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New Title!

I will need some advice! Don’t we all?

My sequel to ‘Not Far Enough From Worries’, will be called, ‘Worry No More’ is at 1st draft stage, good you say!

Yes, I’m happy enough with its progress. But!!! Isn’t there always a BUT, a big one. Now I should be going through every word, paragraph, adding bits, taking bits out. What am I doing?

No, not playing games, not watching a Stephen King movie. I am outlining a murder story!

Already on the back boiler is a short story!

The short novel features the children from the sequel. Yes, it’s a horror! Not the book but the genre! And I should be finishing that one first, but no.

So excited about ‘Corrective Makeup!’ Odd title? Yes, but all becomes clear! You’ll have to wait.

women s purple and yellow lips with yellow liquid
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