. Afterschool job at the local animal hospital. Martial arts enthusiast. But her secret obsession is studying serial killers. She understands them, knows what makes them tick.


Because she might be one herself. Lane channels her dark impulses by hunting criminals and delivering justice when the law fails.

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Civil War mystery short stories

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These are the short mysteries featuring US Grant during the Civil War. These previously published stories have appeared in a variety of book-length anthologies, and both online and print magazines. Each of the stories takes place prior to the first US Grant mystery novel, The Ambush of My Name.
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A stand-alone crime story introducing a tough new character in a contemporary urban setting.

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Ex-state cop Dan Spalding isn’t looking for trouble when a broken TV star walks into his record store.

But Tommy Stack’s vinyl collection isn’t what it seems to be, and that fact might cost Tommy his life.

And death is always bad for business.

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Cozyish Mystery

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A Missing Treasure. A Suspect Suicide. A Mystery Unsolved

When an eccentric millionaire presents at the Dublin Coroner’s Office to report a found treasure, Benjamin Stirling sends him on to the National Museum. It is only when the man is found dead on his land on Tarrow Island and no treasure is mentioned when Stirling begins to get suspicious.

Aged and recently widowed, Stirling makes enquiries but is stumped at every turn. He decides to take matters into his own hands and find out the truth once and for all. Heading down to the Atlantic West Coast of Ireland, he intends to find out what happened to Nicholas Sparks and the vanishing Spanish Armada Gold he claimed to have unearthed

Local police, councilmen and other officials are no help to him and Stirling must rely on his own wits and the local people for his answers. The more he finds out the more determined he is that Spark’s death was no suicide. Something much more sinister is at work here.

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She never changed sides, she just changed lanes.

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She never changed sides, she just changed lanes.

Sloane Romano never dreamed she would leave the pampered life of a crime bosses’ daughter. Betrayal by her husband undid her cloistered life and sent her running into a world she never knew existed.

Finding herself at a Mossad training facility, alone and uncertain what her future would bring, a test was thrown into her path. Succeed and a shadowy world of espionage and danger would test her at every turn.

Fail, she was dead.


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A Jack Rogan Mystery Novella

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When celebrated author Jack Rogan stumbles upon a hidden diary, he can’t resist investigating. Honouring the last wish of a dying friend, he is irresistibly drawn into a web of intriguing clues, hinting at a long forgotten treasure.

Joining forces with Cecilia Crawford, a glamorous New York journalist, and Tristan, a remarkable boy with psychic powers, Jack soon finds himself on a precarious journey of discovery, exposing dark secrets from a distant, violent time, when life was cheap and cruelty ruled without mercy.

Will Rogan succeed? Can he find the forgotten treasure he has been searching for, or will it be lost forever, depriving the world of a masterpiece that belongs to all mankind?

Gold Medal Winner at Readers’ Favorite 2018 International Book Awards Contest in Fiction Short Story/Novella Category
‘Outstanding Novella 2018’ at IAN Book of the Year Awards

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Only beating hearts bleed.

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Nine Lives is a collection of short stories written over the past decade. The opening story, ‘Not Found Hanging’ concerns a comfortably married man discovering that his ex-lover is terminally ill, and how his repressed guilt over how he deceived her threatens to destroy him too. In ‘Suddenly Autumn’ it is the protagonist who faces serious illness, but his reaction to it is both extreme and surprising. The central character of ‘Chameleon in a Coalmine’ is Hans Asperger, and spotlights his relationship to the activities of medical experimenters under the Nazis. ‘On the Level’ is a short thriller set at a level crossing, where a philanderer’s guilt forces him to make a split second decision about his lover’s husband, with catastrophic results. In ‘If Bricks Should Burn’ a former World War Two airman is haunted by nightmares of his time spent in a Lancaster bomber, whilst struggling to cope with an incurably ill wife in the present. ‘No Laughing Matter’ is a fictional account of the life of one of Britain’s best-loved entertainers (but can you guess who?). ‘Imagine Me’ focuses on the relationship between a transvestite and his widowed father, and the novel solution they find to cope with their shared grief. ‘Discharge of Duty’ is the story of a conscientious objector and the privations he suffers as a result of his moral stand – a story with a distinctly black style of humour! Finally, in ‘Strangers at the Door’ an elderly man, who feels persecuted by his neighbours, repeatedly misinterprets the motives of professionals sent to help him, who ironically have his best interests at heart.

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As bad blood threatens the old order, a restless new generation rise from their fathers’ shadows, ready to stamp their own identity on the city streets…

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Billy “Curtains” Wright overcomes a dysfunctional home life by winning the respect of the local Muirhouse gang, before rising to a key position within Edinburgh’s ecstasy scene. After falling for Lyndsay, a privileged girl from the other side of the tracks, his underworld ambitions are called into question. He accepts a contract to kill a dangerous rival before finding more than he bargained for, forcing him to confront his brutal childhood and the father he wants gone.

George “The Bull” Donaldson was the hardest in the playground, then the streets of Muirhouse. Now he’s a debt collector for his heroin kingpin father. After being taught a cruel lesson, he partners up with best pal Billy, but when family tensions erupt tough choices have to be made.

After being dragged into the middle of a feud between the uncle who mentored him and the father who just walked free from jail, Sean “Preemo” Donaldson is forced to choose a side. A letter from his estranged mother reopens old wounds and he contemplates the unthinkable.

As each man arrives at his own perilous crossroads, what path will he take?

Pure Angst is a gritty crime fiction novel set within ’80s and 90’s gangland Edinburgh, and one of it’s roughest housing estates. It charts the changing face of the drug scene from a heroin and AIDS epidemic to the explosion of MDMA and rave culture…

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Who knew justice had long legs and carried a badge?

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Trouble they say loves company. On this particular night, trouble stands just under two meters tall and is visiting the popular Neon District.

A beautiful clone, Sarah normally doesn’t go looking for the company of trouble. But on this night, the long-legged detective plans to take advantage of the badge she carries. Trouble won’t like it when Sarah finds it while out for A Night On The Town.

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What makes a nation believe a lie?

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What makes a nation believe a lie?

That’s the question Jay Nichols has been trying to answer since he first experienced widespread mass hysteria as a child. A question that started when Orson Welles put millions across America into a panic in less than an hour.

Now, his PhD work is attracting the attention of world powers, secret societies, and dark organizations. Only they don’t care if he can answer the question. They just want him to build a weapon.

After Nichols refuses all the recruiters, a stranger shows up at his apartment with a warning. As the student’s life becomes ever stranger and more dangerous, Nichols is dragged into the world of secrets, lies, and espionage. Unsure of whom to trust, the final question he has to ask himself is what kind of person he wants to be, while the spies around him try to ensure he picks their side.

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The acclaimed British historical genealogical mystery series has a brand new prequel…

Get your FREE copy of The Asylum

The job presented to forensic genealogist, Morton Farrier, ought to have been simple and easy. But the surprise discovery of an additional marriage to his client’s father leads Morton on an enquiry, revolving around a mysterious death in the county asylum. Requiring his various investigative genealogical skills, Morton must work to unravel this complex eighty-year-old secret and finally reveal the truth to his client.

This is the first story in the Morton Farrier genealogical crime mystery series. There are a further eight stories in this series:

Hiding the Past

The Lost Ancestor

The Orange Lilies

The America Ground

The Spyglass File

The Missing Man

The Suffragette’s Secret

The Wicked Trade

Praise for the Forensic Genealogist series:

Hiding the Past is a suspenseful, fast-paced mystery novel, in which the hero is drawn into an intrigue that spans from World War II to the present, with twists and turns along the way. The writing is smooth and the story keeps moving along so that I found it difficult to put down’

The Archivist

The Lost Ancestor is fast-paced, not plodding, and does well-building mystery… The author’s depictions of scenes and places are vivid; the characters are interesting and intriguing. In toggling back and forth from past to present, Goodwin shows how the deeds of long-dead ancestors are haunting their descendants’

‘The Orange Lilies sees Morton for once investigating his own tree (and about time too!). Moving smoothly between Christmas 1914 and Christmas 2014, the author weaves an intriguing tale with more than a few twists – several times I thought I’d figured it all out, but each time there was a surprise waiting in the next chapter… Thoroughly recommended – and I can’t wait for the next novel’

Lost Cousins

‘As in the earlier novels, each chapter slips smoothly from past to present, revealing murderous events as the likeable Morton uncovers evidence in the present while trying to solve the mystery of his own paternity. Packed once more with glorious detail of records familiar to family historians, The America Ground is a delightfully pacey read’

Family Tree

‘Author Nathan Dylan Goodwin has given students of the Second World War, and avid family historians another great genealogical read in The Spyglass File

Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter

‘Nathan Dylan Goodwin has once again written a thrilling page-turner in his latest book The Missing Man… Definitely, a must read in the latest series of Morton Farrier, the Forensic Genealogist’

Baytown Genealogy Society

I can thoroughly recommend this book, which is a superior example of its genre. It is an ideal purchase for anyone with an interest in reading thrillers and in family history studies. I look forward to the next instalment of Morton Farrier’s quest!’

Waltham Forest FHS

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“[I]f you’ve not yet discovered Tamsen Schultz’s books, it is time to start.” – Between my Bookendz

Get your FREE copy of Sampler Set of The Windsor Series

This is a Sampler Set of the first 4 books of The Windsor Series.

Start reading the first 1-3 chapters of each book to fall in love with Tamsen’s writing style.

A TAINTED MIND – The Windsor Series #1

Silence can be deadly

Dr Vivienne DeMarco and Deputy Police Chief Ian MacAllister have just discovered there’s a serial killer haunting the small town of Windsor, New York. Vivi had never set foot in the small town before she happened across the first body. So why do all the victims bear a striking resemblance to her?

THESE SORROWS WE SEE – The Windsor Series #2

Sometimes redemption can be deadly

Finding a dead body was not something Matty Brooks had anticipated when she’d agreed to housesit for her estranged brother in Windsor, New York. Neither was the sexy local veterinarian, Dr Dash Kent. But when Matty discovers her brother has gone missing along with a whole boatload of money, she and Dash discover that redemption is easy, survival is the hard part.

WHAT ECHOES RENDER – The Windsor Series #4

Will she burn for the sins of others?

Jesse Baker thought she’d buried her husband’s betrayal the day of his funeral. Arson investigator, David Hathaway thought he’d left his complicated life behind when he moved to sleepy Windsor, New York. But when Jesse’s husband’s past comes back to haunt her, the two must stop a killer intent on making Jesse burn for the sins of others.

THE FRAILTY OF THINGS – The Windsor Series #4

How much is one life worth?

Kit Forrester and Garret Cantona share an explosive attraction that goes far deeper than just a bit of fun. But when the hunt for a killer leaves Garret no choice but to throw Kit back into her broken and damaged past, even his unshakable faith in what they have together might not be enough to keep them from shattering into a million pieces.

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Christmas, 1934.

The snow lies heavy around Pauncefort Hall. Dress designers Ruby Dove and Fina Aubrey-Havelock leave behind their Oxford exams to rescue Lady Charlotte’s wardrobe. But what Lady Charlotte doesn’t know is that Ruby is on a mission—a mission to avenge her family and bring down an empire.

As the weather worsens, Ruby and Fina are drawn into the intrigues of Lady Charlotte’s other guests, who include a princess, a furiously left-wing don, a West End starlet—and, it seems, a murderer. After the two resident cads are poisoned, Ruby and Fina must find the culprit and still carry out their secret plans—all before the law arrives. But Pauncefort Hall can remain snowbound for only so long.

The Mystery of Ruby’s Sugar is the first book in the Ruby Dove historical cozy mystery series.

If you like Barbara Neely, Rhys Bowen, and G.M. Malliet, then you’ll love Rose Donovan’s fashion-spy-amateur sleuth heroes, Ruby Dove and Fina Aubrey-Havelock.

Pour yourself a warm beverage and nestle down with The Mystery of Ruby’s Sugar this evening.

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A betrayed assassin is a kidnapped girl’s only hope…

Thomas Caine is a dangerous man.

A former CIA assassin, he was burned, betrayed, and left for dead. Now, he struggles to stay off the grid, and hides from his dark past in the seedy underworld of Pattaya, Thailand. But when human traffickers detonate a bomb in a crowded Thai market, it sets off a chain reaction that drags Caine out of the shadows.

This new syndicate has taken the one person Caine has sworn to protect, and the vengeful former assassin will wage a bloody one-man war to get her back. Soon, he finds himself taking on the Russian mafia, and an insane criminal warlord who believes he is the devil himself. Can Caine use his deadly skills to defeat these new enemies, and help an honest cop save a group of kidnapped girls before the clock runs out?

Find out in this explosive introduction to the Thomas Caine thriller series. Fans of Jason Bourne and Jack Reacher will love Thomas Caine! Reviews say: “The next Jason Bourne, or James Bond! A burning page turner, swift and intense! If you love ACTION… Caine and Warren are your team!”

Download Devil’s Due and enter the thrilling world of Thomas Caine today!

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Good girls can seem ten-a-penny at times and some people would have you believe they’re sweet little things that wouldn’t harm a hair on a squirrel’s back. And in 1980s south London, private investigator David Good thinks he’s been lucky enough to find his very own example of well-behaved perfection.

But he really ought to have known better and it’s not long before he finds things are not all he was hoping for. In fact, he’s not got much further than a less than intimate lunch for two, when things start to go seriously pear-shaped, and almost terminal.

Join a love-filled Good as he wanders blindly into someone else’s nightmare and finds out just what it is that ends up leaving such a sour taste in his cynical little mouth.

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Judge. Jury. Executioner.

Get your FREE copy of CaneDemnation

Cane is a ruthless assassin, trained from birth by a clandestine government program. After it’s forced to shut down, he becomes one of the world’s most wanted men. But hiding in the shadows is boring; Cane longs to feel the same rush he did when hunting down the most dangerous men in the world, so for years he’s searched for work worthy of his talents.

Helping find missing children seemed like a worthy cause, even though his agreement with a Miami detective forbade him from doling out his brand of justice to the ones responsible.

Years of dealing with the underbelly of society, sickos, perverts, and predators have weighed heavily on him, and when he stumbles upon a sadistic family responsible for the suffering of a growing number of children, he finds it increasingly difficult to restrain himself.

His agreement would have him simply notify the police, but this psychotic family deserves more than prison.

They deserve condemnation.

Or better yet, Canedemnation.

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A dry district, a shocking secret, a missing person. What has happened to Lois’s friend, Beth?

Download your copy of Out of Options

Out of Options is a prequel novella to the Century Cottage Cozy Mysteries series,

A dry district, a shocking secret, a missing person. When Lois Stone’s friend, Beth Darrow, arranges to meet her to reveal an astonishing discovery, Lois’s curiosity is piqued. Then Beth doesn’t keep their lunch date and Lois becomes worried. What has happened to her friend?

Middle-aged widow Lois is settling into life on her own after the violent death of her husband. But her quiet existence is rocked when her friend and historical society researcher, Beth, arranges to meet her to reveal an exciting and shocking discovery she has made about the history of prohibition in West Toronto Junction, the last dry area in Toronto, and then goes missing before she can share her secret with Lois.

There isn’t any proof that Beth is missing so the police won’t actively search for her. Only Lois and Beth’s niece Amy are convinced that Beth’s disappearance is very out of character, and they are worried about her. Where has Beth gone? Is she in danger? And, if she is, who might want to harm her and why? Lois knows she must find the answers to these questions fast if she wants to help and protect her friend.

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1908. In a corner of India, a murderer stalks.

“Beautifully written with a female lead who draws you into her world, and a supporting cast who bring life to what she encounters there, I truly loved this set of stories, and highly recommend them.”

“The world the author has created is absolutely fascinating, and Maliha Anderson, half Indian, half British is a large part of that fascination, for her story is one of heroism and tragedy, prejudice and survival.”

Having returned to the place of her birth to take part in the death rituals for her mother, Maliha Anderson is confronted with a crime that will be unavenged unless she does something about it.

But as she digs into the circumstances of the death she faces greed, lust and intense prejudice in a cultural clash between East and West. The question is, how far must she go to bring the true culprit to justice?

Book Cover

Prequel to Outlaw MC

Get your FREE copy of Hawke

The Outlaws started with nothing but a common leader.

My life had always been unbearable.

It was loud and unstable.

I joined the club to find my purpose.

To give myself peace of mind.

Today, the town is our arena and the MC Club room is home.

Our President, Tank, is ruthless.

The five Outlaw men continue to reign under his leadership.

Power is the name of the game.

We’re dangerous, insatiable and know how to protect our women.

And we stop at nothing until we emerge victoriously.

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Shirin Reyes does little to hide her rage. Deadly, Damaged, Dangerous. She systematically hunts down every lead with ruthless efficiency, scouring the globe and following the trail of each killer involved in her husband’s death.

One by one, they lead her closer and closer to an inevitable confrontation with the man ultimately responsible.

Adam Dark, a family man with a loving daughter, and marriage in repair is an elite Assassin for the Agency.

Sent to neutralize the rogue agent thought to be the best the Agency has produced, he enters an explosive battleground where life and death are separated by only a split second.

Pitted against the best, he will have to use every resource to complete his assignment, and more importantly, to stay alive.

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Get your FREE copy of The Stolen Mother

DL Fitz is the new pen name of multi-award-winning writer reviewers call a ‘Maverick’ (Guardian), ‘Genius’ (Scotsman), ‘Innovator’ (Times), and ‘Master storyteller’ (Estado Sao Paulo).

Would you risk your child to save your mother?

Mags Mackenzie grew up in brutal Scottish foster homes after she was abandoned by her mother. But all that’s in the past. She’s got a great husband, great kids, a great job. So, why doesn’t it always feel that way?

Heroin addiction landed her mother Eileen in jail a decade ago. She’s just got out, but Mags doesn’t even want to see her. Does she? Then why is she keeping it secret from her husband?

Late at night, Eileen calls and begs for help. “He never loved me. He’ll make me his whore.” A man punches her, grabs the phone and tells Mags “Stay away from her.” Then the line’s dead.

Can Mags save her mother without knowing where to look?
Will she risk her family to find out?

The Stolen Mother is a gripping, fast-paced crime novella introducing the Gallowgate Series of thrillers.

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Behind every Florida Man is a Florida Woman — usually waving a restraining order.

Get your FREE copy of Florida Woman: St. Pete Edition

Get set for fun! Read the hilarious, snarky musings of a fictional cop working the beat in St. Petersburg, Florida.

While Officer Florida Womack and her police log are fake, the basic facts in the stories she reports are all too real, my friend.

Florida Woman: St. Pete Edition — true-life tales that could only happen in the Sunshine State.

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Get from free excerpt now!

Get your FREE copy of Acting Can Be Murder – Excerpt

After fleeing a failed relationship in New York, actress Leah Sexton finds herself as the new Executive Director of the Como Lake Players–a small community theatre nestled in a sleepy St. Paul neighbourhood. The initial calm of this new position is shattered immediately when a local critic–who had just panned the theatre’s latest production–is found murdered on the show’s set.

On the heels of this grisly discovery, the show’s lead actress tumbles down a flight of stairs–or was she pushed? In order to keep the show running and the theatre afloat, Leah offers to step into the leading role. The arrival of her ex-boyfriend amid anonymous threats against her and the show requires Leah to act as if her life depends on it. Because it does.

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Get your FREE copy of Cozy Mystery Collection 1

This collection of cozy mysteries by great authors features a selection from various subgenres:

1. “Annie’s Gift” by Amorette Anderson
2. “Pretty in Pink” by Harper Crowley
3. “Meow Means Murder Preview” by Jinty James
4. “Parakeets and Pentagrams Preview” by Hazel Reed
5. “The Pernicious Pixie and the Choked Word” by Kelly Ethan
6. “Welcome to the LSP Samuel Chase” by K.M. Waller
7. “Broomsticks and Burials Preview” by Lily Webb
8. “Violet and John” by Rodney Strong
9. “Christmas, Chaos, and Second Chances” by Zanna McKenzie

Book Cover

Get your FREE copy of The Florist and the Funeral

Poison, pits, and murder… the village vegetable competition is heating up!

Merryfield’s reigning vegetable-growing champion is found dead on his allotment.

The police think it was an accident caused by the champion’s advancing age.

Diana Flowers, his allotment next door neighbour, isn’t convinced.

She knows someone has poisoned the dead man’s prized pumpkin plant.

And if the dead man dug the pit in which he met his doom, where did he leave the spade?

A scientist like Diana knows you should never underestimate evidence… and in this case, she thinks the evidence points to murder.


Look no further! These bestselling authors have teamed up to offer a delightful selection of new books. Available for free for a limited time.

The Golem of Prague by Steven Moore
A Typo, a Werewolf, and Two Dopey Dachshunds by steve higgs
Who Murdered Uncle Ebenezer? 18K Small Town Estate Christian Cozy Mystery Series Book 1 by S.F. Nightingale
Baa'd to the Bone (Preview) by Sarah Jane Weldon
Florida Man Defies Destiny, a short story by Ward Parker
A Ring to Die For by Stephanie Damore
A Veil Removed by Michelle Cox
51 Sleepless Nights by Tobias Wade
Tidal Wave by David Berens
Danger at the Dive Shack by Donna Amis Davis
The Initiation by Alex Howell
Dying for a Cuppa by Linda Gordon Hengerer
It Began With a Lie by Michele PW (Pariza Wacek)
Freezing Touch by Nikki Bloom
Netted- The Beginning by K.T. Rose
Donuts and Disaster by Amber Crewes
Delly's Last Night by Tracy Cooper-Posey
The Plastic Paradigm by Paul Stretton-Stephens
Shattered by Tikiri Author
Killing Symphony by E.G. Ellory
Forced Entry 1 - The Unravelling by Steve M
Here and Gone by Kelly Wood
The Secrets by S.L. Fon
Grimm Beaker: A White Crow Short Story by Trisha Slay
Identity For Sale - Destiny: Matt Green by Sebastian Moreno Breser
The Stickup by Leopold Borstinski
The Jungle by John Lantigua
Oracle's Hunt by A. Claire Everward
Dying for Strawberry Tea by Linda Gordon Hengerer
Death In Hawaii by J.E. Trent
Obsession by Jessica Lynch
Parakeets and Pentagrams Sneak Peek by Hazel Reed
AMERICAN SNIPER by Ian Patterson
The Final Five by Carissa Andrews
The Ice Maiden by Michael Saunders
Foreign Exchange: Doctor Rowena Halley #0.5 by Sid Stark
She's Gone! by Lorena May
The Jade Elephant by Libby Fischer Hellmann
Sleeping Dogs by Mike Donohue
BUST by Ash Brunner
The PAPUA INCIDENT - An Alex Hunt Adventure Thriller by Urcelia Teixeira
Double Tap by Mark Parragh
Death of a Dream by Chris Lewando
In Smoke by Jeannie Wycherley
Death on Paradise Island - Sample by B.M. Allsopp
72 Hours in Savannah by Jeff Stanger
The Curse of Three by Kevin Partner
Be-Witching Retirement by E.Z. Pennington
Dark Remnants by L.K. Hill
Sell Shock by Andrew Allan
Best Kept Secret by Elsa Joseph
Killer Night In by Traci Tyne Hilton
Mystique by Trisha Slay
Caught Fire by Michael D. Wright
Not Far Enough From Worries by Colin Devonshire
BOG: A Thriller by Phil Gerraud
The Controller by Linda Coles
Sudden Chaos: A Post Apocalyptic EMP Survival Short Story by T. L. Payne
The Smithfield Murder by Richard James
It's Only a Story by Grace Fleming
Excerpt from The Sanctity of Sloth by Greta Boris
One Way Out by Iris Sweetwater
The Used Virgin by Zara Altair
The Invisible Assistant by John Gaspard
Stairway of Secrets by Shannon Kaper
One Step Back: A Titus Ray Thriller by Luana Ehrlich
Night of Blood and Beauty by C. S. Johnson
Sneak Peak: Deceitful Chapter One by Victoria Ellis
The 1922 Club Murder: A Mystery by Stacy M. Jones
I Take This Woman by Suzy K Quinn
Crying Over Spilt Light by George Saoulidis
Landshark by Brian Tormanen
Jasmine (Short Story) by Debbi Mack
Macabre Morsels by Jeff Dosser
The French Wardrobe by A. R. Shaw
Conspiracy in Tokyo by Matthew Legare
The Secret Rival by Rachel Woods
YACHT GIRL by Alison Grey
Ghostwalking: a Solomon Stone Prequel - PREVIEW by E.G. Ellory
Unbinding Love An Angela Panther Mystery Novella by Carolyn Ridder Aspenson
Merlot and Murder by Sandra Woffington
Plastic Girls by Spencer Maxwell
Hidden from Love by Isabelle Grace
The Fixer by Mike Gomes
Murder in Maplewood: Preview by S.E. BROMKE
No More Shadows - A James Stone Thriller by Robert Clark
The Lost Son by Stewart Matthews
Wicked Verity and other short stories by Syd Hart
Knife & Death by Jay Gill
Fallen Angel by James Harper
3 Seconds in Bogota by mark playne
Demons of Time (Ten Percent Sample) by Varun Sayal
Where Are They Now: A Siya Rajput Mystery (The Siya Rajput Mysteries Book One) by UD Yasha
Insomnia by Mary Widdicks
Girl of his Dream by Kim Hornsby
Find a Man, Don't Settle Down by Alina Popescu
Blood Brothers by Dusty Sharp
Spooky Shopping Mall by steve higgs
Walk In The Park by Jay Gill
The Donut Shop Murder by Suzanne Jenkins
The Note by Andrew Barrett
Blindsided by Tom Bierdz
Subtle Deceit by R.A. McGee
Forged in Flames by David Beckler
One Last Breath by Elleby Harper
Hong Kong Dangerous: A C.T. Ferguson Prequel Novella by Tom Fowler
The Pernicious Pixie and the Choked Word by Kelly Ethan

Published by

Born in England before The Beatles became famous. I worked in the printing and allied trades, starting as a compositor, anyone remembers those? Eventually grafting as an editor. Twenty years on a lifestyle magazine. With my wife and children, we have lived in Thailand for over thirty years, and love it. Now? I write thrillers, with a touch of humour. 'No Worries' series, book number one, 'Not Far Enough From Worries' book two, 'Worry No More' published at the end of 2018. 'Children With No Worries' was released in August 2019. All published with Book number 4, as yet unnamed is being written, it's about Thai black magic. Dark thrills!

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