Thriller, Mystery and Suspense!

Death Unholy by Phillip Strang

An abandoned church in a village set in time – the ideal setting for murder. Detective Inspector Tremayne and his sergeant, Clare Yarwood, are hard pushed to solve the crime and to stay alive.

‘Do you believe in spontaneous human combustion?’ Detective Inspector Keith Tremayne asked.

‘Not me. I’ve read about it. Who hasn’t?’ Sergeant Clare Yarwood answered.

‘I haven’t,’ Tremayne replied which did not surprise his young sergeant. In the months they had been together, she had come to realise that he was a man who had little interest in the world. A cigarette in his mouth, a beer in his hand and a murder to solve was about the happiest she ever saw him, and even then, he could hardly be regarded as one of life’s most sociable. And as for reading? The occasional police report, an early morning newspaper, the back pages for the racing results.

The Lost Son by Stewart Matthews

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The Reichsbank Gold by Mark O'Neill

When Germany Is Under Attack, A Lethal Response Is Required.

February 1945 : With the war nearly over, the Nazi regime moves their entire cash and gold Reichsbank reserves, from Berlin to the salt mines of Merkers. But some of the gold is stolen and is never found again.

September 2017 : A fierce national election campaign is being fought out in Germany. Extreme right-wing nationalists, connected to a major election candidate, are terrorising the streets and murdering at will.

Decker is given an order by the German Chancellor to stop the violence. But little do they know that the missing Reichsbank gold and a long-lost Nazi icon will light the spark that will make Berlin explode.

Praise For The Prequel, “The Renegade Spy”.

“If Die Hard would have had a female lead, Decker would have been it”.

“Sophie Decker is my newest favorite heroine”.

“This book is the sort of book that is very difficult to put down once you start reading it”.

Move over Dan Brown!

Blindsided by Tom Bierdz

Psychiatrist Grant Garrick had it all: a thriving therapy practice, a bright, loving, and beautiful wife, a 15 year-old son filled with potential, and a gorgeous home on acreage overlooking the Puget Sound. Life couldn’t get much better.
Then tragedy struck.
Read the novella, Book 1, the prequel to the Psychiatrist Grant Garrick suspense-thriller series.
Learn why he defies danger and adventures beyond the boundaries of his profession to help solve his patients’ problems.

One Last Breath by Elleby Harper

Born in England, raised in Australia and with several years living, studying and working in various parts of North America, Elleby likes to bring a touch of internationalism to her work. She has a son who is still young enough to make her feel wanted and a husband who is her supportive rock.

If you haven’t read any of her books yet, visit her website to find out how you can download the first one in her British crime with an American twist series absolutely free.

Dark Remnants by L.K. Hill

In the most dangerous city in the country, one controlled by a sadistic gang called the Sons of Ares, Kyra Roberts is searching the deep places for someone…

Kyra has come to Abstreuse city to find someone she’s lost, but walking the underbelly—a dark alley system residents call the Slip Mire—even in disguise, is rife with dangers. Kyra must stay on her toes if she intends to live. After crossing paths several times with the same detective, she wonders if his work and hers might be connected.

Gabe Nichols has worked homicide in Abstreuse for three years. Dead prostitutes and gang violence are part of the night shift. When a woman who looks like a street junkie but acts like an intellectual saves his life, he’s intrigued. Another woman shows up at his crime scene, and Gabe’s instincts kick into high gear when she clams up. Two cases involving strange women who won’t tell what they know are too coincidental.

If Gabe and Kyra can’t find a way to collaborate, they may not live to see the sunrise. Doomed, like so many others, to become gray, unmarked graves in a forgotten fracture of the Slip Mire.

Demons of Time (Ten Percent Sample) by Varun Sayal

The demon who tormented him has escaped to the future. He has only seven days and a single chance to exact his vengeance.

Time Travel meets Demonic Possession in this mythology inspired sci-fi thriller.

3077 BC. Ancient India. As a young child, Tej saw his mother endure brutal torture by Kumbh, a nefarious time-demon, until she was rescued by Rigu, a well-known sage. Twenty years later, Tej’s scars have healed, but the fire of revenge burns inside him, unabated.

When Rigu reveals that Kumbh has escaped from his time-prison and plans to decimate human life on a global scale, Tej knows that he needs to act. To stop Kumbh, Tej must travel five thousand years into the future to the year 2024 AD and re-capture the demon. He races against time as he has only seven days, after which Kumbh will become invincible. The clock is ticking.

The Stickup by Leopold Borstinski

Not much information on this one, better get it and read!


Geoffrey Madeley has a problem. His wife, Claire has a secret hidden on her mobile phone, and the more she tries to hide it from him, the more he thinks he knows what it is. Geoff can forgive Claire for her lies, but he won’t let a stranger threaten his marriage without a fight. At any cost.
Because if he doesn’t, not only will the shocking truth destroy the marriage he is struggling to protect, it will turn Claire’s cherished love into a hatred that will outlive them both.

Stairway of Secrets by Shannon Kaper

After divorcing her cheating husband, Emma, about to turn 50, throws caution to the wind and buys a rundown 1890’s restaurant and hotel 3000 miles away. With a solid plan to remodel and reopen the place, she leaves California to start her next phase of life on the shores of the Indian River in Northern Michigan.
Everything was going fine until a few days before the scheduled opening when a series of events, including a murder made it clear to Emma that someone did not want her to re-open the restaurant. With help from the police chief, her new friend Carol, and the support of the community, Emma stays determined to not only open on time but make the place better than she originally planned.

She's Gone! by Lorena May

On a rainy September morning baby Cassandra is kidnapped while her mother cowers in a closet. Shea is a victim of post-partum depression.

When Detectives Darby and Mel begin to dig the truth becomes more and more murky. Ugly secrets from the past emerge. No one is above suspicion, least of all Shea, herself. In her desperation to find her baby who can she trust? Someone is watching . . . And nothing is as it seems . . .

A gripping psychological thriller filled with mystery, suspense and intrigue, that keeps you guessing from beginning to end.

Assassin Hunter by Drew Briney

When a high-tech assassin is captured by a lithe little teen and her thugs, Vaya Sage questions his memories and launches the messiest blood bath of his career. But will the reality he unravels be less believable than memories he never questioned?

Although short, this novella packs a punch as it explores the inevitable challenges of a futuristic world where memory implants, memory erasures, and maybe even magic are a reality. Action packed with carefully researched world building, Assassin Hunter will leave your brain scrambling to vainly guess the ending while hanging on the edge of your seat. Fans of X-Files and Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files are in for a treat as they meet Vaya Sage and the craftiest nemesis he’s encountered so far. Blurring the lines between dark fantasy, science fiction, and crime thrillers, this novella is uniquely poised to become a favorite.

Reader Praise From Previous Books:

Suspenseful and pulls you into its many twists and turns. Leaves you wanting more. You in my humble opinion have a hit.
Beth “Bea” Roose, Producer

An imaginative novel that manages to capture your attention right from the start with fantastic storytelling, engaging characters, strong dialogue and a plot that is refreshingly original. … lushly written with an eye for detail … wonderful world-building and character development that feel authentic, multi-layered and intricately woven together… creating a novel that sparks with originality, imagination and enjoyable reading.
Capri Coker

It captures you and drags you in fast and strong.

Love the visuals. Fantastic flow.
Jaime Buckley, Author of Wanted Hero

My heart was racing … wicked! I can’t wait for more.

Eye of the Tempest (A Mac Ambrose Novella) by HN Wake


Meet Mac Ambrose in this 2-hour novella.

Panama City. Super yachts. A Russian oligarch. And a hurricane.

The Russians have infiltrated the United States. A war is on the horizon. Langley quietly reaches out to former CIA operative Mac Ambrose with a simple plea, “Your country needs you.” Loyal, tenacious, and with a strong moral compass, Mac reluctantly agrees to an off-the-books mission: surveil Russian oligarch Victor Rementin in Panama City and find a weakness in his defenses. What she finds is completely unexpected.

In this stand-alone novella, Mac Ambrose is back and the stakes have never been higher.

What Readers say about Mac Ambrose:

***** “Mac Ambrose is smart, confident, audacious and tough.”
***** “Yes! Just yes! We have a new badass heroine!”
***** “So, so, so much more than a spy novel.”
***** “Loaded with suspense, taut pacing.”
***** “I simply couldn’t put it down.”
***** “THAT REALLY WAS a fun ride!”
***** “Mac is a consummate spy, but her flaws make her interesting and human.”

Rolling Home by Mark Downey

It hasn’t happened in over 500 years. Surely it couldn’t happen again? Could it?

Is it possible for a woman to disguise herself as a man and climb from obscurity to assume the highest position available in the Catholic Church that previously only men could obtain? It’s been done before. Why not again?

Luc Bruget has a choice to make. He can either be a reluctant partner in a conspiracy to see a woman installed as Pope or he can support his long time nemesis Antonio Sorbello in maintaining the patriarchal status quo of Catholicism, allowing him to retain his influence and power as the behind the scenes kingmaker.

What Bruget doesn’t know is that his actions could cause both scenarios to come true.

Can there be victory when no choice is the right one?

Set against the background of the Vatican and the Catholic Church, Rolling Home, sees Luc Bruget grapple with ethical dilemmas such as mental health, society’s perception of chronic disease and the fickle nature of the loyalty of friends.

A rip roaring action thriller with twists and turns that will keep you guessing right up to the very last page.

Parakeets and Pentagrams Sneak Peek by Hazel Reed

Wildlife-rehabbing witch Tabitha Tapscott’s life among the mortals of Dove’s Creek, Virginia is just the way she likes it—until she finds a body on her property.

Though the mortals write the killing off as a wild animal attack, Tabitha’s convinced there’s foul play at work because the body reeks of malevolent magic.

When a mysterious paranormal detective swoops in and pins the blame on an innocent griffin, Tabitha has no choice but to investigate the murder herself.

But as she uncovers secrets that change the way she sees the town she loves, Tabitha realizes an innocent griffin isn’t her only concern—because all of Dove’s Creek is at risk.

With help from her feathered familiars, can Tabitha clip the killer’s wings?

Parakeets and Pentagrams is the first book starring Tabitha Tapscott, wildlife rehabber, witch, and amateur sleuth. Discover the secrets and mysteries of Dove’s Creek with Tabitha and her feathered and furred friends in this debut novel from an enchanting new series!

Forgotten by Neven Carr

Every family holds a secret.
How far would yours go to keep it?

Twenty-eight year old schoolteacher, Claudia Cabriati, has no memory of her life before the age of eight. This is not something she thought unusual, until a strangely familiar woman possessing knowledge of that life, is shot and killed in the grounds of Claudia’s home.

Another brutal murder follows, along with the heartbreaking revelation of an unimaginable family conspiracy. Claudia crumbles into a world driven by fear and the irrational need to run and hide.
Why were people suddenly dying around her? Were any of her family, particularly her much-beloved Papa, involved in their deaths? More importantly, would her life be next?

With her trust challenged by those she loves, Claudia turns to the mysterious and enigmatic Saul Reardon. Together they embark on a dangerous journey in search of answers.

But is the past sometimes better left buried?

Set amongst the natural beauty of Australia’s eastern coastline and its richly forested hinterland, Forgotten is a fast-paced mystery thriller that explores the controversial nature of family love and protection, loyalty and self-preservation.

A Sweet Chunk of Madness by Deany Ray

Becky’s pastry shop, the Blue Bay Café, is popular among the natives of Ouna Bay, as well as among the tourists passing by. But Becky’s life is turned upside down when someone puts their eye on her beloved Blue Bay Café.

Who would want her to give up her café? And most importantly, why? Could the new, handsome man in Becky’s life have anything to do with it?

As things heat up and sinister events become the norm, Becky decides to take matters in her own hands.

Join Becky and her best friend, Rosalie, as they try to get to the bottom of this mystery and stop the madness.

The Psychopath's Prisoner by Darla Lark

Recently divorced, Cheyenne Harrington is trying to build a new life. But when her best friend is brutally murdered and her brand new apartment ransacked, she wonders if she can ever leave the past behind her. But after dealing with her peculiar neighbor she suspects it may not be her past that’s haunting her. While Cheyenne looks for answers, what she finds makes her question her sanity and who she can trust.

The Gold Club by David Haskell

David Haskell, author of the Orwellian tale Too Much Information, returns with The Gold Club, a quirky crime thriller that takes office hijinks to a whole new level.

Ted Ward has had enough! He’s sick of getting passed over by the Sahara corporation, tired of being Mr. Nice Guy all the time, and fed up with a life of endless drudgery. Determined to line his own pockets for once, Ted doles out preferential treatment to select Sahara clients and turns his cubicle into a lucrative, members-only gold club.

Ted’s club launches members out of obscurity and into the limelight. But when Sahara’s CEO Dennis Hamm schemes to disrupt Ted’s VIP club and make off with the profits, can Ted escape financial devastation and achieve his dream?

A Timeless Celebration sample by Dianne Ascroft

A small town, a big party, a stolen gift. When an artefact from the Titanic is stolen before her town’s 150th anniversary celebration, it’s up to Lois Stone to catch the thief.

Middle-aged widow Lois has moved from bustling Toronto to tranquil Fenwater and is settling into her new life away from the dangers of the city. Then two events happen that shatter her serenity: her house is burgled and an antique watch belonging to a Titanic survivor is stolen from the local museum. Her best friend, Marge, was responsible for the watch’s safekeeping until its official presentation to the museum at the town’s 150th anniversary party, and its disappearance will jeopardise her job and the museum’s future. Lois won’t let her friend take the blame and the consequences for the theft. She’s determined to find the watch in time to save her best friend’s job, the museum’s future and the town’s 150th anniversary celebration.

And so begins a week of new friends, apple and cinnamon muffins, calico cats, midnight intruders, shadowy caprine companions and more than one person with a reason to steal the watch, set against the backdrop of century houses on leafy residential streets, the swirling melodies of bagpipes, a shimmering heat haze and the burble of cool water.

A tale for fans of Cindy Bell, Leighann Dobbs, Dianne Harman and Kathi Daley.

Answer Death by Richard Prosch

Ex state cop Dan Spalding wants to run his vintage record store in peace.

But when a punk who boosts a valuable LP turns up dead, it seems to relate to the revenge murder of an infamous entertainer.

And Spalding is the next target.

Dan Spalding navigates a seedy world of death, sex, and betrayal in a new myster/thriller series set in the heart of the Ozarks.

Living with Saci by M J Dees

When your partner goes missing and you become the prime suspect, what do you do? Living with Saci is set in the sprawling metropolis of São Paulo, Brazil. It tells the story of Teresa da Silva, an overweight, depressed, drink dependent, and her struggles in the city. Estranged from her daughter, who lives with the ex-husband in England, life seems to constantly deal Teresa a bad hand. She begins to wonder whether the mischievous character from Brazilian folklore, Saci, might have something to do with it. Events seem to be taking a turn for the positive when she meets Felipe, who asks her to marry him. But when he disappears, Teresa finds that she is the object of suspicion.

Conjuring Up Trouble by Chloe Hargreaves

Callie Callahan was done with magic.

Packing her bags, she left her crazy magical family, her powerful coven, and her tragic past behind.

Opening Forget-Me-Not Antiques, she was determined to start over, but when she stumbles across the dead body of another witch, it’s clear that magic isn’t quite done with her.

Warrington Falls might be an idyllic small town, but Callie’s about to discover that it’s shrouded in magical secrets.

To make matters worse, sexy Sheriff Wade Donovan has his eye on her for the murder.

As Callie gets drawn deeper into the mystery, she’ll have a choice to make.

Risk letting powerful magic fall into the wrong hands, or use the power that she’d sworn to abandon.

First Package Causes Grief by Mary Abshire

Life is peachy keen for Daisy Warren. Having dropped out of college, she decides to relax until her time comes to take over the family antique business. But when her eighty-nine-year-old great-grandmother, Lily, is kidnapped for a sacred artifact she took from the shop, Daisy learns the truth about the family profession. In a race against time, Daisy must find Lily and the priceless package while keeping the rest of the family in the dark about the relic and kidnapping. In less than twelve hours, Daisy’s life changes in ways she’d never imagined.

Fans of Darynda Jones’ Charley Davidson series who love paranormal mystery and suspense with a dash of humor will enjoy the Warren Antiques series.

Matryoschka: Causality is Optional (intro) by Terry Gene

Kirkus review: Alternative pasts and genders arise from a failed quantum energy experiment in this debut novel. …The gender what-if is central and has a remarkable twist… Gene’s dialogue is naturalistic… This sci-fi tale remains thoughtful and emotional.

When a quantum energy experiment goes horribly wrong, it accidentally shatters the future allowing alternative pasts to co-exist.
As Alexandria Jane Merk passes through the nexus of the effect, she splits into two identities-each with full histories of their own-merged into one body.
One identity, Army veteran Alex James Monroe, remembers a life full of failure and loss. The second identity, freshman college coed Sarah Beth Merk, remembers a difficult childhood in a suburban upbringing. Both sense each other but neither believes the other really exists.
To survive, they must accept their shared fates and find the person responsible for the fission before time runs out. Because if they fail, they will not only die, but they will also take everyone they have ever known with them.
A mind-bending journey into existentialism and the interconnectedness of the human race.

One Last Lie by Rob Kaufman

“One Last Lie in a word is awesome, an incredible psychological thriller that has readers hanging on the edge during the explosive and thrilling final pages.”
One Evil Woman. Two Trusting Men. Three Lives Destroyed.

Angela is beautiful and charismatic on the outside. But on the inside, evil rages and she’s determined to get anyone and anything she wants. And now with her biological clock ticking, she seduces her old friend Philip, and his partner Jonathan, into having a child with her through artificial insemination.

As time passes, Angela’s mask of deceit slips away and she leads the fathers-to-be on a relentless, agonizing journey filled with lies, anguish and finally tragedy that forever changes the lives of everyone involved.

If you enjoy books like The Girl on the Train, Gone Girl and classics like Fatal Attraction and Misery, you’ll love this gripping thriller of fiction, a novel of pure suspense that will keep you on the edge… even weeks after turning the final page.

Orphan Dreamer and the Missing Arrowhead: A Novella by J. Nell Brown

Eye-catching cover! No title or author’s name. Am I missing something?

Excerpt: Some Can See by J.R. Erickson

The dead have stories to tell. Are you listening?

On a sunny August morning, in 1935, thirteen-year-old Sophia Gray finds her friend, Rosemary wandering in the woods. Rosemary’s yellow dress is tattered and stained, she walks with a strange lurch, and her eyes are vacant and glassy. She beckons to Sophia, desperate to show her something, and Sophia follows.
In an abandoned cabin, beneath a tattered blanket, Sophia discovers Rosemary’s body.
It was not Rosemary who led her there, but Rosemary’s ghost.

Step into the Northern Michigan Asylum for the Insane

Twenty years after Sophia discovers Rosemary’s body, she finds herself trapped in the sprawling, and eerily beautiful, Northern Michigan Asylum for the Insane, in the hands of a malevolent doctor who preys on patients who exhibit paranormal abilities.

Sometimes the dead don’t rest

In present day 1965, Hattie, much like her mother, thirty years before, is led by a ghost. A newspaper hidden in an attic reveals a secret that has shaped the lives of Hattie and her siblings. Hattie with her sister, Jude, embark on a crusade to remedy the wrongs of the past and discover the tale of deception that stole their mother a decade before.

Hattie and Jude are in a race against time to discover a murderer and save their mother from a horrific fate.

Get lost in a uniquely chilling story that spans the life of a family and the ghosts who haunt them.

The Chocolate Killer by Michael Saunders

This is the first of the Detective Inspector Jack Gilbert series, set in the swinging sixties. It was a time when there wasn’t DNA or cell phones, and detective work had to rely on hard nosed meticulous investigation without any of today’s technology. Set in Cambridgeshire, Detective Inspector Jack Gilbert is a traditional copper with old fashioned principles, believing a woman’s place is in the home and he has no truck with the modern generation’s peacock fashions and corrupt morals. Imagine his horror then, when his newly appointed Sergeant is female. Not only is she attractive, she is very bright and an obvious high flyer. How will they work well together? However, both of them have secrets.

Strawberry Pie Stabbing by Diana DuMont

Welcome to Sunshine Springs, the idyllic wine country town where Izzy James has moved to follow her dream of opening a pie shop that serves boozy pies. Everything is going according to plan until a customer is murdered in the bathroom of her cafe.

That’s not so good for business.

Izzy is determined to find out who is responsible for this awful crime. Luckily, she has her faithful dog Sprinkles at her side to help her sniff out clues.

Can this amateur sleuth find the murderer before the trail runs cold?

You will love this cozy mystery because it features unexpected twists and a town full of interesting characters!

The Lollipop Girl by Syd Hart

Sorry I’ve failed to find information on this book.

Desert OverWatch by Thomas J Eyre

A 1990 deployment to Iraq, in the build-up to the first Gulf War turns deadly. Old rivalry surfaces amid the danger, tension and stress of life behind enemy lines.

Sergeant James Regan wants nothing more than to be at home with his family. After nearly two decades of putting his life on the line fighting for Queen and country, he has decided it’s time to quit the Royal Marines, he just has to make it home.

Was it passion, jealousy or fear that turned a Royal Marine into a calculating, cold-blooded murderer?

Mirror Image by Michele PW (Pariza Wacek)

Six months after Linda’s sister Elizabeth killed herself, Linda has finally gotten her life back to some semblance of normalcy. Until a killer appears who is stalking men … a killer who resembles Elizabeth … a killer who seems somehow familiar to Linda.

And, to make matters worse, Steve, her old high school crush and now a detective, is assigned to this case. He’s asking Linda all sorts of questions, questions Linda couldn’t possibly have an answer to.

There’s no reason for him to be investigating Linda. She couldn’t possibly have anything to do with this.

Could she?

The Asylum by Nathan Dylan Goodwin

The job presented to forensic genealogist, Morton Farrier, ought to have been simple and easy. But the surprise discovery of an additional marriage to his client’s father leads Morton on an enquiry, revolving around a mysterious death in the county asylum. Requiring his various investigative genealogical skills, Morton must work to unravel this complex eighty-year-old secret and finally reveal the truth to his client.

This is the first story in the Morton Farrier genealogical crime mystery series. There are a further eight stories in this series:

Hiding the Past
The Lost Ancestor
The Orange Lilies
The America Ground
The Spyglass File
The Missing Man
The Suffragette’s Secret
The Wicked Trade

The story is currently free from the author’s official website (correct as at Jan 2019) at .

Murder Rites by Ronald J. Yarosh

A priest is brutally murdered. He is stabbed twenty-seven times. The killer is still on the loose. The police have exhausted all leads. Johnny takes the case and immediately runs into problems. His star witness is dead. The best suspect turns out to be innocent. Time is running out. Will Johnny solve the case before his client meets his own death? Will the assassin strike again? Murder Rites is the first book in The Johnny Sundance Mystery Series.

One Step Back: A Titus Ray Thriller by Luana Ehrlich

CIA intelligence officer Titus Ray tries to recruit a nuclear scientist in Tehran.
Days later, he goes on the run from the secret police.

Titus Ray has been in Iran for the past two years trying to recruit assets willing to feed him intel on the Iranian opposition. When he unexpectedly meets Amir Madani, one of Iran’s premier nuclear scientist, he can’t resist the opportunity to pursue him as a CIA asset.

Although Chaman, a beautiful Iranian socialite, warns Titus to stay away from Madani, he ignores her advice and befriends the nuclear scientist. The consequences prove disastrous for Titus, and, as the secret police close in on him, he’s forced to find shelter with a group of Iranian Christians, who risk their own lives to save his.

One Step Back, a Titus Ray Thriller novella, is the prequel to One Night in Tehran, Book I in the Titus Ray Thriller Series.

An Excerpt of Running with Horses by Suzanne Jenkins

Moving horses to the high country comes just in time when Mindy and her coffee date witness murder at a Mojave Desert cafe.

USA Today Bestselling Author Suzanne Jenkins writes a stirring romance about how passion for the wild horses of the west can lead to murder and heartbreak, and finally love.

False Flag by Jay Tinsiano

Frank Bowen decides to change his life and travel to Goa where he meets the seemingly friendly Theo and the woman of his dreams, Maria.

In Bangkok, he is pointed in the direction of Theo’s friend – Richard – an English ex-pat with dubious connections and knowledge of the seedier side of the city. Richard gains his trust and Frank decides to take up a proposition—to take part in an anti-terrorist drill in Hong Kong.

That drill soon turns into a nightmare.

Forged in Flames by David Beckler

Introduction to a nail-biting new thriller series which will have you on the edge of your seat! Perfect for fans of Lee Child, J. B. Turner, Mark Dawson and David Baldacci.
Manchester, England 1996
Ex-Royal Marine and Firefighter, Adam Sterling, rescues Kim from an inferno. She reminds him of someone in his past.
Kim is being targeted by a violent arsonist, but why? She’s in witness protection, but even Eddy Arkwright, the policeman investigating her attack, can’t find out why.
Adam feels compelled to help her, but can he keep her out of the clutches of the people hunting her?
He has to use all his abilities as a firefighter plus some older skills as he fights to survive and save Kim.

Mask by Eugene Lloyd MacRae

A serial killer is on the loose, killing at random, stabbing victims straight through the heart with an ancient weapon. Bodies are piling up through Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, the United States and into Canada. An arrest is made because of a DNA sample left at a crime scene. Despite the overwhelming evidence, the family of the accused are convinced their loved one is innocent and has an alibi the police on two continents are ignoring. Private Investigator Rory Mack Steele is hire to find the truth. But the truth is poisoned by the distant past and a dark, hidden secret. A secret so painful it threatens to engulf thousands in agonizing and bloody death.

Killing Symphony by E.G. Ellory

A serial killer on the loose. Another victim. A sudden turn of events … Enter the mind of a psychopath

EXTRACT They never see it coming. Never suspect or wonder. Too busy chasing money and relationships, desperate to prove themselves to people who don’t care. Consumed by pointless conversations and hollow attempts to appear happy, a serial killer is the last thing on anyone’s mind…

Off the Dark Ledge by Angie Gallion

Stacy Linde is a wife and mother living in a friendly neighborhood in Northern Florida. She has a wonderful life. When her mother dies, Stacy’s life is disrupted and spirals swiftly into chaos when she uncovers dark secrets about her origins.

Who are you when everything you thought you knew was a lie?

Is Stacy the woman she knows herself to be, raised by loving and kind parents? Or is she hiding within a shell she built to protect herself from her own terrible past? Will her search for answers destroy her life as she knows it today?

When Stacy’s history crashes into her present, she must reconcile with the secrets her mother kept and understand why she kept them . . . or risk losing everything, including her life.

Merlot and Murder by Sandra Woffington

Dig up the past and the dead hunt you down.

Wine Valley produces award-winning wines and dead bodies. A man is strangled, stuffed with seashells, and dumped in a nature reserve.

Max King must solve the murder before others die. But the case digs up deadly ghosts from his past.

Max’s father, the former Chief of Police, has told some whoppers about Max’s childhood prior to adopting him. Memories of a girl, a dark-haired childhood companion, rise up from the depths and haunt Max. Behind her lurks a real-life monster.

Walk into the spine-chilling vineyards of Wine Valley, Revel in heart-stopping suspense. Quick-release of novels 1-3 in May 2019.
This award-winning author of fantasy and historical fiction has turned to murder. Titles and release dates:

The Fixer by Mike Gomes

“Great books. I love it.” – Amazon Reviewer

“Mike Gomes is a very good author and his characters are very entertaining.” – Amazon Reviewer

“A new author who brings the world of espionage and adventure.” – Amazon Reviewer

A down on his luck man. An international drug runner. One last chance to be the good guy.

Michael Falau is a man of many talents unfortunately none of them translate to the normal world. Day to day life is nearly impossible with the horrors of his past and the guilt of the things he has done. All of that is about to change with an offer from an old friend Tyler who asks him to get back into the game of underworld justice. An international drug runner out of Bogotá, Colombia has been mixing the deadly carfentanyl into his drug shipment killing hundreds of people up and down the east cost of the United States. Michael Falau will get one chance to bring “The Butcher” back to face justice or he will die trying.

From the acclaimed author Mike Gomes comes The Fixer. An adult thriller with characters so real it will feel as if they come to life. If you like Jack Reacher, John Milton and Jason Bourne then you will love Michael Falau. Jump into the action now by getting your copy of THE FIXER today!

Nearly Dead by Conrad Jones

The renovation of a remote farmhouse on the outskirts of Liverpool uncovers a chamber of horrors but the crimes are historical. DI Alec Ramsay must sift through the evidence to identify both the victims and the perpetrators, while trying to dismantle the dangerous drug gangs that plague the city. The prequel to The Child Taker, this book is a must for fans of the Alec Ramsay series.

The PAPUA INCIDENT - An Alex Hunt Adventure Thriller by Urcelia Teixeira

The action-packed short prequel to The Alex Hunt Archaeological Thriller Series
Filled with mystery and suspense, you will be glued to the pages!

When an uninvited guest wakes Charles and Izzy Hunt in the middle of the night, the event sets Charles on the trail for a lost coin dating back to World War II.

Enlisting the help of Nick Cain, an antiquities reporter, Charles follows the clues to rural Japan and eventually Papua New Guinea where battling the dense marshlands and alligator infested waters, are the least of his worries.

With money-hungry assailants hot on his trail, his action-packed journey runs fraught with danger and crime in a quest to uncover the truth behind the missing ancient heirloom.

The Papua Incident is a fast-paced action adventure thriller that you won’t want to put down until you finished it!If you like reading modern-day Indiana Jones adventure thrillers, then this is right up your alley. Plenty of twists and mystery to keep you flipping the pages. The Papua Incident sets the stage for the five-star Alex Hunt Archaeological Adventure Thrillers series.

The Surrey Stalker by B.L. Pearce

The Surrey Stalker is a gripping new crime novella by B.L. Pearce. It’s free now to all new subscribers at

When a young woman is found raped and strangled along the Thames River path, it looks like a personal vendetta by an enraged ex-lover. Then two more women die in the same manner and it becomes clear that a deranged serial killer is on the loose. All three women were engaged to be married. Could this be the link between them?

The case is assigned to DI Rob Miller, a young, ambitious detective, whose job it is to catch the killer before any more women are murdered. Rob throws himself into the investigation to the detriment of his own fiancé who is trying to plan their wedding. When Rob begins to hone in on the killer, his fiancé disappears, and Rob knows it’s only a matter of time before the killer makes this personal.

It Began With a Lie by Michele PW (Pariza Wacek)


A fresh start. That was what Becca hoped the move from New York to Redemption, Wisconsin would be for her troubled family. A way to get her crumbling marriage back on track, and to bond with her difficult 16-year-old stepdaughter.

But instead of a new beginning, Becca is thrust into a mysterious past she barely remembers, as she is now living in her aunt’s house (or what the locals call “The Witch House”).

But is the house really haunted? Or is there something far more sinister out to destroy them?

Worry No More by Colin Devonshire

A sequel to “Not Far Enough From Worries”. Set in Hua Hin and Bangkok, Thailand. Horror with humour. The tourist town of Hua Hin is considered as a quiet place where nothing happens. Don’t you believe it! How can Thai twins become Siamese twins? You will have to think about that. No need to feel sorry for them, they like eating people! Meet Randy, an American who has a problem with split personalities. A mother and son team of debt-collectors have a nasty habit of setting fire to their victims. Camilla, the ex-reporter lesbian, is central to most of the action. Would she really give her daughter away? Any movie fans out there? Do you know of 1932 black and white classic, ‘Freaks’? A casino owner has a dream, to remake the film in Bangkok. It is not easy, you need some deformed actors and real Siamese twins. Camilla can solve most things.
Are there any ‘nice’ characters in this book? Well yes. Skylab is a darling.

Ghostwalking: a Solomon Stone Prequel - PREVIEW by E.G. Ellory

“Scary and macabre” – Amazon customer

Very clever! It will give you chills!” – Amazon customer

A serial killer on the loose. Another victim. A sudden turn of events …

A short psychological thriller … enter the mind of a psychopath


They never see it coming. Never suspect or wonder. Too busy chasing money and relationships, desperate to prove themselves to people who don’t care. Consumed by pointless conversations and hollow attempts to appear happy, a serial killer is the last thing on anyone’s mind…

V.E.N.O.M. by Ty Mitchell

Do the wrong thing–you’re dead

Do the right thing–the life you know is destroyed

Do nothing at all and you will have a hand in the biggest global war America has seen since World War II

These were the only options given to burnt out homicide detective, Jake Penny, after mistakenly exposing the American government’s biggest secret that never existed. Now an investigative reporter is digging too deep into his life, the NSA is hawking his every move, a shadow society is on the verge dimming his future, all while his demons are dragging him back to his dark past.

Detective Penny is forced to take action and stop the government’s adversaries from retrieving their secrets at all costs without bringing any light to what’s going on. But the biggest challenge for him will he be able to face the unexpected person standing in his way… himself.

A heart-pounding race to the truth, V.E.N.O.M. weaves through the gauntlet of political corruption, treason, espionage, and murder to become a page-burning thriller debut.

The Predator and The Prey by K.C. Sivils

A burned out, cynical cop.

A serial killer who loves the hunt as much as the kill.

Corrupt politicians in bed with a crooked Chief of Detectives.

At the center of it all is a beautiful young woman with a troubled past.

If you think its Los Angeles in the 1950’s you’re wrong.

It’s the year 2454 and Capital City on the frozen planet of Beta Prime is no place for the timid.

Meet Inspector Thomas Sullivan. Sent to a world where the strong make the rules, sometimes it’s hard for Sullivan to tell who is the predator and who is the prey.

Take a chance on this hardboiled noir from the future. Find out who is the predator and who is the prey.

BUST by Ash Brunner

A gritty tale of bent pride, fighting and loss in small-town England. Adam Smith’s star is on the rise – he’s a talented, young rugby player with a wife, a child on the way and a future. He also likes a fight. All that is about to change when a drunken, Saturday night leads to a confrontation with a man who is prepared to go the distance – at any cost.

Caught Fire by Michael D. Wright

Who is John Seal?
He’s a rookie CIA agent.
His job is to protect America against cyber attacks from enemy organizations and terrorists whose tactic is to disrupt lives as a means to leverage their agenda.
John finds himself in the middle of Barcelona during the Saint Joan Festival where he meets his handler for the first time. During his high stakes first mission, he is faced with hard decisions and is forced to go against his moral compass to complete his assignment leaving him to wonder if he is the right man for the job.
Does John have what it takes to be a covert operative, or will he fail and possibly lose his life?

***Caught Fire is a novella and the prequel for the John Seal Series, and by no means the end of the story.***

Missing Amanda by Duane Lindsay

If you like Westlake or Hallinan – You’ll love Missing Amanda

Revenge is a dish best served quickly

Chicago in 1958 is a very dangerous place. When private eye Lou Fleener and his friend Dion Monkton are tricked into helping a Chicago mob boss in his takeover of Mayor Daley’s office, it makes the other mobs angry enough to kill.

Through guns and bombs and the unsteady affections of Cassidy Adams, a blonde with a heart for pure gold, the scary attentions of a hit man who prefers a scalpel to a .38 and a baseball fan who’ll kill them if the Cubs lose, Lou and Monk devise an amazing plan of vengeance against the mobs. All of them. At the same time.
If it works, they’ll be rich. And who knows – maybe even alive.

Campus Confidential by Sid Stark

Under her other name, Sid lives a life very similar to that of her characters, although with more tedious grading and fewer exciting chase scenes.

Song at Dawn by Jean Gill

1150 in Provence

On the run from abuse, Estela wakes in a ditch with only her lute, her amazing voice, and a dagger hidden in her underskirt. Her talent finds a patron in Ali Enor of Aquitaine and more than a music tutor in the Queen’s finest troubadour and Commander of the Guard, Dragonetz los Pros.

Weary of war, Dragonetz uses Jewish money and Moorish expertise to build that most modern of inventions, a paper mill, arousing the wrath of the Church. Their enemies gather, ready to light the political and religious powder-keg of medieval Narbonne.

Set in the period following the Second Crusade, Jean Gill’s spellbinding romantic thrillers evoke medieval France with breathtaking accuracy. The characters leap off the page and include amazing women like Eleanor of Aquitaine and Ermengarda of Narbonne, who shaped history in battles and in bedchambers.

ebook Cover NFE

A drug lord fathers his lesbian niece’s child, but not in the usual way!
Set in Thailand, late 1980’s. Action, fun, romance, and tears. Breathtaking violence and tender moments add to a fast-paced read. Two young and gullible Englishmen move to Hua Hin to start a new life in the tropical heat. Along the way, they meet a dodgy Dutch ship’s engineer, two lovely French girls who are more interested in dogs than romance. A tall Welsh man with a chequered history of drug abuse, but a unique skill of mixing things to make other things. This talent gets the attention of seriously evil people. A lesbian newspaper reporter rides a powerful motorbike has an important family secret. The whole story unfolds in an action-packed finale.


Published by

Born in England before The Beatles became famous. I worked in the printing and allied trades, starting as a compositor, anyone remembers those? Eventually grafting as an editor. Twenty years on a lifestyle magazine. With my wife and children, we have lived in Thailand for over thirty years, and love it. Now? I write thrillers, with a touch of humour. 'No Worries' series, book number one, 'Not Far Enough From Worries' book two, 'Worry No More' published at the end of 2018. 'Children With No Worries' was released in August 2019. All published with Book number 4, as yet unnamed is being written, it's about Thai black magic. Dark thrills!

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