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What to read?

Have you just finished a book? Looking for something a bit different?

The first thing to do, if you haven’t already, is joining Goodreads. Easy, just go to this site is packed full of information about, well reading!

Search the genre you are interested in, or favourite authors, or track down that book you can’t quite remember what it is called or for that matter the author’s name. Goodreads members will help.

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I have just finished reading

The Sinister Gathering(Sophie Brown Book 3)Ezzard, Diane

This was a little different for me, Ms Ezzard has her own style of writing. If I have a complaint, it took quite a while before anything happened. However I kept reading, the feeling grew that something odd was about to occur. Plenty of things happened as I raced through the pages.

Protagonist, Sophie felt the need for a break, she decided on a retreat in Scotland. I have never been to such a gathering, never will, after reading that! There were some very interesting, odd and evil characters present.

I won’t ruin your pleasure of reading The Sinister Gathering by telling you more.

Looking for my next read, any ideas?

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