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by Jameel Sandham

The police have raided the Whitehouse. Arlo’s been arrested. Terry wants his money.

A fast-paced, offbeat British crime thriller with a lovable rogue narrator.
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Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

It’s strange. When you’re on a high, and it’s too good to be true, deep down you know shit will hit the fan. You just carry on going as if it won’t, but it always bloody does. And when it does, it all hits at once. Never splashes and spatters so you can dodge it and clean it up. No. A whole cesspit at once and there’s nothing you can do about it. The police have raided the Whitehouse. Arlo’s been arrested. Terry wants his money. As Tommy fights his way out of the mess, he reflects on how he got there in the first place. How at university he fell in love with Isobel. How he got into electronic music, partying, drugs, festivals… How he got into dealing because the Tories slit his mum’s throat. How he earned more money than he could have ever imagined. How he lied to everyone. How he got out of control. And he asks himself, Was it all worth it? Of course it fucking was.

book cover
by Kevin Wright

Enter the Darkness…

Seven Speculative Tales of Dread and Darkness
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Travel along that razor’s edge separating horror and fantasy. Explore the desolate New England wilds where a woman of will and wit collides against a monstrosity of tooth and claw. Descend into the depths of the earth where dark things die and rise again. Trace the steps of a famed jungle explorer lost to the wilds, and pray his fate is not your own. Roam the labyrinthine corridors of the criminal mind and experience terrors known only to killers and to the men who stalk them. Travel the back alleys and plague walls of Mortise Locke, the Machine City, the last bastion of mankind in all its glory, honor, and depravity. Burn rubber through the streets of Old Mexico City, where the pyramids stand in vestigial homage to blood-hungry gods long since rotted away to dust, or have they…? Seven tales that will take you places you never knew existed, places you never knew you wanted to go, places you’ll hunger to return to. Read GrimNoir today.

book cover
“How Not To Commit Murder”
by Robin Storey

Going Straight Can Be Murder

An artful blend of comedy and crime
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Career conman Reuben Littlejohn is determined to go straight this time after his release from prison, with the help of his new wife. But he hadn’t counted on stumbling across a plot to kill his parole officer Lucy, with whom he is madly in lust. Or being blackmailed by nefarious criminal Frank Cornell into becoming an accomplice to her murder. Never have his skills in lying and cheating been so vital! Can he save his own life as well as Lucy’s – without his wife finding out? If you like Donald Westlake and Colin Bateman, you’ll love this book with its artful blend of comedy and crime and flawed but engaging characters.


book cover
“Cops and Hitmen”
by RJ Beam

Was it self-defense from a burglar or something more?

An Officer Stuart Thompson short story
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

A 911 call sends Officer Stuart Thompson to a shooting scene at a local residence. The homeowner claims he shot an intruder with a gun. In the sleepy suburban city of Platteville, Wisconsin burglars with guns are rare. Shootings almost never happen. Can Thompson figure out who the intruder is and the truth about events that ended in the shooting?

book cover
“Assassin Hunter”
by Drew Briney

Is Reality Less Believable Than Memory?

A Gritty Technothriller Novella
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

When a high-tech assassin is captured by a lithe little teen and her thugs, Vaya Sage questions his memories and launches the messiest blood bath of his career. But will the reality he unravels be less believable than memories he never questioned? Although short, this novella packs a punch as it explores the inevitable challenges of a futuristic world where memory implants, memory erasures, and maybe even magic are a reality. Action packed with carefully researched world building, Assassin Hunter will leave your brain scrambling to vainly guess the ending while hanging on the edge of your seat. Fans of X-Files and Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files are in for a treat as they meet Vaya Sage and the craftiest nemesis he’s encountered so far. Blurring the lines between dark fantasy, science fiction, and crime thrillers, this novella is uniquely poised to become a favorite.


book cover

“Wicked Storm”
by Chase Austin

Wicked Storm

Sam Wick Rapid Thriller – Book 1
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

A girl’s life at stake. A cage match. Only one chance. Will Sam Wick succeed? Task Force-77 (TF-77) is a black ops team of NSA and the US Military. This is the team, the U.S. government calls when it needs to get people out of the most dangerous places on earth. Sam Wick.Task Force 77’s best. Master Extractor. Perfect Assassin. Where the government cannot and will not go, he will. Fast paced. Hard hitting. Action explodes right off the page. Read this non-stop thriller on your devices NOW!

Readers are saying on Amazon and Goodreads… “One heck of an entertaining and intense ride… Fast, entertaining, suspenseful and action-packed… you will find yourself flying through and it will be hard to let it go!” – Amazon Review “…Fast paced read with a Kick-Ass hero you can’t help rooting for.” – Amazon Review “…Full of awesome action. I can’t wait to read the next book. I highly recommend you read this book…” – Amazon Review “Wild action in a compact book.” – Amazon Review “Fast paced, lots of thrills. Highly entertaining.” – Amazon Review “Can’t wait to read more by Chase.” – Goodreads Review “Interesting character and story line.” – Amazon Review “This book is a quick, thrilling, and enjoyable read.” – Amazon Review

book cover
“The Reluctant Coroner”
by Paul Austin Ardoin

Blood is thicker than oil—until murder is involved.

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Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Fenway Stevenson doesn’t want to return to the coastal town where her estranged father is practically king. But the death of her mother draws her back home—and the murder of the county coroner draws her into a deepening conspiracy. As the body count rises and all signs seem to point toward her father’s oil company, will Fenway uncover the truth before family bonds become deadly? “It’s the perfect mystery for the #metoo era. Thank you, Fenway Stevenson, for reminding me that I like crime fiction. After finishing the book, I just have one question: when will the next one be out?” —Derek McCaw, Fanboy Planet “Paul Austin Ardoin has a hit on his hands with his debut novel. It’s an engaging mystery with a propulsive plot…It’s clear to me Ardoin has written something wonderful.” —Michelle Damiani, Amazon bestselling author of Il Bel Centro and Santa Lucia

book cover
“Shaking the Tree”
by Mike Donohue

Welcome to Essex County. Expect no mercy.

The first addictive thriller in the Max Strong series
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

What would you do if you found a suitcase in the woods? What would you do when someone came looking for it? Out of prison, but still on parole, Max just wants to keep his head down, go to work and maybe grab a cold beer at the end of his shift. He doesn’t even care that the program stuck him in Essex – a nice, but nowhere small town. With his head already full of bloody and painful memories, he’d like it just fine if his past and future stayed nice and quiet. Too bad the present just got really messy. A body in a tree. A missing briefcase. A Russian hit man. A DEA agent bent on revenge. Not to mention a sheriff with dangerous ambition and some pissed off bikers. Things are suddenly very interesting in sleepy Essex county. Bodies are turning up. Secrets are coming out. Questions are being asked. It’s not good being the new guy in a small town.

book cover
“Caught Fire”
by Michael D. Wright

Rookie CIA Agent’s First Mission

John Seal Novel Series Prequel
Available in MOBI and ePub

Who is John Seal? He’s a rookie CIA agent. His job is to protect America against cyber attacks from enemy organizations and terrorists whose tactic is to disrupt lives as a means to leverage their agenda. John finds himself in the middle of Barcelona during the Saint Joan Festival where he meets his handler for the first time. During his high stakes first mission, he is faced with hard decisions and is forced to go against his moral compass to complete his assignment leaving him to wonder if he is the right man for the job. Does John have what it takes to be a covert operative, or will he fail and possibly lose his life? ***Caught Fire is a novella and the prequel for the John Seal Series, and by no means the end of the story.***

book cover
“Hard Bounty”
by Jillian Riley

Free Romance “Hard Bounty”

A Seal Contemporary Romance
Available in MOBI and ePub

Jaxon: I didn’t miss the war, but I sure as hell missed my team. I am a Navy SEAL, all my buddies are SEALs, traveling the world, saving lives and fighting for our country. That’s what we do! I didn’t want the rod in my leg, and I wasn’t gonna let an injury keep me from the life I loved. Unfortunately, my CO had a different idea. Since leaving the SEALs, I’ve been a PI for my buddy’s agency. I spent my time chasing down cheating husbands and corporate criminals. I worked hard in the private sector, but I was bored. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d taken a vacation. So, when I found out my next job was to bring an embezzling former accountant for Genotym Inc. back to Houston to face charges and it was going to take me to the Caribbean? How could I say no. I wanted the sun, the beach, and the women in bikinis looking for some attention. I wasn’t counting on intense attraction and soulful green eyes. After all, how hard could it be to get one woman on a plane back to Houston… Amelia: I couldn’t believe I’d fallen for Michael Smith’s BS. He was my boss at Genotym, Inc. and I should’ve known better. I liked the attention. I liked to feel wanted. When I found out he was stealing from the company- I’d had enough. Sure, he tried to deny it, but I had the proof on a USB. I quit, told him he needed to come clean, cashed out my 401K and took off to Grenada to lick my wounds and figure out what I’d do next. When I was almost mugged on the streets of St. George’s, a handsome stranger came to my rescue. He was the sexiest man I had ever seen. He seemed like the type that left broken hearts in his wake. I wasn’t looking to get involved but when things go from bad to worse who else could I turn to for protection. Even if I had everything to lose, including my heart…

book cover
“Five Stops”
by Jess Reece

Five Stops

They Always Look, But They Never See
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

A young man. A chance encounter. A lesson learned too late. They always look, but they never see.

book cover
“The Crystal Lily”
by Eoin McDonald

They were thrown together out of neccessity

Love was there but it didn’t have to end like this
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Coming from a South Dakota reservation, Peter entered a journey that took him to the farthermost reaches of the world, where everything was foreign to him. A marriage of convenience allowed him to stay in his country of adoption only for tragedy to strike more than once. This is a book of Romance and Mystery, of life lived and life lost. The main characters are identifiable and real.

book cover
“Cabello: Mineau (SAMPLE)”
by Grea Alexander

Nightmares are the stuff that answered prayers are made of.

Supernatural revenge horror centered on a cat named Cabello.
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Nightmares are the stuff that answered prayers are made of. In Saintsville, TX, fewer than five people under the age of 70 have died in the past ten years. Now, in the course of a few weeks, the residents of Saintsville are dropping like flies. When everyone involved in the cover up of Mineau December’s abuse and brutal assault begin to die under mysterious circumstances, Mineau believes her prayers are finally being answered. Answered prayers, however, quickly turn into a nightmare when Mineau finds that her savior is more dangerous than anyone she has ever known, than anything she could possibly dare imagine. Cabello.

book cover
“If Looks Could Kill”

In the War on Terror, the mirror just became a secret weapon.

A man-made plague that blights, disfigures and rots every inch of a woman’s flesh.
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Set in the very near future, Britain has suffered a massive biological terrorist attack. The result is a disease that rivals the Plague in its mercilessness. The symptoms are easy to spot. They cover every inch of skin: disfiguring, blighting and rotting with shocking rapacity. But this is a disease custom-made to cause the greatest amount of suffering and misery for the British people. Victims seldom die quickly, and the contagion, christened ‘Foedus’ by the media, only affects women. Forced to hide their ravaged faces, the women of Britain adopt the burqa, are forced to stay at home for ‘reasons of hygiene’ and can only visit public places with a male escort. The radical Jihadists are not just triumphing in the War on Terror, they’re having fun doing it. So when Devina, an immigrant, falls into the hands of a gang of ambitious petty criminals, it is clear that her apparent immunity to Foedus is potentially worth a fortune to anyone searching for a cure. But the State doesn’t want to pay millions for something that might be a hoax, so rookie field agent Dan Rhodes is thrown the impossible task of tracking down the kidnappers before their ransom deadline expires. Despite his inexperience Dan realises that there is much more going on than he has been told. His boss, Trevor Jenkins, has already hinted he is acting largely on his own initiative and that Dan’s mission is ‘off the books’. But what else could Jenkins want with the girl except to hand her over to the medical team waiting in a secret lab? Richard Simmons is very much the leader of the kidnappers, but are his two sidekicks as loyal as they pretend? And just how badly has Foedus affected the mental health of his wife, Fiona? In a race against the clock, true identities and motives are exposed; and the truth is spotlighted against a backdrop of veiled faces and rabid prejudice. In the War on Terror, the mirror has become a secret weapon.

book cover
“The One-Winged Angel “
by Laurel Black

Where Love and Decadence Meet

A gothic, historical romance filled with filth, obsession, and blood
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Samiel turned back to the now desiccated body on the ground. This…thing, who begged for his life just a few moments before, was silent. When he died, he was old. He was deathly pale when Samiel lured him here. He was also rich, from what Samiel could tell, while the boy had what he assumed to be absolutely nothing. The man’s eyes were callous, hardened by pride and greed, while this boy was still young, innocent in the ways of the world. But the biggest difference of all was that the boy was still alive. The boy still had a future. Samiel’s smile slipped. Again, he looked up at the moon. The forest wouldn’t need another sacrifice, not for another year at least. He took another look at his victim, before scoffing. It was the first time he walked out of the forest.

book cover
“Hide All Night”
by Tim Kizer

Hide All Night

A collection of seven suspense novelettes
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Hitchhiker When a serial killer hitches a ride one sunny day in a beautiful California valley, he does not suspect that he may have met his match, who is dead set to take another life. The battle of wits begins and only the most devious mind will survive. — Find Hitchhiker and six other suspense novelettes in this collection. *** Sixtus After becoming friends with a mysterious entity named Jeremy, Zack, a skinny fifteen-year-old nerd suffering from polydactyly, acquires a taste for killing. *** Intoxication Leslie has a suspicion: someone at work is trying to poison her. Can she prove it? No, and she doesn’t care that she can’t as she takes the law into her hands. *** Dark Luck After winning a four-hundred-million dollar jackpot with the numbers he received from the future, Ted Duplass is as happy as can be. The fun stops when Ted learns that he’s going to be murdered by the end of the year. Fortunately, he knows the name of the killer. *** The Dreamer A psychiatrist discovers that a man claiming that the world is just a dream could be right. *** Scorned An eighteen-year-old girl exacts vengeance on her cheating boyfriend with the help of a mysterious woman. *** Deception When a dead body is found in a multimillionaire’s son’s house, it is up to Detective Miranda Murphy to find the killer and figure out the motive behind this heinous crime.

book cover
“If The Bed Falls In”
by Paul Casselle

Sometimes it takes fiction to tell the truth!

A spy thriller that exposes an evil conspiracy
Available in MOBI and ePub

OVER 30,000 COPIES DOWNLOADED WORLDWIDE! Depressed photographer Tom Friday is a man who can no longer suspend disbelief. Conspiracies are everywhere; false flags, government manipulation and profiteering banks sucking the lifeblood from society. But now he is starting to have vivid hallucinations. Are they drugging him as well? Paranoia turns into reality when he comes face to face with a gut-wrenching conclusion; all his memories are false. He is really, Joseph Miller, an MI6 assassin suffering severe amnesia? And western society’s survival hinges on him regaining his memory?

book cover
“Careless Assassin – sample”
by H. L. Macfarlane

Careless Assassin Sample Chapters

First 8 chapters
Available in MOBI and ePub

What would you do to save your life? How far would you go? Would you be willing to betray those you love – even your parents? For Claire Danvers, it wasn’t something she thought she would ever know. But when she’s forced to make a decision, her life for her parents’ research, that’s exactly what she finds out. Now held hostage by her would-be assassins, Claire has to figure out a way to escape before it’s too late…even as those very assassins grow increasingly obsessed with her. ———————————————————- Book one in the Michael’s Assassins trilogy, Careless Assassin has been described as “a page turner of a novel with shocking twists and compelling characters” and “a great story line which had me gripped right from the start”. First published in 2017, Careless Assassin was Hayley Macfarlane’s debut novel. This edition contains no changes to the original manuscript. Content Warning: Murder, violence, assault, rape, PTSD.

book cover
“Worry No More”
by Colin Devonshire

Thai twins, if they get joined, are they Siamese twins?

A novel set in Thailand.
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

This is the sequel to the popular ‘Not Far Enough From Worries’. Kev and Skylab pit their wits against Camilla, the beautiful but ruthless lesbian. This dark novel starts in Hua Hin a sleepy seaside town in Thailand. “Not much ever happens there.” Don’t you believe it! A thriving gambling hub, wives kill husbands to raise a stake for the next turn of a card. Never owe the debt-collector, or his mother. You may be set alight! Kev and Skylab are now the guardians of a very talented child, amongst other skills, he can tell if you are lying, making Kev very nervous, fortunately, the only person Nick will talk to is Camilla’s daughter, Philippa. That ability is useful if you want a casino. Characters to avoid on a dark night are Mik and Mak, Thai twins, yes, real Siamese Twins. You’ll have to think about that comment. Their ‘friend’ Randy has some mental issues. He ends up missing part of his body! The action moves to Bangkok for a fast, hard-hitting surprise. Horror when you don’t expect it! This is book two in the ‘No Worries’ series. Book 3 ‘Children With No Worries’, to be published 2019. Published by


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Published by

Born in England before The Beatles became famous. I worked in the printing and allied trades, starting as a compositor, anyone remembers those? Eventually grafting as an editor. Twenty years on a lifestyle magazine. With my wife and children, we have lived in Thailand for over thirty years, and love it. Now? I write thrillers, with a touch of humour. 'No Worries' series, book number one, 'Not Far Enough From Worries' book two, 'Worry No More' published at the end of 2018. 'Children With No Worries' was released in August 2019. All published with Book number 4, as yet unnamed is being written, it's about Thai black magic. Dark thrills!

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